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Nikon Coolpix P1 8mp Digital Camera With 3.5x Optical Zoom (Wi-Fi Capable)

nikon coolpix p1 8mp digital camera with 3 5x optical zoom wi fi capable

Nikon Coolpix P1 8MP Digital Camera with 3.5x Optical Zoom (Wi-Fi Capable)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints
  • 3.5x optical zoom; 2.5-inch LCD display
  • Face Priority Autofocus and In-Camera Red-Eye Fix; transfer and print images wirelessly with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 16 scene modes; macro setting focuses as close as 1.6 inches from subject
  • Powered by lithium-ion battery (battery and charger included); stores images on SD cards (32 MB internal memory included)

Product Description MD) CL) NIKON COOLPIX P1 DIGITAL Camera From the Manufacturer Nikon's Coolpix P1 combines 8.0 effective megapixels and 3.5x optical Zoom-Nikkor lens for stunning poster-size prints. WiFi capability is built-in, so this high-performance camera can download or print images wirelessly. The incredible, bright 2.5 inch LCD makes for easy image composition and playback. A 10-step Aperture Priority mode provides additional exposure control and Advanced Scene Modes offer creative choice over the color intensity of the final image. Nikon's Exclusive Feature System includes many automated features that make it easy to take great pictures. New On-Screen Help eliminates the guesswork by providing explanations for all main menu functions. The Coolpix P1 is performance, unplugged--no strings attached!Up to 8 Resolution Settings, Plus Small Pic 3264 x 2448 2592 x 1944 2048 x 1536 1600 x 1200 1280 x 960 1024 x 768 640 x 480 3264 x 2176 (3:2) Choose from a wide range of resolution settings. Small Pic button enables the user to instantly save a copy of an image at a resolution small enough for e-mail or web. Choose from four Small Pic sizes: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 160 x 120, or 96 x 72. Customize your resolution to the final output, getting maximum resolution necessary while conserving valuable space on the SD card. In addition, with Small Pic, you can instantly save an image to the memory card that is an appropriate size for e-mail or for posting on the web.6 Mode Built-in Flash Auto, Flash Cancel, Slow Sync, Anytime Flash, Red-Eye Reduction, Rear Curtain Sync There is an appropriate flash mode for almost any lighting situation. Get the shot you want with the light you need.Quick Review View images stored in internal memory or on inserted SD card at the press of a single button. Zoom in to see a detail view of the image. Zooming in allows you to check details in the image--for example, whether everyone's eyes are open.Voice Memo Function Record vital information regarding the image that was shot. Camera will record up to 20 seconds per image. This is a quick method for recording important shooting data or special information about an image.In-Camera Cropping Photo Trim Use zoom and four position rocker buttons to select part of a picture; camera saves this as a new image without changing the original picture. Uses standard camera controls to trim an image to create a new image that is part of the original image.Full-Featured Bundled Software Nikon: PictureProject Nikon: Wireless Camera Setup Arcsoft: Panorama Maker The bundled software will enable the user to set up a digital darkroom and their wireless Coolpix P1 and P2 without having to purchase additional, costly software packages. This easy-to-use image editing software allows the user to edit, e-mail and print images. In addition, the Wireless Camera Setup provides a 7-step wizard for setting up a profile to transfer pictures wirelessly.Easy E-mailing With Nikon PictureProject software Select image(s) to send and click the Mail button. Choose to send pictures as individual prints or a single index print and select image size from the drop down menu. It's that easy! Small files are best for e-mailing, and PictureProject makes it easy to select and send small images, regardless of the size of the original image. Clicking the Send button opens a new e-mail with the pictures already attached. All you need to do is address the e-mail and add a message!Autofocus 99-Area Manual AF System Face-Priority AF Contrast detect Autofocus system. With Manual AF, use 4 position rocker switch to move the focus point to the desired position. Face-Priority AF can be activated in Portrait Scene Mode and will set focus on the face when taking a picture of a human subject. Incredibly sharp images from close up to infinity. The 99-Area Manual AF System allows for precise focus on the desired subject. Face-Priority AF will assist in getting sharp, incredible portraits of people.AF Assist Lamp Provides extra light when focusing in low-light situations. Enables sharp focus even when the subject is not well lit.All New 10-Step Aperture Priority Mode with Live Histogram Display Adjust your aperture in 1/3 EV steps while viewing a Live Histogram. Use the Live Histogram to set the aperture for the optimal exposure in almost any shooting situation. D-Lighting Automatic compensation for insufficient flash or excessive backlight. User selectable in image playback mode; saves a copy of the picture with the correction made without affecting the original image. Incredible versatility for the end user. Enables them to adjust images taken in a low light situation when the flash is not strong enough, or when harsh back light causes underexposed foreground detail--all done incamera (no computer).Nikon's Exclusive In-Camera Red-Eye Fix When the flash is set for red-eye reduction, the camera automatically removes most instances of red-eye from the subject(s) before writing the image to the card. Instances of red-eye are removed while the picture is being taken. Produces excellent pictures with no redeye! No extra steps necessary--just download and print! Best Shot Selector (BSS) Press and hold the shutter release; the camera will take a series of images, saving the one with the sharpest focus. Ensures sharp focus when shooting in situations where a slow shutter speed could result in motion blur.Five Color Options Standard Color, Vivid Color, Black and White, Cyanotype, Sepia Get creative by selecting one of 5 color options. Choose the mode that best suits the output: standard color for beautiful prints; vivid color for e-mail/internet; black and white for dramatic shots; and sepia or cyanotype for brown or blue tones. Get creative easily. Create old style photos with the sepia option, or imitate an Ansel Adams shot with the black and white option. The only limit is your imagination!Date/Time Imprinting Prints indicate the date and time the picture was taken. A great archiving tool; know when an image was taken.PictBridge Compatible Connect the Coolpix P1 to a PictBridge compatible printer and print images stored on the camera, either in internal memory or on the SD memory card. Print images directly from the camera; no computer required!5 Shot Buffer Mode In anticipation of a special moment, hold down the shutter release button. When the moment has occurred, let go and