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Canon Powershot Sx410 Is (Black)

canon powershot sx410 is black

Canon PowerShot SX410 is (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 20.0 Megapixel sensor and Canon DIGIC 4+ Image Processor
  • Powerful 40x Optical Zoom (24 to 960 millimeter) and 24 millimeter Wide Angle lens
  • 720p HD video at up to 25 frames per second with clear sound
  • 3.0 inch LCD screen with a great resolution of approximately 230,000 dots
  • ECO Mode to provide more shots per single charge

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Brand : Canon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.3
Review Count : 504

Canon PowerShot SX410 is (Black)

  • I\'m in love so far! I\'ve had this camera almost 2 weeks now, and I could not be happier with it. I did originally want to buy a low-end DSLR camera to get into photography, however, money is an issue right now, so that wasn\'t an option. I still needed a new camera for the upcoming Otakon, and after reading a ton of reviews, I figured this would be my best option in my price range.First off, anyone who says they don\'t like the camera, obviously never got acquainted with all the settings and features on this camera. It has settings for daylight, inside lighting, moonlight, and every type of light in between; macro, portrait and landscape settings for the best clarity for the distance you\'re shooting at; color settings including vibrant, red, green or blue; you can adjust the flash and shutter speed depending on what you intend to shoot; it truly has all the bells and whistles you could possibly need for a point and shoot camera. In Auto mode, it decides for you which settings to use based on your surroundings. While it does a pretty good job on Auto, you will never get the full experience this way, and you will miss out on a lot of great photo ops. If you\'re not liking the way your photos are turning out, you\'re either looking for a professional\'s camera, or you\'re simply not using it properly. Don\'t let that scare you, though; I\'m technologically behind the times, and I was able to easily learn everything on this camera in just a few uses (I never cracked the manual, if it even came with one). Learn to use this camera and you will never stop enjoying it.My last camera was a 12MP I bought a few years ago. Going from that to this 20MP camera is mind-blowing. My old camera would never have been able to capture such clarity and vibrancy as this one does. I can\'t stop recommending it to people. The macro feature is able to photograph with amazing detail, even when something is close enough it is actually touching the lens. On the other hand, the 40x zoom is better than I could have ever imagined (I\'m attaching a photo of my friend on top of a huge rock at a waterfall so you can see how much detail you can capture with the 40x zoom). Please note: camera has trouble steadying the shot on Auto and at high zooms sometimes. If you plan on doing a lot of distance shooting, I recommend getting a tripod. I\'ve had so much fun learning to use this camera, I really can\'t wait to see how good my pictures from Otakon turn out.One of my favorite parts about this camera is the fact that it instantly turns on. If you need to grab your camera and snap a picture real quick, you absolutely can. The settings also load instantly, so it only takes a few seconds to get your camera perfectly set and ready to shoot wherever you are. I sadly have not gotten a chance yet to try out night shooting, and after seeing pictures others have taken of the moon, I really look forward to checking out this feature. I also haven\'t checked out the video camera option, and plan to look into that as well. As for the physical camera itself, I love the design and the way it fits in my hand. It\'s got the perfect hand grip, so it doesn\'t feel like it could fall out of your hand at all (I\'ve always been scared of dropping my old cameras because they\'re too slick). It comes with a lens cover, so you feel like a real photographer when you pull it out, and the flash can be popped up effortlessly. I feel like my money should not have been able to buy me such a sturdy-feeling, well-made camera (especially including the memory card it came with).Do yourself a favor. Buy this camera. Go out a few times with it and mess with the settings until you know what you\'re doing. Look for tutorials online if you must (I imagine they\'re out there). Once you know what this camera is capable of with the right settings, you will ask yourself why you didn\'t buy one of these sooner. Trust me, I\'m kicking myself for not upgrading years ago. I feel like I\'ve missed out on a lot of great shots (especially at Otakon) simply because I thought I couldn\'t afford such a quality camera.Keep in mind, I\'ve only had the camera 2 weeks, and I haven\'t had a lot of opportunities to take it out yet, so I don\'t have many pictures to share yet. But considering the few pictures I have taken, hopefully