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Nikon D5500 Dx-Format Digital Slr Body (Black)

nikon d5500 dx format digital slr body black

Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR Body (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS sensor with no optical low-pass filter (OLPF)
  • 39-point Autofocus (AF) system
  • 5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • ISO 100 - 25,600
  • High resolution, vari-angle LCD with familiar, smartphone-like touchscreen for easy use
  • 1080/60p HD video capabilities allow for capture of fast-moving subjects or creating slow motion effects
  • Built-in Wi-Fi and smartphone compatibility for instant sharing

Buy Now : Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR Body (Black)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.5
Review Count : 414

nikon d5500 dx format digital slr body black
nikon d5500 dx format digital slr body black
nikon d5500 dx format digital slr body black

Nikon D5500 DX-format Digital SLR Body (Black)

  • FIRST THE ORDERIt came a day early and with free shipping. All items Purchased separately came in the same box, FotoTech ML-3 wireless shutter release (sold by Fotot&Tech), Nikon DK-5 Eyepiece Cap for Nikon D200, D70S and D50 Digital SLR Cameras and SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC Memory Card (both Sold by: LLC)ADVICECanon/Nikon/Pentax? I chose the D5500 for the touch screen and the Nikkor DX 18-140mm VR lens. Very happy with it.What do you want in your first DSLR? Do you use Photoshop? Lightroom? I Have both Windows 7 and OS Mavericks and use Photoshop on both, CS 5.5 (Mac Mini mid 2011) and CS 6 (Windows laptop). I do not use any camera software to copy photos to the computers. I take the images straight off the SD card. NOTE: the D5500 NEF RAW files works excellent with the the Camera Raw update for CS 6. It will not work with CS 5 or CS 5.5 extended alone, go to the Adobe website and download a DNG converter and it will convert NEF to DNG easily. It works separately from Photoshop but it is just and extra step. TAKE YOUR TIME and learn about your camera before you buy it.THE CAMERAI am a small guy with stubby fingers standing about 5\' 4\" or so. The Canon Rebel T5 was too deep for my hands and The Nikon D3300 fit my hand better but I hated the controls. (The Touchscreen simplifies this. A BIG plus.) The D5500 is slightly thinner and not as deep and fits my hand perfectly. Handling and using the controls is very important. The Pentax was not found in local stores. Too bad. So I had to research everything online, watched videos and read as many honest unbiased reviews about the kit lenses that I was considering.PHOTOSWhile i am still learning, my brain stifles when I need to think about Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO. A DSLR will help with this, for Nikon, the Scene selections will help me choose. If you use editing software for RAW files, then by all means set the D5500 camera to take RAW and JPEG photos and learn by the camera\'s suggestions. Not every manual shot will turn out good, but accept that it may be you not the camera. Nikon wants you to look good, so let the camera help you. Then go manual with this camera and can take pro looking shots using what you have learned. The more you shoot, the better you will become. The effects however are something I will hardly ever use, but don\'t confuse that with the Scene selection in your research. The Scenes will help you take good pics.WHAT I HAVE NOT USED YETThe camera has some retouching abilities that I have not used yet. I have not used video either but will, just not yet. I do not however do a lot of sport /kid videos, I usually set on manual focus so that said if you seriously want major camcorder usage, you may want to think about any Canon with the STM Lenses, just research,and get to know it before you buy any DSLR camera..Here are a few pics taken in both NEF (Nikon\'s RAW file) and JPEG Large/fine quality with the DX 18-140mm VR lens kit. You do not need Phtotshop to view/edit them but it is what I use. Touched up with Adobe Camera Raw in both Photoshop CS 5.5 using the DNG converter and in CS 6 was any noise (that film grain look caused by higher ISO), vignetting (dark corners/edges) and aberration (ugly color outlines from high contrast situations)--hopefully i explained that right. These 3 issues are normal and from what i gather all kit lenses will have some of this, though minimal on this kit lens. I used both Manual and Scene Selections for sunsets and landscape both in Live View with touch screen focus and the Eyepiece with finger shutter release The battery was only 1/3 down after 300+ shots using a SanDisk Extreme 32GB UHS-I/U3 SDHC Memory Card and a FotoTech ML-L3 Wireless Shutter Remote. The Live View touch screen was used frequently but not constantly, and no doubt the video mode will use the battery up faster but it has not been tested yet. A sensor by the Eyepiece will turn off Live View to save battery use. Nice. NOTE ABOUT PHOTOS (I asked my wife\'s permission to post the pic of her.) The Dynamic Range is good enough to shoot in overcast conditions. Most of these images are hand held shots. I used a tripod for the sunsets and dry dock.
  • My Sony A6000 with the 18-200mm lens was stolen, and I couldn\'t justify sticking with Sony after that. Basically Sony is just too expensive for what you. After the theft, I still had my HVLF 43mm flash, 35mm Sony prime lens, Sony hotshoe microphone and after selling all those things I was almost able to pay for this camera and an additional 35mm Nikon prime lens. A lot of this review will compare it to the Sony A6000 which I previously had. I am an amateur photographer who doesn\'t have much to play around with Manual settings. Bottom line is for $1000 total (including the 35mm prime lens), I got a camera that was at least equivalent to the Sony A6000.The flash of this is much better than the built in flash on the A6000 which was so weak that I needed to get the external flash. The Nikon D5500 flash is built in and is way better than the Sony A6000 flash, due to it\'s further range and better resulting picture quality. If you have a bright background and need to use the flash for a portrait picture, then this works great. This was not the case with Sony\'s teeny A6000 flash.LCD. It\'s a touch screen, and allows you to touch the screen and focus on an object. The A6000 didn\'t let me do this. The A6500 does, but at a cost of 2.5X times this. It also fully swivels and turns and can be turned to face inwards when you\'re not using this, which is a great feature. The Sony A6000 sometimes missed the focus point which for me taking pictures of my kids was/is important. With the A6000 and my kids on the move, I didn\'t have time to move the cursor to track someone\'s face, which it also lost. With the D5500, you can either touch the part of the scene/screen that you want the camera to track and focus, or you can set it to automatically take the picture when you touch the part of screen/scene that you want the camera to focus on and then take your finger off the screen.Manual control is definitely not as good as the A6000. You cannot manually the ISO, shutter speed and aperture at the same time.Automatic mode and SCNs result in better pictures than the modes on the A6000.Overall picture quality is good enough for me which is mostly family and kid pictures with the odd landscape.Size is definitely bigger than the A6000 but with the A6000, I was using the 18-200mm lens and once you put on a big lens than the size of the body doesn\'t matter as much.Viewfinder is optical instead of digital. The A6000 wins here. Digital viewfinder shows what your picture is going to look like. Optical viewfinider does not. I definitely miss this feature.Lastly, as other reviewers have said, the wireless features of the Nikon D5500 don\'t work that well, which wasn\'t important to me. They also didn\'t work well with the Sony A6000 unless you had that touch NFC thing on your mobile or tablet. This was not important to me, but I still think Nikon could/should sort this out.In short, if you plan to get an A6000 and just use the kit 16-50mm lens and the 55-210mm lens, and you don\'t really care about a touchscreen and a good flash, then I would suggest you go with the Sony A6000 over this. If you plan on buying other lenses and care about having a good flash, and a touchscreen then I would go with the Nikon D5500. For $1000 total, I got the Nikon D5500, the 18-140mm lens, the 35mm prime lens, plus extra batteries, charger, camera case, shoulder strap and wrist strap. For me, this was the best camera in this price range which had all the features I wanted except one (digital viewfinder).

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