the last 5 pictures taken will be saved to the memory card. Requires the camera be put into 5 shot buffer mode. Ensures a fleeting or unexpected moment won't be missed. Gets the shot, even though the photographer isn't sure exactly when the action is going to happen.One-Touch Upload Easily upload images from camera to computer at the press of a single button. Makes moving images from the camera to the computer fast and easy.TTL White Balance with 5 Mode Manual or Preset Incandescent, Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, and Speedlight Select Automatic White Balance, choose one of 5 manual settings, or Preset to a white or gray card. Always get an accurate color balance, regardless of lighting conditions.Shutter Speed Range 8 seconds to 1/2,000 second Capture a wide range of exposures from low light (using slow shutter speeds) to action (using faster shutter speeds to freeze movement). Maintain creative control over your images with a wide range of shutter speeds--take long exposures or catch the action--it's your choice!Exposure Compensation +/- 2 EV in 1/3 EV increments Increase or decrease exposure when using Automatic mode. Ensures you get the exposure you want, giving you great pictures every time.User Selectable ISO 50, 100, 200, 400, and Auto Select from a variety of ISO/sensitivity options. Using a higher ISO makes the camera more sensitive, so pictures can be taken in lower light without flash. A wide range of ISO options increases exposure options in a variety of lighting conditions. For example, in situations where using a flash is not appropriate. Saturation Mode +1 (max), 0, -1, -2 (min) Choose from a range of color saturation levels, from +1 to -2. For example, use more saturation for web images that need to really pop. User sets color saturation before the image is saved to the SD card or modified in image editing. This allows direct output without manipulation, saving time.4-Mode TTL Metering System 256-Segment Matrix, Center Weighted, Spot, and Spot AF (user selectable) Choose the metering system to suit the particular lighting condition. Properly exposed images are achieved automatically.16 Scene Modes 11 with new Advanced Scene Modes 4 with Scene Assist (first four listed) Portrait, Night Portrait, Sports, Landscape, Beach/Snow, Close-up, Copy, Backlit, Party/Indoor, Night Landscape, Panorama, Museum, Fireworks, Sunset, Dawn/Dusk, and Voice Recording Automatically sets the camera for optimum performance in most popular picture-taking situations. The Advanced Scene Modes let you get more creative and give you more control in 11 different Scene Modes. Scene Assist is available in 4 Scene Modes (portrait, night portrait, landscape, sports); these offer additional assistance for framing, focus and exposure. The Coolpix P1 makes taking great photographs easy. The ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and use. The controls are well marked, making it easy to access all the timesaving functions. The Voice Recording Scene Mode will allow you to record up to 5 hours of audio (with a 256 MB SD card). Turns snapshots into photographs!Macro Mode Close Up Take pictures as close as 1.6 inches from the subject using the Close-up Scene Mode. Take incredibly sharp macro images using the built-in Zoom-Nikkor lens--no attachments necessary!Movie Mode with Audio 30 frames per second Time-Lapse Movies Movie size is user selectable (TV 640 x 480; Small 320 x 240; Smaller 160 x 120). Movie length is determined by the amount of memory available. Your camera operates as a digital video camera to record a movie with sound. File is saved in QuickTime format, which makes it easy to share with others.Noise Reduction Mode Noise is minimized when using exposure times of 1/4 second and longer. This is automatically turned on in Dawn/Dusk and Night Landscape Scene Modes. Capture clear, sharp images, even when using longer shutter speeds.Wi-Fi-enabled 802.11b and 802.11g (Wireless LAN required) Transfer Images to a computer without a wired connection. Send images as they are taken, or batch send pictures on command. Do a Live Transfer of images directly into a PictureProject slide show! Wireless capability offers the freedom and convenience of moving images to a computer or printer that is within 100 feet of the camera without the need for cables. (Exact distance depends on the signal strength of the wireless LAN.)All New Wireless Print Adapter PD-10 (Optional Accessory) Print wirelessly to any PictBridge compatible USB inkjet printer. Camera prints directly to the printer without the need of a computer. Send images to a printer that is within 100 feet of the camera without the need of a computer or cable. (Exact distance depends on the signal strength of the wireless LAN.) The PD-10 print adapter is not included and must be purchased separately.3.5x Zoom-Nikkor Lens 35mm equivalent: 36-126mm Made with world-renowned Nikkor optics, the lens features 7 elements in 6 groups and incorporates 2 aspherical elements, allowing for a lightweight, compact lens design. Excellent image quality. Capture a broad range of pictures, from wide angle to a longer telephoto to extreme close-ups, all at the press of the shutter button.Incredible, Bright 2.5-Inch LCD Frame and review your images with the big, 2.5-inch LCD. Compose and share your images easily with the big, easy-to-see LCD.Help Function The Coolpix P1 includes an in-camera help feature that explains the function of specific menu items. In-Camera \"instant tutor\" helps the user better understand different features of the camera.Selectable GUI (Graphical User Interface) The user can select how they want to see the menu options on the camera's LCD. Choose the traditional Menu Item View or the all new Icon View. Selecting Icon View displays all the menu options on one screen; no scrolling through a list of menu options. Menu Item View displays the name of each feature.LCD Gridlines Gridlines (composition lines) can be displayed on the LCD; these aid in composing, or framing, the shot. Helps user ensure horizon lines are level and architecture is vertical, resulting in better pictures.Compact Design, Matte-Black Metal Body The ergonomic and compact design retains a traditional camera feel without the extra bulk. Comfortable to hold and use, the Coolpix P1 and P2 fit nicely into a jacket pocket or pocketbook. They're easy to carry and easy to use.Power New EN-EL8 slim design battery included Charges within 2 hours with the included MH-62 Battery Charger. Use the new slim design rechargeable battery to take as many as 180 images on a single charge.Included Li-ion Rechargeable Battery and Charger Comes with rechargeable battery and charger to charge the battery in 2 hours. Rechargeable battery minimizes the cost to power the cameras.32 MB Internal Memory SD Slot for optional memory card No memory card is required for taking pictures. Images can be copied between internal memory and SD cards. Camera is ready to go right out of the box! Plus, you can continue to take pictures when memory card is full.Accepts SD Memory Cards Compatible with any size Secure Digital (SD) memory card.