you\'re able to see just how beautifully this camera captures memories. Pictures included show: different shutter speed settings (waterfall), 40x zoom, macro shots (hermit crabs) and green hues in outdoor daylight (bridge).NEW PICTURES: Sylveon cosplay (slightly touched-up in Paint Shop Pro) - you can see how well the flash illuminated the subject in a very dark roomBee collecting pollen - Great detail with the macro, UNFORTUNATELY, you can see a \"ghost bee\"; the slower shutter speed wasn\'t fully able to capture the second bee as it flew out of the flower. But man, look at the detail on that pollen! Even the ghost bee is captured with full pollen detail!Abandoned House - While there was enough daylight to take pictures without the flash, the flash being used in such a wide-open space with no direct subject gave the image a great \"haunted\" feel, and with the flash I was able to capture more detail than without itRock formation - Even in conflicting light sources (shade and bright sunlight), I can still get great shots most of the timeCat - Macro shows amazing detail in the eyes and individual hairsThanks for reading, enjoy your camera! :)UPDATES:I\'m still in love with this camera. The slow shutter speed has unfortunately caused some problems at times, but I don\'t find it to be any slower than any other Point-and-Shoot camera I\'ve used, so I don\'t consider it a negative aspect necessarily, just an unfortunate trade-off of buying a basic camera. It\'s wonderful for portraits, and I love finding things to take macro pictures of! I feel much more like a real photographer with this camera, and maybe one day I\'ll be able to buy a professional camera. I\'ve also realized how much I love taking pictures for my Amazon reviews with this thing. They all look amazing, and I can much more easily capture the quality of the products I buy with this camera (especially useful when I buy a poor product and want to warn people).I haven\'t taken this thing out for an entire day yet, but when I do take it out, I turn it on and off constantly to save the battery just in case. It has yet to die on me while I\'m out (somehow, turning it on and off constantly doesn\'t seem to drain the battery at all, unlike most cameras). I\'m shocked at how long this battery can last when it\'s taking such detailed, vibrant pictures. I\'m uploading some more pictures to give an even better idea of the camera capabilities.
  • First, I\'m no photog by any stretch of the imagination. I\'m a point a shoot type that needs a simple camera for birthdays and family gatherings where 99.9% of the time my iphone works fine. My wife, however, insists on having a camera! I get it. I mean, my iphone tells time too, but I\'m old school and love my Citizen Eco-Drive watch, but mostly because I think it makes me look slightly more BA that I actually am... and that compliment from the sexy little cashier that I would never have had a chance with in my single days made it worth the $500! Anyway, until a recent catastrophe struck we had the Canon SXSX130is. It did everything we needed until my wife dropped it as she was handing it to her uncle to take a family photo this past Christmas. Its weird how life changing moments slow down in time. I swear, as I sat there watching that camera fall, it actually slowed down as the $200 my wife and I collectively banked from our unsuspecting extended family and all the wonderful things we were going to do with that windfall suddenly fizzled out of mind with the realization that it would now go towards a new camera. So of course it lands right on the lens and jammed it back into the camera at an odd angle, effectively ending any chance the little guy would ever take another picture... ever. Now it just sits there, kind of staring blankly like a mounted deer, leaving the casual observer imagining the beautiful things he must have seen in his life.Which brings me to the SX410! It seems to be of equal quality, with a more capability than the SX130. The camera is much more stable, and hopefully more secure, in your hand than the SX130 due to the easy grip ergonomics. The zoom is incredible and I\'m looking forward to camping and hiking this year to see what it can do outdoors.On a side note, I want to thank Amazon for being a wonderful company that is focused on Customer Service and nailing it! I received my camera in the original box, but it was not plastic sealed like I would expect from Canon. I thought it was either returned or refurbished, especially since the price was low, but there was nothing in the description that would lead me to believe that it wasn\'t a new camera. Amazon shipped me a new camera, no questions asked. That camera also came unsealed so I have to assume that Canon is not supplying sealed packages to amazon. It is truly rare to receive such great customer service anymore and it is a big reason I have nearly 150 orders through amazon in the past year. Keep it up! The world needs you!

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