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Panasonic Dmc-Fz7 6mp Digital Camera With 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

panasonic dmc fz7 6mp digital camera with 12x optical image stabilized zoom black

Panasonic DMC-FZ7 6MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

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  • Leica DC Vario-Element Lens System with 11 elements in 8 groups (3 aspherical lenses/3 aspherical surfaces)
  • 12x Optical zoom (equivalent to 36mm to 432mm on a 35mm film camera lens) with aperture of F2.8 to 3.3 & 4x digital zoom
  • Compact 6mp camera with Mega Optical Image Stabilization which addresses \"anti-blu\" of hand & subject movement
  • LSI Venus engine II handles image processing, LCD functions, & writing to the memory card simultaneously for incredible responsiveness
  • Five software packages included, comes with battery charger& pack, 16MB Sd memoery card, AV cable

From the Manufacturer The Panasonic Leica DMC-FZ7K 6MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom features a Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens with a remarkable 12x optical zoom, equivalent to a 35 to 430 millimeter lens on a 35mm film camera. While a film camera with an optical zoom this powerful would be so big and heavy you couldn't handle it with one hand, the digital Panasonic Leica DMC-FZ7K small, lightweight and easy to handle. It also has Panasonic's Extended Optical Zoom feature. While causing minimal deterioration by using the center part of the high-resolution CCD, this function magnifies the image to give you total zoom power of 17.5x -- roughly equivalent to a huge 1680 millimeter lens on a 35mm camera. The camera also features Panasonic's advanced MEGA Optical Image Stabilizer, which helps eliminate blurry pictures. Jitter from shaky hands is one of the main reasons why cameras produce blurry images. The Panasonic Leica DMC-FZ7K has a built-in gyrosensor that detects any hand movement and relays a signal to a tiny microcomputer inside the camera, which instantly calculates the compensation needed. A linear motor then shifts the Optical Image Stabilizer lens as necessary to guide incoming light from the image straight to the CCD. You won't even notice it working; all you'll see are the outstanding results! The Panasonic Leica DMC-FZ7K also features a large, 2.5-inch diagonal LCD and a Power LCD function. Simply touch the power LCD button, and the display becomes about 40 percent brighter for easier viewing on sunny days. The camera also has the world's first developed high-angle LCD feature, which makes it easier to check the LCD when you need to hold the camera high over a crowd to take a shot. The large LCD lets you check the focus, frame the shot, and use functions like 25-thumbnail display and calendar view in comfort, with no eye strain. In addition, Panasonic has aligned the electronic viewfinder and LCD along the same line of sight to minimize differences in the images you see when framing shots. With mega-burst consecutive shooting, you can snap off up to 14 consecutive shots at a swift 3 frames per second in standard mode. The camera also has unlimited consecutive shooting, so you can keep on shooting until the SD memory card is full. The joystick on the back of the camera gives you quick, easy and accurate manual focusing. You can also use the manual focus assist function, which helps you set a perfect focus by magnifying the center of the LCD image and displaying a bar graph of the focal distance and depth of field. The joystick also makes it easy to manually adjust the exposure and focus. You can set the aperture, shutter speed and focus with your thumb while framing the shot on the LCD monitor. Press and hold down the joystick, and you can also instantly change four key settings -- white balance, ISO sensitivity, image size, and image quality -- while viewing the subject on the monitor. There's no need to switch to the menu screen.What's in the Box DMC-FZ7K digital camera, battery charger, battery pack, SD memory card (16 MB), lens cap, lens hood and adapter, AV cable, USB cable, and strap.