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Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.4
Review Count : 35
Auto Focus Technology : Single, Contrast Detection, Live View
Photo Sensor Size : 1/1.8-inch
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 8 MP
Camera Flash : Built-In
Video Capture Resolution : 640 x 480, 15/30 fps, 320 x 240, 15 fps, 160 x 120, 15 fps
Model Name : Coolpix P1
Model Number : 25534
Best Sellers Rank : #606,912 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #4,170 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Included Components : Battery Charger, Battery, Instruction Manual
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 3.5
Compatible Mountings : Nikon 1
Screen Size : 2.5 Inches
Batteries Required? : No
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Are Batteries Included : No
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : Wi-Fi, USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 2.3
Special Feature : Time Lapse
Skill Level : Professional
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : PictBridge, USB, Secure Digital Card
Display Resolution Maximum : 110,000
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 3.58 x 1.54 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight : 0.41 Pounds
Zoom Type : Optical Zoom
Focus Type : Auto Focus
Maximum Focal Length : 126 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 35 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 50
Metering Description : Evaluative, Spot, Center Weighted
Shooting Modes : Landscape, Night Portrait, Portrait, Scene, Sports
Battery Description : Nikon EN-EL8 rechargeable Lithium-Ion & charger
Wireless Communication Technology : Yes
Flash Memory Type : SD/MMC card, Internal
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Max Shutter Speed : 1/2000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 8 seconds
Digital Zoom : 4
Autofocus Points : 9
Light Sensitivity : Auto, ISO 50, ISO 200, ISO 100, ISO 400

nikon coolpix p1 8mp digital camera with 3 5x optical zoom wi fi capable
nikon coolpix p1 8mp digital camera with 3 5x optical zoom wi fi capable
nikon coolpix p1 8mp digital camera with 3 5x optical zoom wi fi capable

