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Nikon 1 V2 14.2 Mp Hd Digital Camera Body Only (Black)

nikon 1 v2 14 2 mp hd digital camera body only black

Nikon 1 V2 14.2 MP HD Digital Camera Body Only (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • PSAM modes right on the Mode Dial
  • Enhanced Motion Snapshot - Blend motion, stills and sound to capture the essence of a moment like never before
  • See the world in slow motion, then grab exactly the shot you want with the new Slow View
  • Get the best shot with Smart Photo Selector, which captures 20 shots with a single button press
  • Simultaneously shoot 1080p Full HD video and high-resolution stills of the same action

Buy Now : Nikon 1 V2 14.2 MP HD Digital Camera Body Only (Black)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Mirrorless Cameras
Rating : 4.3
Review Count : 51

nikon 1 v2 14 2 mp hd digital camera body only black
nikon 1 v2 14 2 mp hd digital camera body only black
nikon 1 v2 14 2 mp hd digital camera body only black
nikon 1 v2 14 2 mp hd digital camera body only black

Nikon 1 V2 14.2 MP HD Digital Camera Body Only (Black)

  • I am writing this review for those with kids that want something better than a point and shoot and don\'t want to lug around a heavy DSLR. This is a great camera. I was going to give it 4 stars for the price. But then decided against it. To some price might not be a factor. Besides who knows what the price might be discounted to at the time of this reading. At it\'s current price, it\'s really expensive. I can buy a D5200 for the price. But then.. it\'s almost like comparing a light weight laptop vs. a heavier one with more power. You pay a premium for lightweight.I have the Nikon J1 and 2 small kids. My goal was to find a camera that is light weight, small in size and fast enough to capture moments with decent quality. I\'ve been disappointed with the J1 as the number of good images that I get are a lot less than I anticipated and would have returned it if I didn\'t accidentally scratch the body.I have a vacation coming up where I don\'t want to bring my D90 along and clearly the J1 wasn\'t cutting it. So I decided to give the V2 a shot. I did consider the V1, but it\'s out of stock in white (I want to be able to reuse my J1 white lenses). The following are my opinions of the camera (from someone who relies more on auto modes than making manual adjustments):Looks and Feel:The pictures on the web of the V2 look horrible. But it looks much better in person. It\'s much lighter and smaller than my D90 and although heavier than the J1, the weight is hardly noticeable in comparison. I especially like the layout of the V2. It\'s very similar to my D90 and much easier to use. Turning on/off is fast (though the switch is the only part on the camera that feels cheap. I can deal with it as its much easier to use than having to find an push a button). Less clutter around where your thumb would rest (minimizing the times I accidentally switch modes on the J1). Can\'t emphasis the benefit of the grip as it\'s easy to lose grip and drop the J1 (luckily only on carpet so far). It really feels and looks like a mini DLSR where as the J1 feels like an upgraded compact point and shoot.Performance:Image quality isn\'t DLSR, but it\'s not meant to be. It is darn good though. Better than my Sony point and shoot. Key thing for me is that it\'s much faster than my point and shoot and it actually captures a lot of sharp images (more than J1) with good colors. This is the key deciding factor in keeping the camera. It will work great in my situation, need a light, small camera that will perform well so that I can carry all the kids stuff and keep up with them. Note that I am not a professional or would even consider myself an enthusiast. But I can tell a good picture from a bad.
  • I have multiple digital cameras, from point and shoots to travel zooms to super zooms to Nikon D7000. I also travel a lot, for business and some for pleasure. I\'ve found I can get by these days with a travel zoom when I\'m traveling by myself on business, but on vacations with my wife I want more...but I hate lugging around the D7000 and the big, bulky lenses. I\'ve followed the mirrorless category of cameras for a while, but the micro 4/3rds class just didn\'t cut it for me because while the camera bodies were smaller than a D7000 or even D3200, the lenses are about the same size due to the sensors being similar in size. Sorry Sony NEX user, but this is the problem with that camera and other 4/3rds in my opinion. That meant going with a smaller sensor to get smaller lenses, but travel zooms are too small and that creates problems - especially with excessive megapixels (the smaller the sensor and the more megapixels, the greater the noise - even at low ISOs). So I was very interested in the Nikon 1 series. The sensor is between Nikon\'s DX and much smaller travel zoom/point and shoots, so it uses smaller lenses - but I still can switch lens like a DSLR (and number of Nikon 1 lenses is growing). The V2 limits itself to 14 megapixels, so with the larger sensor noise is much better than a travel zoom/point and shoot, though not quite that of DSLR (but I\'m ok with trade-off for travel). The V2 is MUCH more user friendly than V1 or J1. I like the various shooting modes, and while it isn\'t perfect, it is a darn good camera and fun to shoot with. The charger is compact (plugs fold in), and the flash is decent. I like having option of a EVF for certain situations, like sunny days. And, best of all, the V2 with lens attached is about the same size as a super zoom, so smaller than a DSLR and thus easier to take on trips - including international travel. I have the 10-30 mm lens and the 30-110 mm lens, which are good for starters. Looking forward to getting the 18.5mm fast lens and 10-100 mm zoom, which will make this camera even more useful when traveling. Have seen a few reviews start to come out. While people complain about the price, the fact is there isn\'t much else that fills the gap in sensor size, and Nikon has clearly put a lot of research into this camera. So while I\'d be happier if it was cheaper (aren\'t we all happier if we can get anything we want cheaper?), I am finding I love this camera and the Nikon 1 system overall. For vacations where we have to fly, it will replace my D7000 most of the time.
  • Lol...I really need to buy cameras after they have been out for a while. I bought this V2 when it first came out....ouch.I own the Nikon J1, almost all the Nikon 1 lenses, and have owned several Nikon DSLR\'s. I also have the adapter FT-1 to goof around with my other DX/FX lenses.You can read more detailed reviews of the V2 elsewhere, but overall the V2 is a great little camera with DSLR focusing speed when the light is good. The V2 is better than my J1 with respect to focusing in dim lighting. My J1 sometimes can\'t even lock in focus in poor lighting. I don\'t see any difference in image quality between the J1 and V2. The grip and better controls make the V2 easier to use than the J1. The V2 still has that greenish cast like all the recent N1 and DSLR cameras from Nikon; most people won\'t notice this. Both the J1 and V2 are so light that I rarely use my Nikon DSLR. I usually have the 10-30 on the J1 and the 18.5 f1.8 or the 30-110 on the V2. Since they are so light, I usually have both cameras around my neck so that I don\'t have to change lenses with the V2. I would have bought the V1 instead of the J1 if the V1 had a build in flash. The V2 has a built in flash.Like the J1, the V2 video is very good. That is probably the best reason I like the Nikon 1 cameras because they do both photo and video pretty well. When the kids are running around the Nikon 1 camera\'s video keep the kids in focus in good light. DSLR\'s will focus in and out trying to keep up with moving objects.If price is a problem, then wait for the V2 to drop in price or get the V1 if you don\'t mind that the V1 has no built in flash.

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