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Nikon D780 Body

nikon d780 body

Nikon D780 Body

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • The D780 features 24.5 MP resolution and robust EXPEED 6 image processing engine
  • Capture full frame still images and 4K UHD video
  • Wireless connectivity with the easy to use SnapBridge app
  • Remoteless long exposures possible

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Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.6
ListPrice : US $2196.95
Price : US $2196.95
Review Count : 173

nikon d780 body
nikon d780 body
nikon d780 body

Nikon D780 Body

  • I love this camera. I had been shooting for years with a Nikon D5300 & although it served me well & I have some awesome photos with it, I felt I wanted to step it up a bit & get a full frame camera.As I tend to do with any big purchase, I researched the hell out of the available cameras. I wanted to stick with Nikon so I could use all the lenses I have. The D750 seems liked it would fit the bill, but being an older model was hard to get & I decided to go with the latest & greatest D780, that way in 3-4-5 years I wouldn’t be wishing I had gotten it instead of the D750.So far the camera is a beast! Great, fast autofocus & incredible low light performance, which is something I like as I take a bunch of low light photos.They say that it really shines for video, but I’m an amateur photographer, not videographer so I won’t really comment on that.Overall it’s a great camera, it’s not cheap, but if you’re looking at cameras at this level I don’t think you’ll regret blowing the money on it.
  • I shot with the 750 (2 of them) for 5 years and in the past 3 years have really felt the need for better video features. I was about to trade them in for z6\'s but then the 780 was announced and due to some lens incompatibility (I have 2 Tamron G1 lenses I really like) I decided to delay a full switch to mirrorless and go with the 780.Like the myriad of reviews say, the camera is great in photo mode, I like the rearrangement of buttons and I really like the touch screen, etc. I\'m still very happy with the purchase.However, one of my primary check boxes was to keep using my Tamron glass and that is where I\'ve run into problems. My 70-200 2.8 G1 does not play well with the LV mode . Basically, if you\'re in LV and the AF is engaged, the LV will shut off intermittently. It appears to be connected to the power draw required to drive the AF motor. I had it start acting up on me at a video shoot the other day. I\'m still trying to confirm if this happens with the G2 version of this lens (I don\'t know anyone who has one). So far my Tamron 15-30 is behaving (another reported problem lens for the z6) but I haven\'t put it through it\'s paces yet.TLDR: If you have Tamron Lenses that are incompatible with the Z6, they may be also incompatible (in LV) with the 780.
  • Bought this camera 9 month ago. After it started giving some focusing issues, I decided to send it to Nikon for service. I am a professional photographer and depend on the quality of the photos. To send it I had to give the serial number and then my story started. There is no any serial number on the camera. None! So, the warranty is not valid as well as I am not sure this is a real Nikon camera! Seller, I would like to hear, where do I find the serial number?
  • Received my Nikon D780 yesterday from Amazon. Great ergonomic grip. Lightweigt compared to my D5 and D850. I have previously owned the D750 and love the amazingly quick and accurate Auto-focus algorithm incorporated into the D780 from the high-end models! So nice to have the UHS-II speed available in two cards! Also, has User-1 and User-2 \"presets\" for those who like having different settings available at the twist of a dial. The dedicated Back-Button Auto focus is an additional perk for those who, like myself, prefer BBAF. The ISO button, like the D5 and D850, is now where it should be for to the shutter release button. Speaking of ISO...the ISO Sensitivity Settings, in the PhotoShooting Menu, allows for Auto ISO Sensitivity Control. When turned ON, I choose ISO 100 with Max at 12800 (without flash) and Max at 3200 with flash, with Minimum Shutter Speed of 1/60. Works GREAT in MANUAL and Aperture Priorty with SB-910 in TTL_FP.Great upgrade over D750...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
  • Love this camera but package ended up getting delivered by FedEx which I didn\'t know till they gave me a notice saying I had to sign for it and it was a whole depocle dealing with FedEx about getting my package
  • Awesome camera. I put it to use the next day but not able to use Lightroom until Adobe performs an upgrade. My only problem is it was not shipped via Amazon but UPS. I was not home and would have to pay $5 to have it re-delivered OR I could go to the city next to me to pick it up at a UPS store. But, the D780 works better than the D750. Faster focusing, face & EYE detection making shaper photos of people. Looks like for my camera needs I will go back to using the on-line store in NY.
  • After shooting two months, my shutter was presenting problems. Black lines will suddenly be in my photos since the shutter was getting stuck between shots. Amazon support told me to send via Nikon manufacturer warranty, so I did. For my surprise Nikon didn\'t repair because they told me it was a grey market camera. I was so frustrated and disappointed, because Ive invested protecting my gear and also sending via UPs this body to NIkon. What I think isn\'t fair is this detail wasn\'t in the description. If is a grey market camera, it should be described. I think that\'s why I got this problem with the camera shutter. Otherwise, the camera is excellent and as described, but this important detail was missing for me as a buyer.
  • I have a Z6 and was happy to find out that the D780 is as sensitive to low light as well as take excellent quality images. Also, the noise processing speeds for LNR is significantly faster than Z6 so I may switch to D780 for all my astro photography

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