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Brand : Panasonic
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.9
Review Count : 157
Auto Focus Technology : Single, Contrast Detection, Live View
Photo Sensor Size : 1/2.5-inch
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 6
Camera Flash : F2.8
Video Capture Resolution : 480p
Model Name : Panasonic FZ7
Model Number : DMC-FZ7K
Best Sellers Rank : #417,051 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #2,833 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Color : Black
Included Components : Battery Charger, Lens Cap, Battery, SD Card, USB Cable, Instruction Manual
Expanded ISO Maximum : 400
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 12
Compatible Mountings : Micro Four Thirds
Screen Size : 2.5 Inches
Batteries Required? : No
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Are Batteries Included : No
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Battery Weight : 1 Grams
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 3
Special Feature : Lightweight
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : USB
Display Resolution Maximum : 114,000
JPEG quality level : Normal
Image Stabilization : Optical
Viewfinder Type : Electronic
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 4.45 x 3.11 x 2.83 inches
Item Weight : 0.75 Pounds
Zoom Type : Digital Zoom, Optical Zoom
Focus Type : Autofocus & Manual
Maximum Focal Length : 432 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 36 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 80
Shooting Modes : Manual
Battery Description : Lithium Ion
Flash Memory Type : SD/MMC card
Max Shutter Speed : 1/2000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 60 seconds
Digital Zoom : 4
Autofocus Points : 9
Aperture Modes : F2.8

Panasonic DMC-FZ7 6MP Digital Camera with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Black)

