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Fujifilm X100f 24.3 Mp Aps-C Digital Camera-Black

fujifilm x100f 24 3 mp aps c digital camera black

Fujifilm X100F 24.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera-Black

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 24.3MP X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor with no low-pass filter and X-Processor Pro
  • 8 way focus lever + the number of focusing points has been expanded from 49 in previous models to 91 (up to 325 points).
  • Built-in Iso dial, incorporated into the shutter speed dial. LCD monitor: 3.0-inch, aspect ratio 3:2, approx
  • AF mode(single / Zone / wide-tracking). New np-w126s lithium battery.Battery life for movies : Consecutive movie recording : approx. 80 min. (Face detection is set to OFF) Individual movies cannot exceed approx. 14 min. on Full HD mode, and approx. 27 min. on HD mode in length
  • Focus distance : Approx. 10cm - Infinity / 3.9 inch - Infinity

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Brand : Fujifilm
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.7
Review Count : 355

fujifilm x100f 24 3 mp aps c digital camera black
fujifilm x100f 24 3 mp aps c digital camera black

Fujifilm X100F 24.3 MP APS-C Digital Camera-Black

  • Before we get into the review; I\'ll first provide you with a tip you\'ll probably overlook in the manual if you don\'t study every page. For maximum longevity, Fuji recommends keeping the batteries charged to a 50% level when in storage, NOT fully charged.Now, to set my review\'s perspective properly, I\'ll say that my primary camera is a Sony A9, and Canon 5D3 before becoming frustrated with the Canon ecosystem. I\'d often carry the A9 with 35mm non-GM lens, but it\'s certainly not the lightest camera around and I\'d been longing for something a bit easier to take in more casual or outdoor settings, especially ski trips.I debated this camera, the Sony RX1R II, and Leica Q. Obviously those latter two are dramatically more expensive, but cost was not really a consideration. I ultimately decided on the Fuji. The Sony is small, but you\'re basically paying for a great sensor in a piece of garbage that is six years out of date, has no battery life, and has never had a firmware update. The Leica checked all the boxes but had been out long enough I was worried a new version was on the horizon; two months after buying the Fuji the Q2 comes out, so guess I was right. I also didn\'t want to buy the Leica before seeing what the upcoming Zeiss Zx1 brings to market.Where this camera shines is having all the typical features, knobs, buttons, of a real camera, records in raw, can do bracketed shots (but won\'t merge them in camera), and has great picture quality for the price. The battery life is surprisingly good, even in the cold. My Sony A9 actually ground to a halt in sub-20F temps (shutter release began reacting with 1/2 second delay) while the Fuji kept going fine.The area where I\'d call this camera average is the auto focus speed, particularly subject/eye tracking. If you\'re used to a Sony A7/A9 mirrorless, this is nowhere near that kind of speed, so just prepare yourself accordingly.Where this camera really pisses me off is the lack of GPS receiver for location, and the massively disappointing phone app in general. The missing GPS receiver would not bother me so much if their method of \'solving\' that problem was not absolute garbage, but that\'s what it is. The way you get location to this camera is supposedly to install their phone app and enable location linking from your phone. On my iPhone, with background app refresh enabled, I\'m lucky for the Fuji to successfully link and get a location perhaps a whopping 5% of the time, and that\'s being generous. I end up just hoping I get enough locations that I can use Lightroom to assign the rest after the fact; it\'s a time consuming exercise in frustration every time I start post processing on my pictures. Now the app in general is pretty horrible, even for simple tasks like transferring pictures. If you shoot raw, you can\'t transfer them LOL; so there\'s that. If you really want a raw picture out of the camera, you have to use the menu system to convert it to jpeg, then the app will allow you the privilege of transferring it, and that conversion is not a quick and easy process with all the clicking it requires.So anyway, fun camera, good pictures for the price, the software is horrible, you should just assume location data will never be recorded.
  • I\'ve been searching for a digital pocket camera for years. I used to have a little Casio Exilim which took sweet photos, but later models did not hold up. Panasonic Lumix had one good model before becoming hit or miss. Olympus TG series is ok but has already gone downhill. Canon SureShot was a joke despite rave reviews. I continued to be frustrated.I snagged this model without looking at the pricetag and asked myself, What did I just do? Often when I look at the first images from a pocket digital camera I gasp. With the Fuji X100F I gasped for an entirely different reason - the images are spectacular. Hopefully you can see the first image off my camera just messing around in low light of my desk light with the settings on auto-everything. Amazing DOF and color which I describe as romantic. The B&W mode allows me to pump up the shadow and/or highlights for a tailored response.The controls, again, I kept saying \"wow.\" The shutter speed and sensitivity are old school film camera style. Focus modes are a switch on the side like a full DSLR. The lens has an aperture ring with plenty of range. Manual focus mimics a film camera\'s fine control with focus peaking or digital split image focusing. It is so easy to use this camera. I had to hunt for maybe 6 settings, asking, where did they put THIS one? But, the others were easy to find. Right on the top I can nudge the EV knob with my thumb to tweak in highlights without guessing.Is it perfect? What camera is perfect? Like, if I rest it on its back it rests right on the LCD display so I ordered a screen protector. The neck strap is perfect but no wrist strap was included. Autofocus options are way overkill and I turn off all that face and eye detection. Transferring photos to a Mac? Be prepared to be disappointed as it doesn\'t show up as a disk drive (even my GPS shows up as a disk drive)... but, you can import using \"Photos\" app - which is slooooow and painful.It has a real rangefinder viewer with electronic parallax framing aid. Brilliant. Pull your eye away and the LCD snaps back on for accurate composition. Watson appears to have the best third-party batteries if you don\'t enjoy the Fuji pricetag on batteries.Oh - and it\'s a fixed \"street camera\" wide angle lens. This was a big decision. For the money, you could upgrade and just get a mirrorless camera with exchangeable lenses. The \"zoom\" does zoom in to simulated 50mm and 70mm at the sacrifice of a bit of quality. I would consider those settings to be \"toy\" settings just for play. If you want a larger image walk closer to your subject. The small lens keeps the profile small for portability.The style of the body is sweet to look at - very retro and doesn\'t look like a big black brick. There are plenty of overpriced leather cases and half-cases for the model so go nuts.

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