Nikon Coolpix P1 8MP Digital Camera with 3.5x Optical Zoom (Wi-Fi Capable)

  • I picked this camera up at the new lower price ($150 less). For this price the camera is definately worth the money. From a picture taking standpoint the camera is great. 8-Megapixel photos that look great, great flexibility for different sceens and a pretty quick shutter release are the highlights. The camera does have some difficulty focusing in dark situations especially if you have zoomed in and the object is too far away.The only real problem I encountered is setting up the wi-fi feature. I consider myself pretty computer literate, but this stumped me for some time. A call to Nikon was pleasant but a waste of time. The biggest problem you will run into is if you have Firewall-Enabled in XP or XP Pro. You have to look close but on page 136 of the manual there is a little note about Port settings if you use a firewall (and who doesn\'t?). By the way, the Nikon rep was clueless when I told him it worked with firewall off but wouldn\'t with firewall on. He basically said, he had no idea and firewalls aren\'t Nikons specialty. Anyway, the key is to go to security settings, click on Windows Firewall Settings, click \"Add Port\" and then add UDP port 5353 and click OK. Add another port only this time select TCP port 15740 and click OK. This was VERY POORLY explained in the manual and I couldn\'t find anything on their website.While just taking pictures the battery life was fine. Using the wi-fi feature really eats up battery life. I would recommend picking up an extra battery (only $17) as a spare for those longer trips. That should give you well over 300 photos.PROS- Great pictures outdoors- Good pictures indoors within the limits of the flash- Large variety of shooting modes and camera control- Simple enough to use as a point-and-shoot- Capable enough for some real creative photography- Pretty quick shutter release time- Very thorough manual (with the exception of wi-fi setup)- Wi-fi transfer of pictures is great (once setup)CONS- Wi-fi setup is difficult- Focus in dark areas is sometimes difficult- Battery life could be better
  • I\'ve had the Nikon Coolpix P1 digital camera for more than a year now. This was my first digital camera and I\'m considerably satisfied with its performance. Being from Florida, I must mention that my P1 has also stood up well in conditions of rain, wind and fog!The Coolpix P1 has 16 different modes (and further advanced sub-modes!!) for speedy image capture. There is also an AUTO mode with intelligent flash and self-timer options for that quick snap (at 14000ft just before going on your skydive, or for capturing Shamu\'s nighttime antics :) )The coolest features of this camera include the brilliant 2.5inch LCD screen, 8MP stunning clarity, In-camera Red-Eye Fix, D-Lighting, and the video capture ability. These features easily compensate for the comparatively lesser optical zoom (the P1 has 3.5x Zoom-Nikkor lens with 4x digizoom). Note that this 3.5x lens is what makes the P1 so compact and small in size. When I opened the package, I was amazed at size of this camera and the ton of features it encased.The P1 has superior video and sound recording capabilities. I\'ve experimented with the panoramic image mode, sports and night modes, and got excellent results. Photos come out clear and crisp, and there is hardly any blurring when the right mode is used. I\'ve had the Wifi setup go smooth and easy, (must mention that being a CS grad helps) and the transfer speed was great. (However, note that using the Wifi excessively depletes the battery fast.)Nikon has several new variants in the Coolpix-P line now. These boast of improved features, like the eVR (Vibration Reduction capability in P3) and improved image quality. However, the P1 has been a steady performer, giving exemplary performance, unmatched image quality and quick point-n-shoot ease of use. 5-STARS!!!Thank you Nikon!!p.s: I recommend getting an extra set of batteries  Nikon EN-EL8 Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery for P1, P2, S1 & S3 Digital Cameras  and two of those 1Gb high-speed SD cards for long travel. Happy Photographing!
  • nice camera,bought as a gift for my brotherthe noise was obvious in all shots
  • I really like this camera. The wi-fi feature is fun but I don\'t know how practical it is. I love the huge image size and the fact that it does have some internal memory which allowed me to start shooting right out of the box. The start up time is a bit on the slow side but it\'s nothing horrible. I\'m used to my big semi-professional camera that is also 8 mega pixels and instead, this is nice to just pop in a bag or purse for on the go. The zoom is satisfactory as well though I wouldn\'t recommend the digital zoom, on any camera, just take bigger pictures and crop them down later. I wish there was a black/white still mode, I\'m not sure why there isn\'t one when at the same time it has a b/w movie mode, but oh well. Overall though, I really like this camera and recommend it to anyone who\'s looking for a small, compact but good quality camera.
  • bad

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