  • I\'ve had this camera two weeks now, and have had no problems whatsoever with it. It\'s my first digital camera, and so I spent about a month shopping around, reading various reviews, checking what needs I had in a camera, etc. When I knew that I wanted a megazoom, I ended up narrowing my selections to a few cameras: Sony DSC-H2, Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ7, Canon S3IS, and Fuji FinePix s5200.All of them are great cameras and review well. In many of the reviews I would regularly read of each owner praising their own camera over the traits of the others. I don\'t know about anyone else, but I can\'t afford to own one of each camera to really know what that\'s like. What I took it to mean was that most of the people who bought any of these cameras were very happy with them. In some ways it made things more difficult (which one should I get?), but then in other ways it was a destresser (at least I won\'t get a dud, whichever I end up with).Going to the stores around here and getting a feel for them in my hand was important. Everyone\'s hands are different, so it won\'t help for people to know which felt comfy in my hands, but I\'ll say it was a factor.Features-wise, these cameras are all in the same neighbourhood. Big zoom, mid-high megapixel, and plenty of user-control when it comes to the settings. The viewscreens vary in size, as does the onboard memory, the kind of memory cards and batteries the camera uses, etc., so these are the major distinctions. Lenses on these cameras are also very good, no matter which you\'re looking at. Fuji and Canon, for instance, are both camera companies before they were into electronics, and Sony uses the Carl Zeiss and Panasonic uses the Leica. Quibble if you must about the lens quality of one vs. another, but the differences are minute. All offer some form of image stabilization as well, which is most helpful to me and my big, shaky hands.When decision time came, price became a factor. The Fuji and Canon were $50-100 more than the Sony, and the Panasonic was another 20 below the Sony. Again, it wasn\'t the only factor, but it was in there.Other factor: Power source. Some cameras run off AA batteries (Sony and Canon, not sure about Fuji), the Panasonic uses a Panasonic brand battery (Lithium-Ion), but you can buy knock-off brands that are much cheaper. They don\'t last as long (I have two) as the Panasonic, but I would say they are about 90% of the shooting capacity of the one that came with the camera, at about a fifth of the cost.And last but not least: Storage. Panasonic and Canon use SD cards, which are cheap and fast. The Sony uses MemoryStick (a Sony product) that costs more. Not sure on it\'s performance, but from what I could tell from other reviews, a highspeed (UltraII by Sandisk, for instance) SD card was more than adequate. I got a 1G UltraII SD card and it holds 334 pics at max resolution. It\'s a fine performer, and fits into my laptop\'s cardreader. Very fast transfer from card to CPU for editing and such. Way faster than the included USB cable.With the Panasonic, I make the tradeoff that memory is relatively cheap and flexible with other cameras and computers, but I have to have my batteries charged and ready for picture taking. With the Sony I could have gone to any corner store most anywhere in the world and picked up two AA\'s to operate the camera. They don\'t last as long as NiMH AA\'s, but they\'ll work fine when you have no other choice. To me that was a trade I\'m willing to make, since I have three batteries (each rated for 270-300) and being able to acquire more storage cheaply would be better for what I need.If you get this camera, you will be very pleased with the pictures you take, though that doesn\'t mean that you would be displeased with the others I mentioned. Make sure you get a chance to hold the cameras in your hand, and see what your priorities are going to be in picture taking. If you\'re always on the road and charging batteries is a problem, this camera might not be the one for you (charging the battery for this camera takes 2 hours), but if that isn\'t an issue, this camera is an excellent choice.The only criticism people have had of this camera has been \'noise\' at high ISOs, but that\'s not something I\'ve noticed. I\'ll be doing some night shooting soon, so I\'ll experiment and see what I can get. As for the other positive reviews of picture quality, clarity, colour reproduction, etc. - I echo those heartily. Again, this is not a camera that disappoints. You\'ll be very pleased with the results.Happy shooting!
  • The Panasonic DMC-FZ7 is a very nice upgrade from the DMC-FZ5 it replaced, at a much lower cost! It really is amazing how these electronic devices get better and cheaper in a very short time.The camera takes great pictures, and is easy to handle. It operates quickly and comes with a lithium ion rechargable battery that is good for around 300 shots, which is more than you\'ll probably ever need in one outing. [...]. It wasn\'t made by Panasonic (that battery costs around [...]) but it works identically to the OEM battery. The camera uses SD memory cards which are pretty common today and easy to find.This camera, like all superzooms, is best when used outdoors. Nature photography, landscapes, and anything where there is plenty of light comes out great. The weakness of cameras with a long zoom range is indoor available light shooting, because the compromises needed in making such a powerful lens in a small package. The lens simply isn\'t fast enough for indoor, low light or available light shooting. However, if you use the flash this won\'t be a problem. A tripod would also help. But it should be noted that this problem exists for any superzoom camera, not just this one.The lens itself is beautiful... Leica designed, and Panasonic built. it provides sharp, well saturated pictures with very little distortion except at the extreme high end of the zoom range. I didn\'t detect any major purple fringing problem.Panasonics use a relatively small image sensor, which is needed to keep the camera size and weight down. So, this camera like all Panasonics, is often said to have \"High (image) noise over 200 ISO.\" And this is true, but it is hardly noticable unless you make huge enlargements or shoot over 400 ISO. Also, if you do find any noise, it is easily removed by Photo Shop or Print Shop software. I suspect this problem isn\'t that easy to engineer out in small sensor cameras, or Panasonic would have done it by now.Panasonic\'s OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) system works extremely well. It is built into the lens, and actually moves the elements to compensate for camera shake. This becomes a critical issue for long focal lenght zoom lenses. Note... unlike some manufacturers, Panasonic uses a REAL stabilization system. This isn\'t a program that merely raises the ISO to increase the shutter speed, but an actual anti-shake correction, just like the high end Canon L series IS lenses have.Here are the improvements Panasonic made over the FZ5 with this new FZ7:1. 6MP rather than 5MP2. 2.5 inch LCD screen rather than 2.0 inch screen3. Better, longer lasting battery4. Threaded front lens element to accept filters5. Better movie resolution (TWICE as good)6. Lens cap attaches to camera, so it\'s hard to lose7. Able to take 16:9 ratio pictures8. Can shoot above ISO400 (but 800 and 1600 are lower resolution)9. 60 sec min shutter rather than 8 secAll for around [...] FZ5 which was only released 11 months before the FZ7!Overall, this is a great camera that will please any casual shooter or advanced amatuer. It does a lot in a very small package, for a very reasonable price. Pros will be disappointed by it\'s low light results and noise problems at higher ISO\'s. But, if you are a professional photographer, you wouldn\'t even consider one of these cameras. You\'d be using a Digital SLR, and hauling around 50 pounds worth of gear!Given the rapid technological advances made in these cameras, I refuse to spend [...] for a camera that will be obsolete in 3 years. But this little gem was only [...] from Amazon, and will probably be even lower by the time you read this review.I\'d rather buy a new camera every 3 years for that same [...], and get all the latest improvements!

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