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Olympus Om-D E-M1x

olympus om d e m1x


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  • 20. 4 MP live MOS sensor with dual Tropic VIII image Processors
  • 5 Axis sync is provides 7.5 EV Stops of compensation, the world's most effective stabilization performance
  • Live ND provides the effects of an ND filter without the need to use a filter
  • Multi selector (joystick) on both the vertical and horizontal shooting positions for quick selection of the AF area
  • 60 FPS (s aft), 18 fps (c aft tracking) continuous shooting with the silent electronic shutter
  • 121 Point all Cross type on chip Phase Detection Plus contrast detection AF


Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.7
ListPrice : US $1799
Price : US $1799
Review Count : 63

olympus om d e m1x
olympus om d e m1x
olympus om d e m1x
olympus om d e m1x


  • Olympus always had a leg up on its competition when it came to building smaller lighter cameras designed for the professional starting with the OM-1. When my competitors were buying Nikon\'s and Canon\'s, I invested with Olympus, and it was always a good investment. Less expensive, well-made, professional quality and quality optics. This camera is a tank, but its small, light and responds well. It feels really comfortable in my hands, I mean really well like it was designed for my hand. Like anything in digital now, markets are tight, Olympus was sold, but a going concern under a new company. but I hope they keep making cameras because they come to the table with innovation, and a good competitive price.
  • Poetry in motion , such an aesthetic beautiful piece of equipment. the features are astounding and the quality is second to none. You can definitely tell you get what you pay for here.
  • Photography is my hobby for about 20 years or so. I moved from DSLR to mirrorless about 3 years ago, when mirrorless became on par or better than DSLR. I currently own Sony A7R3, Canon EOS R5, and Panasonic G9 + a lot of lenses.I purchased this Olympus camera with Olympus 300mm f4 PRO lens as I needed light(er than FF) camera for wildlife photography to be used whenever I don\'t want / can\'t carry my full frame Canon plus huge 500mm f4 lens, and I decided to go with Olympus body to have dual stabilization with Olympus lens.So whole thing about mirrorless is that you need good EVF enjoy the camera. For more than 5 years all major brands are using high resolution OLED EVF. Except Olympus, I guess., which I learned the hard way. This is their top, most recent model, and when I got it, I felt like it was 2015 all over again and I was using Sony Nex 6. I can\'t believe Olympus put this crappy, outdated, cheap low-res LCD based EVF in their flagship camera. Even 3 years old (and half the price) Panasonic G9 has OLED and double the resolution. Not to mention other cameras you can buy for this money.So, to sum it up, the thing about the mirrorless is that you need decent EVF to use the camera. Good EVF does not make a camera good, but bad EVF can ruin even the best camera. And this is the case here. This really could be great camera for everyone who need to use light equipment (compared to FF of course), but with old EVF with hardly any contrast, it\'s like buying great sport car and paint the windshield black. I’ve returned it with huge regret that such a nice idea for good camera was ruined by Olympus for no good reason – except greed maybe.
  • I am a semi-professional photographer and have been photographing for over 40 years. I have used Hasselblad, Canon and Olympus (M1 M2) equipment. The OMD M1X is by far the best camera that I have ever used. I was \"turned-off\" by the initial $3000.00 price tag but when I saw it on Amazon for $1749.00, I purchased it without any hesitation. I have absolutely no regrets - :)
  • Liked the first one so much, I bought a second.Great all rounder! I shoot a lot of car shows, railsubjects and landscapes.Built like a tank but quite fast and compact.
  • Nice
  • My first M43 camera was an Olympus E-M10ii which I purchased almost on impulse after speaking to an Olympus rep at a camera shop event. It was small and inexpensive and came in a kit with two lenses. I saw it as an alternative to my Nikon gear. Since then, I have truly become an M43 fanboy with the range of bodies and lenses, including Olympus Pro, PanaLeica, and wonderful Sigma 56mm f/1.4 lenses. But this E-M1x was a whole other thing. It is large and heavy -- seemingly defeating the whole purpose for me of M43. But with prices of second hand bodies moving into affordability for me, and reviews uniformly wonderful, I took a chance. Totally glad I did. Engineering on the form factor is great. It is easy to hold, comfortable to work with, and delivers great results. Larger size has not been an issue for me. Feels great in my hands, delivers wonderful images. Don\'t be afraid of size here. I know at this point its three year old tech -- but the price reflects that and as a piece of gear, it delivers.

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