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Hp Photosmart R717 6.2mp Digital Camera With 3x Optical Zoom

hp photosmart r717 6 2mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom

HP Photosmart R717 6.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 6.2-megapixel sensor captures enough detail for photo-quality 14 x 19-inch prints
  • 3x optical zoom; 1.8-inch LCD display
  • 12 shooting modes, including Action, Sunset, and more
  • Shoot video clips with sound; take a series of photos in rapid succession using Burst mode
  • Powered by Lithium-ion rechargeable battery; stores images on SD or MMC cards (not included; camera features 32MB of internal memory)

Product Description This compact HP Photosmart 6.2MP Digital Camera with HP Instant Share is packed with special HP features that help you take better photos, including in-camera red-eye removal, panorama previewing, adaptive lighting technology, image enhancement features and photo advice. The camera's handy HP Instant Share lets you e-mail images directly to friends and family without attaching bulky files. The R717 has a 6.2-megapixel resolution with HP Precision 3x optical zoom plus 8x digital zoom for total zoom of 24x. Camera's 1.8\" color active matrix TFT LCD with backlight offers easy viewing and playback. Other features include optical zoom viewfinder; PictBridge printer compatible; MPEG-1 movie mode with sound; 32MB internal memory, SD/MMC memory card compatible; built-in flash with auto and red-eye reduction modes; 10-second self-timer; 3.3V AC adapter, USB cable, CD with PC and Mac software and wrist strap. Made in USA. 2-1/3Hx1-1/3Wx3-3/4L\". From the Manufacturer The HP Photosmart R717 Digital Camera has the ideal form for a digital camera: easy to grip, easy to operate with one hand, small enough to slip into a pocket or purse. But its external attributes are just the beginning. This camera's real beauty lies below the surface with advanced technologies that produce astounding images while making day-to-day digital photography easy. The R717 combines 3x optical zoom and 6.2-megapixel resolution with a stainless steel face and a sleek, sculpted body. It features exclusive HP Real Life technologies, including HP adaptive lighting technology, HP in-camera red-eye removal, HP in-camera panorama preview, HP image advice, and more. Photographers in search of a camera that is technologically advanced, easy to use, small and affordable will find what they're looking for with the R717. It also supports a dock (sold separately) that charges the battery in the camera while charging a spare battery in the dock's extra battery bay and allows easy download and sharing of your images. You can also charge the battery in camera using the included HP 3.3V AC adapter.HP Real Life Technologies This suite includes HP adaptive lighting technology, HP in-camera red-eye removal, HP in-camera panorama preview, and more. Combined, these technologies define the special characteristics that set the R717 apart and allow those who use this camera to be more successful in their photography.Adaptive Lighting Technology digitally corrects harsh contrasts, bringing faces out of shadow and bringing details out of dark backgrounds. HP Adaptive Lighting Technology This breakthrough technology, based on a model of the human vision system, allows a digital camera to produce photos that look more like what we see with our own eyes. The technology works by digitally correcting harsh contrasts, bringing faces out of shadow and bringing details out of dark backgrounds, so bright and dark areas in a photo are more balanced. By selectively adjusting light and dark areas, HP adaptive lighting technology produces images that are lifelike and realistic--closer to what we see when the photo is taken. Faces appear less shadowed, shooting into the sun is less risky, and more photo details are revealed. HP adaptive lighting technology allows HP cameras to produce better images because, unlike post-processing techniques, in-camera relighting techniques can apply all crucial lighting information to a photo--including not only the image information, but also information about how the camera is being operated, the environment the camera is in, and even the characteristics of that individual camera.The R717's in-camera red-eye removal system uses up to 60 criteria to identify red eyes before previewing corrections on screen for approval. HP In-Camera Red-Eye Removal HP in-camera red-eye removal finds and corrects red-eye, the common result of flash photography when the strobe (flash) reflects off the retina of the human eye. HP was the first to correct red-eye while images are still in the camera. HP's patented algorithm works by first locating all the candidate red areas in the photograph. The algorithm then performs a series of tests using up to 60 different criteria to determine whether the red area is actually part of a human eye. These criteria are measured only until a conclusion is reached; not all tests are performed on each image, so the algorithm operates very quickly. A correction phase then darkens red areas to remove the color and return the eyes to a more natural color. The camera then displays a preview image on the LCD screen so photographers can see where corrections will take place. The preview image is provided before any changes are made to the original image, so the changes can be rejected if the algorithm failed to correctly identify red-eye (if a small red light is mistakenly identified as an eye, for example). HP in-camera red-eye removal should not be confused with other existing red-eye reduction techniques. HP cameras will continue to offer a red-eye reducing pre-flash as well as HP Image Zone software, which allows red-eye to be removed in post-processing after images are transferred to a PC.Preview five-image panoramas in the camerato ensure you've gotten all the shots. HP In-Camera Panorama Preview This feature helps simplify the way a sequence of photos in a panorama can be aligned and previewed. The R717 includes image-based guidance algorithms that provide a visual overlay in the camera's LCD. While shooting a sequence of pictures, image detail from the previous photo is displayed on the camera's LCD, making it easy to line up photos from one to the next. Then the photos can be merged--while they're still in the camera--into a seamless preview shot that can be viewed on the camera's LCD. If there's a gap, or if a segment of the panorama is missing, the photographer will know it immediately and can reshoot. When the images are transferred to a PC, HP Image Zone and ArcSoft Panorama Maker software can automatically stitch the photos together to create the final panorama. HP Adaptive Noise Filter Image noise appears as an undesired bumpy or granular look in what should be a smooth area in the image, such as a clear blue sky or a smooth skin tone. The darker the image--such as an indoor picture taken under dim lighting--the more noise there will be. This noise is due to many sources including thermal noise, electrical noise, and the quantum nature of light. As a result, all digital cameras suffer from noise, but not all of them attempt to reduce it. The R717 addresses the problem by filtering image data prior to processing. The result is a clear, sharp, high-quality photo.Key Features of the R717 Advanced image processing and controls: HP Real Life technologies, a suite of in-camera technologies that are unique to HP cameras, provide superior image capture and photo quality. HP adaptive lighting technology /r auto-adjusts high-contrast photos, so faces are brought out of shadows and details are brought out of backgrounds. HP in-camera red-eye removal eliminates red-eye while images are in the camera; no software touch-ups required. HP in-camera panorama preview provides guidance routines that make it easy to precisely align a sequence of up to five photos in a panorama and lets you preview the stitched image on the camera. HP image advice analyzes photos and provides suggestions right on the camera's LCD for improving photo quality. HP adaptive demosaic automatically calculates more accurate colors and renders crisp, sharp edges by eliminating color fringing. HP adaptive tone map is like having a professional darkroom in your camera. Each picture is custom \"developed\" in the camera for truly stunning results as the camera individually optimizes each image for contrast and brightness. This results in photos with rich highlights and shadow detail. HP adaptive white balance uses sophisticated HP Labs developed routines to better identify the type of light illuminating your scene--giving you a photo that is correctly color balanced. AE bracketing captures an image at three different exposure settings with one click--pick the shot you like best and discard the others. Camera features and highlights: High-pixel, ultrabright 1.8-inch LCD for easy viewing, even outdoors Focus Assist for reliable focusing in low-light conditions Built-in orientation sensor determines when the camera is being held vertically, and automatically rotates the photo to its proper orientation Five flash modes Audio and video recording with separate video record button 12 shooting modes Four focus modes Four resolution and four compression settings Multi-zone auto focus Brushed stainless steel face with sculpted grip--great for one-handed shooting Zoom button also controls LCD zoom during image playback In-camera battery charging (via included AC adapter or optional dock) Optional dock with extra battery recharge bay Optional rapid battery charger for lithium ion battery USB interface to Windows or Macintosh systems 32 MB internal memory included, plus SD/MMC card slot Streaming video with audio at 30 frames per second (fps) to memory limit Burst mode, up to three shots at 3 fps

