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Ge A830 8mp Digital Camera With 3x Optical Zoom (Black)

ge a830 8mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom black

GE A830 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)

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  • 8MP Digital Camera
  • 3X Optical and 5.1 Digital Zoom
  • 2.5\" Vibrant LCD
  • Electrical Image Stabilization
  • Face-Tracking, Panorama, Stitching, and Red-Eye Removal Built In

Buy Now : GE A830 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)

Brand : GE
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.6
Review Count : 13

ge a830 8mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom black
ge a830 8mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom black
ge a830 8mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom black

GE A830 8MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Black)

  • The camera is OK, good value for the money. Construction is a bit on the cheap side but it keeps it light. The only thing that\'s a drawback for me is the fact that it uses 2 AA batteries which weigh down the camera & you need to carry a 12 pack of them with you if you\'re out for a night of photos as the flash consumes them very quickly. When you carry the rechargeable, you\'re then stuck carrying the dead one\'s around with you all night which is truly a pain in the butt! If they could just put in a long lasting rechargeable batter - this would be five stars for the value.
  • I heard great reviews about this camera but my experience was not good. After I read the instructions and turned on the camera the shutter only opened part way. Then when I took a video there was no sound. Then when my husband started taking pictures there where lines in every shot. Mine may have been a lemon in a good lot but I sent it packing and I am going to do more research for an affordable compact camera!
  • this is the best camera i have ever had my 346 pictures from my recent greece trip came out so great
  • I bought this camera about 3 months ago. The whole time I have had it, I\'ve been frustrated with the quality of the picture. It has some great features on it for sure, but the optics are horrible. I can\'t take any shot indoors without a flash, no matter what time of day it is, and how sunny the room is. I think the problem is that it doesn\'t get to a wide enough aperture (especially zoomed in). I tried manually setting the ISO to 400, but it didn\'t help, and the pictures came out noisier than Hillary Clinton.Bottom Line, if I wanted another cheap camera, I would go with maybe a 5MP camera made by Canon or HP. I think that I would find that the pictures would actually come out better. (not an overstatement)
  • I would recommend this camera to anybody who loves to take pictures, it shows such great detail to were it makes anything you shoot comes to life. The only downfall is that I do recommend buying rechargeable batteries but come on don\'t get upset for it is worth the price for if you think about it nothing is to good to be true I am not trying to get all sales pitch here because that is not me I am just an everyday Joe I just like this camera it is my first to own digital camera but not my first time using one and believe me I am a stickler when it comes to spending my money. But just to be on the safe side get the rechargeable batteries so you do not miss a beat come to think of it if you look at the other digital cameras out there even the Sony cybershot you need AA also, I bet you they don\'t last long either. That does end my review and sorry I don\'t have a pic to share with you, To me it is a better experience in person. So yes I would say yeah if you are thinking about it yes I would buy this camera again if I was looking.
  • Recently, I got this camera for my 16th birthday and I really really like it. The features that are on the camera are brilliant and great for anyone who loves to take pictures indoors, outdoors, around beautiful scenery, in the snow, fireworks, etc.Pros:-large LCD screen-easily accessible features-nice flash (maybe too much)-beautiful pictures once on the computerCons:-grainy LCD pictures-pictures in the dark (outside at night) are not so hot-slow start up when you turn the camera onAll in all, I would recommend this camera to anyone, but it\'s not for the pros. This camera isn\'t really a \"beginner\'s camera,\" but it is something like that, just better :-).
  • I researched a lot of cameras in search of a good one. I saw this one and this camera is a great deal. I think it lives up to its 4-5 star rating. Its sleek. Holds up well to drops. The only thing i don\'t like is that the battery chamber is a little loose and the batteries fall out in my pocket if I\'m moving around a lot.It has great zoom and easy to use functions.I would also suggest getting a battery charger, batteries wear out quick as with any camera!
  • I purchased this item about one month ago. I am very pleased with the performance, and agree that the flash might be a bit too much. However the major plus to me is the camera has all the desired features but not the complications to set them! It\'s truly user friendly.To get around logging around a whole pack of batteries I use rechargeables and then only carry two extra.If you purchase the item, I am sure you will enjoy it...

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