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Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera With 1 Nikkor 10-30mm F/3.5-5.6 Pd Zoom Lens (Silver) (Discontinued By Man

nikon 1 j4 digital camera with 1 nikkor 10 30mm f3 5 5 6 pd zoom lens silver discontinued by manufacturer

Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD Zoom Lens (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD-ZOOM Lens
  • EN-EL22 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • MH-29 Battery Charger
  • UC-E20 Micro USB Cable
  • AN-N1000 Neck Strap (Silver)

Buy Now : Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD Zoom Lens (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Mirrorless Cameras
Rating : 4
Review Count : 123

nikon 1 j4 digital camera with 1 nikkor 10 30mm f3 5 5 6 pd zoom lens silver discontinued by manufacturer
nikon 1 j4 digital camera with 1 nikkor 10 30mm f3 5 5 6 pd zoom lens silver discontinued by manufacturer

Nikon 1 J4 Digital Camera with 1 NIKKOR 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 PD Zoom Lens (Silver) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • So I purchased this camera over a month ago and have probably only used it about 7 times. In each of those times I have had the need to take pictures as well as record video. It is very seamless between the two and you can even take pictures while recording. It is a great camera especially after you change a few settings.1) Video- The video quality alone on this camera is worth buying. Although there are a few improvements that could be made here it is still going to beat a lot of other cameras.Pros- 1080p 60fps 720p 120fps FAST FOCUS, subjects don\'t appear blurry. Easy to use, and has a decent amount of settings Lens- Lens is nice, lightweight, and will capture anything in front of you from 1ft-15ft with good qualityCons-720p 120fps- you can only record 3 sec videos.....Gets the job done most of the time but definitely leaves you wanting more. Zoom- This camera doesn\'t zoom far at all, you would need another lens or most likely another camera.2) Picture- First of all I had bought this camera solely for the purpose to record videos, however I found myself taking more and more pictures with it each time I use it. That is because it has amazing auto-focus, is light to carry around, and takes great pictures of the things in focus, with a nice background.Pros- Good quality Fast and accurate auto-focus Easy to take photos Has a fun easy to use creative modeCons- No zoom (1-15ft); you might get up to 40ft if you have plenty of lighting and zoom in after taking picture on computer. Not really meant for manual focus/mode. Has a good flash, but without that don\'t expect to be shooting good photo\'s without a lot of light3) Camera- This camera is a good value at its price. Although it leaves you wanting a little more from it there is still plenty to love and be grateful for. I will just go over some of the overall up\'s and downs of the camera.Pros- Lightweight Easy to Use Lots of settings Good touchscreen Good viewfinder Long battery life Charge battery outside of cameraCons- Small learning curve Could have made more modes (only 5) rather than customizing each setting each time you need something Horrible Zoom- doesn\'t even zoom in even, not to mention distance (choppy)Overall I would recommend this camera, I love it. Most of the problems lie outside of the camera. So hopefully buying another lens would solve most of the issues regarding the zoom. Luckily I have a video camera that has amazing zoom features that I find myself having to bring more often than not because I cant rely on the Nikon J4 for that aspect. However it\'s still photography is amazing, you can record pretty up close with the standard lens, and I have to say it one more time; I love its auto-focus.If you have any questions please ask in the comments and I would be glad to answer or go into more detail!
  • Why this: I am a design student getting tired of renting a camera I barely understand from school, and I like to photograph moments, which means I\'m not big on camera knowledge but I love to have one on me. I needed something that would take good quality photos, that wasn\'t difficult to learn, and that was very light and easy to carry around.Quality: Resolution is amazing. Without changing any settings, I can have a high-quality photo that is a size that works for my projects.Ease: Click on the screen where to focus and it INSTANTLY snaps the photo. Don\'t have any interest in that? That\'s fine, just turn that feature off! The flash seems to work pretty well, and is actually kind of cute in a robotic way. As a non-professional, the aperture is fun to play with, and the 10-30mm lens it comes with does surprising well for macro photos. I was afraid I would need to get more lenses, and I might later, but this one does just fine for now. Putting the lens on, you do place it in reverse to what you might typically think, although that may be for all lenses for all I know. Also, all buttons and the touch screen are very comfortable and easy to use, in my opinion.Weight: For the quality you are getting with this camera, the weight is unbelievable. This is perfect to throw into a bag without worrying about stressing out your shoulders.WiFi? I know a lot of people have asked about the wifi, which is apparently not new for Nikon, but I\'ll go ahead and put what I know about it anyways. The camera acts as a WiFi device, somewhat similar to how bluetooth works. There are a few ways to connect it, but the way I did it was I downloaded the app to my phone, turned the WiFi on through the camera\'s menu, turn the WiFi on in my phone, and then search for my camera in what is available from my phone (make sense?). Then it automatically connects to the app and you can view and download your photos. Very nice, actually. You are also supposed to able to take photos from your camera through your phone, if your battery is charged enough. This can be good for personal photos when you want to be included, but I wonder if someone close enough can also control the camera when you\'re least expecting it.Anyways, there\'s a lot to explore and I would do a better review later, but I usually forget to do these things anyways. If you have any questions, I can do my best to answer them.
  • Be still my heart. I love this camera. Yes, I know it\'s only a 1\" sensor and, yes, I know it\'s noisy at high ISOs. But.... I love it. I love the images it produces and I love the experience of shooting with it. I had the J2 and sold it, thinking I needed a mirrorless camera with a better sensor. Several \"test\" cameras later, and I bought the J4. Ha! I also have a full frame DSLR, but I don\'t like lugging it around. The thing I love most about this J4 camera is that it\'s tiny and quiet. Completely quiet. As far as I know, only the Panasonic Lumix also has a completely silent shutter right now. It\'s perfect for taking images without people knowing. It\'s also one of the easiest cameras to carry around in my purse.Without a doubt, my favorite lens to pair with this is the wide angle, 6.7-13mm. If you take landscape photos go GET this lens. I also have the 18.5mm for portraits and stills. I like it, but it doesn\'t knock my socks off like the wide angle does. I\'ve heard the 32mm f/1.2 is amazing, but the price tag is way too high for me + I already \"splurged\" on the wide angle.ANYWHO, get this camera if you\'re a hobbyist looking for a fun, small, and quiet camera. If you are a pro looking for a camera that has stellar \"fun\" capabilities, I\'d also consider this one.

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