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Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.7
Review Count : 41
Auto Focus Technology : Single, Live View, Contrast Detection
Photo Sensor Size : 1/1.8-inch
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 6.2 MP
Video Capture Resolution : 320 x 240, 30 fps, Unlimited
Model Name : R717
Model Number : L2038A#ABA
Best Sellers Rank : #776,692 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #5,437 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Included Components : Battery Charger, Wrist Strap, Battery, USB Cable
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 4 x
Compatible Mountings : Micro Four Thirds
Screen Size : 1.8 Inches
Batteries Required? : No
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Are Batteries Included : No
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 3
Special Feature : Orientation Sensor
Skill Level : Professional
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : USB
Display Resolution Maximum : 130,000
White balance settings : Auto
Video Capture Format : MPEG-1
Viewfinder Type : Optical
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 3.78 x 1.38 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight : 0.45 Pounds
Zoom Type : Digital Zoom, Optical Zoom
Focus Type : Autofocus & Manual
Maximum Focal Length : 117 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 39 Millimeters
Battery Description : HP Lithium-Ion rechargeable supplied
Wireless Communication Technology : optional
Flash Memory Type : SD card, Internal
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Max Shutter Speed : 1/2000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 16 seconds
Digital Zoom : 8

hp photosmart r717 6 2mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom
hp photosmart r717 6 2mp digital camera with 3x optical zoom

