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Sony A68 Translucent Mirror Dslr Camera W/ Sal18552 Lens

sony a68 translucent mirror dslr camera w sal18552 lens

Sony a68 Translucent Mirror DSLR Camera w/ SAL18552 Lens

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Buy Now : Sony a68 Translucent Mirror DSLR Camera w/ SAL18552 Lens

Brand : Sony
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.1
Review Count : 60

sony a68 translucent mirror dslr camera w sal18552 lens
sony a68 translucent mirror dslr camera w sal18552 lens
sony a68 translucent mirror dslr camera w sal18552 lens

Sony a68 Translucent Mirror DSLR Camera w/ SAL18552 Lens

  • Absolutely love this camera. In my opinion it is as close to a perfect marriage as you can get between the Sony A65 and the Sony A77. The one and only thing I do wish they would have done was give it the weather sealing of the Sony A77, but there are inexpensive options out there to take care of that issue.I had been a Minolta user for many years and I still have most of my lenses for that system. That in itself was the largest reason for my purchase. Prior to buying this camera body I was using a Sony A6000 with the La-Ea4 adapter for all of my lenses. And that did work well without a doubt, but I did not like being restricted to just 15 focusing points. The Sony A68 has 100 less focusing points than the Sony A6000, but none of the 179 focus points of the A6000 were of any use since I had to use the La-Ea4 adapter so I could continue to use the screw driven lenses that I have had for so many years.The Sony A68 has 79 autofocus points natively and all are very much usable even with the 30+ year old Minolta Maxxum lenses. The focus motor in the camera body is quick and accurate and rarely misses a shot. The in body image stabilization system is a very welcomed option when using non stabilized lenses allowing for slower shutter speeds when shooting hand held. I don\'t mind using a tripod when I can, but there are just some places where it\'s not an option. The ISO performance of the Sony A68 is on par with most other APS-C camera models and produces very usable images up to ISO 6400.The menu system is much nicer to navigate through than that of some of the other Sony camera models such as the Sony A6000. The menu in the Sony A68 is pretty streamlined for the most part and getting to the settings you wish to adjust is quick and easy. The top display that shows your current settings does have a slight slowness to respond to your changes as does the switching from live view to using the EVF. Those two issues could of been better handled by Sony with all of their advances as it stands currently. But it\'s not a crippling issue, just know there is a slight delay when changing from one to the other.The Sony A68, in my opinion, fits comfortably in the hand and the weight of the body does seem to help balance the weight of my Tamron 150-600mm lens nicely as well. There seems to be some confusion across several listings on the internet (and on Amazon itself) about wifi on this model. There is no built in WiFi in the Sony A68. And personally, I\'m thankful for that as it does drain the camera battery quicker with WiFi (one of the major complaints about several other Sony camera models). If you want WiFi access for the Sony A68, look into an EyeFi card, but be warned, those cards typically lose read/write performance. The Sony A68 has a surprisingly nice battery life and it has not drained my battery even while sitting in the camera bag for over a week. I put it away with a 100% charge, and when I took it out today, it still had a 100% charge. I have no complaints about the battery life at all.On the one side of the body you have an access door that covers the memory card slot so you can replace the card with ease and without having to open the battery compartment door. That was one of my biggest complaints about the Sony A6000, there were days I had issues removing and/or inserting the memory card on the Sony A6000. Definitely a headache I am glad to no longer deal with.On the opposite side there are two rubber covers that protect the Mini HDMI, USB Multi port, Mic input and DC power source input. All of which are easy to access and the covers fit snugly to keep dust, dirt and water out of the contacts. From what I am seeing, there\'s no decent way for Sony to produce a battery grip for the Sony A68, but they could always surprise me and come up with something that works. But since there are no camera control contacts in the battery compartment, it will most likely involve an external cord that attaches to the body via the USB Multi port on the side (just as they did for the Sony A6000).I\'m adding a couple photos I had taken with the Sony A68 and a couple of my Minolta lenses just as examples of what I have been able to do with this new camera body in combination with the older legacy lenses. I\'m not a professional photographer, just a long term photography enthusiast.
  • I was surprised when the offer appeared. It came quicker than expected, and was incredibly well packed for protection. I think it was one of the only two available online or in stores. All the lenses I had from my other Sony a100 fit perfectly. I will be using it for work, and personal use. Thank you for having a great product and for the great service. Now that I have a good reference book, (it has so many features you need one), the more I read it the more amazing it is
  • Great camera, it can make coffee and even do the dishes, but as a result in needs a scientific or nerdy person to take advantage of its many functions. The camera takes great pictures as long as you point it in the right direction. One thing that bothered me was the inadequate and small print instruction manual that the came with the camera.I started to print the on-line Sony manual, but I gave up after 200 pages. This means, I will have to wait for the Bush booklet which I pre-ordered from Amazon and is due out in December. How I miss the F16 and one over the ASA days.Mark Bouyer
  • If you want great image quality and high ISO performance then this camera does the trick. I used my A68 for just over a month, mainly for wildlife photography. Focus speed is lightning fast and accurate. My body is currently in the mail back to Sony due to cheap parts. The lens attachment ring, which is metal in my A77, is plastic on this body. While shooting with my 70-200mm lens I suddenly received an error message indicating the lens was not attached to the camera. The attachment ring had cracked and then broke apart. Small screws and other pieces ended up down inside the camera, and I worry they may have damaged the sensor. Sony customer service was good and the camera will be fixed under warranty, but I can\'t help but think it will happen again with the cheaply made plastic part. How much more would it have cost to put the same metal lens attachment ring that other Sony bodies have?
  • The A68 is a great Camera for the price. The A68 brings along many features from its more expensive siblings including focus peaking which works fantastic with manual focus lenses you can focus almost as fast and as accurately as an autofocus lens with this feature. One thing I purchased along with the camera was a wifi sd card which gives you all the wifi functionality of built in I would also recommend RCCDROID-PRO for control of the camera functions via Android device and an OTG cableThe above setup make this camera perform well above its asking price
  • I love this camera! I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because the instruction manual isn\'t as helpful it could be. I\'ve used slr and dslr cameras for 20 years. There is just a little learning curve on how to change and access settings, but this is a major improvement over my Sony A33.

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