HP Photosmart R717 6.2MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom

  • I had a few extra bucks and wanted to try digital photography, so after some preliminary research I bought an R717 and pluned in.This is a little gem of a camera, perfect for hiking or travel. The lens is excellent and the zoom and close-up features work very well. The body is nicely designed, fits the hand well, and is very sturdy. I and another family member have taken a number of postcard-quality outdoor photos with it. The higher-quality image functions and some fo the other digital features, as well as learning to \"tweak\" the printing, add to the serious-photography potential.I took the HP introductory digital photography course, and highly recommend it. It, along with a lot of picture-taking, helped me understand both the potential and the limitations of the R717.The limitations, from my perspective, are as follows:1. The flash lights up the foreground too much, making indoor shots look artificial and washed-out. I haven\'t yet had the chance to use the \"adaptive lighting\" function, which may help this problem.2. It doesn\'t do well in low-light situations where movement is involved, although with more experience I have found that it will take excellent indoor still photos (portraits, for example) using available light.3. With quite a bit of practice I have found that it will take spectacular sunset photos, although the colors aren\'t quite true-to-life - the software adds too much yellow, and the prints sometimes have a \"paint-by-numbers\" quality.4. The view-finder is a bit off and I don\'t used it very much, instead rely on the \"live-view\" function. It is sometimes difficult to see the screen, so there is a bit of guess-work involved in certain outdoor conditions.I don\'t see the need for a docking station, at least for my uses. Downloading and e-mailing photos is pretty user-friendly with the camera just as it is. A bigger memory card, a spare battery and charger, and a portable hard drive for storage would be more useful accessories than a dock, in my opinion. I store my photos on RW CD\'s. A quirk of the HP Image Zone software is that it won\'t record your photos to CD, so I just use the \"My pictures\" program on MS XP, which works just fine. I think the Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition, version 3.0 (free), will also do that.I have had very good experience with HP customer service, once I got used to the Indian accents. And HP\'s online courses are very helpful.For the price this is a great little camera. Its drawbacks have only one remedy: Money. More money will get you a better camera, but I don\'t think you will get a better camera than this for less money.
  • I was looking for a camera that put a pleasant looking date stamp. I had had an HP before, so I thought I\'d try this one. My other cameras date stamps were so big and ugly that I gave them away, not a cheap couple of cameras either. This camera\'s date stamp is very small and white in color, so it doesn\'t take away from the photo like the big green colored stamps did or the big white stamp did that didn\'t even develope completely on the picture. I\'m old, need dates to remember when I took the picture.I was surprised, too, by the quality of the pictures. Even in dark restaurants, the pictures were clear and colors vivid. I didn\'t expect such good pictures for the price of the camera. My friends are impressed. The battery is great,too, not the regular two AA batteries, being able to re-charge inside the camera itself. I bought the dock, too, so I have two charged batteries all the time. I thought I would need the extra battery because the other cameras I\'ve had ate batteries. I have never had to use the second battery, and I\'ve taken a lot of pictures at one time, like maybe even 100 or more. The warm up time is slow, as with the processing time between flashes, but those failing points are miniscule compared to all the other good qualities. I didn\'t have to read the entire manuel before I got started. The menu is simple and easy to understand as it is explained by the menu within the camera itself. This is a great little camera. The dock is great, too. When I finish taking pictures, I just plug the camera into the dock, and I am ready to go the next time with two fully charged batteries. Once, I forgot to plug in the camera and I wanted to take a picture of my dog \"in the moment.\" I just plugged in the camera and took the pictures on house current with the dead battery in the camera charging. Is that great, or what?
  • Overview: Not a bad camera but for 2009 it is a little outdatedFunctionality: one thing I do not like about this camera is the time it takes to actually take a picture, you click the button it will take a picture up to 2 seconds later (not because of lake of light) but because it has to load memory. This is good for still pictures and daytime pictures but not for night or when your at an event where you would want to take a quick succession of pictures.Quality: 6.2 Megapixiles used to be a lot, and if you print out the pictures on photo-paper it is. Computers these days can display more than that and investing in a camera with more megapixles will get you better clarity/quality photos.Ease of use: well the button that takes the picture is in the same spot as every other camera so its not that hard to start clicking out of the box. If you want to change settings that is fairly easy keeping in mind that all the changes you make will be erased and default settings take effect after you turn the camera on and off. It has a few different settings depending on where you are (snow, beach, action, etc...) which make light changes but none that will actually help much.Bottom line: For me this was reliable, still works after years of having one but the technology is out dated and the camera isn\'t that great. Buy another camera, a thinner one that can take photos quickly. You\'ll enjoy it more.
  • While film (with a Zeiss lense!) is still my preferred format, this is a great little family camera. My wife and daughters love it. Sometimes I am surprised at the quality of the pictures I can print out with very little Photo Shop fiddling -- especially outdoor shots. For indoor, which usually means flash, there are adjustment capabilities that make it possible to get very good \"snapshot\" pictures. I\'m particular, though, most would be happy with the full auto mode. Very handy is the separate button for video clips. This is our second one, as the first was damaged, and it\'s an excellent value.

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