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Sony Alpha 7c Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera - Black (Ilce7c/B)

sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb

Sony Alpha 7C Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera - Black (ILCE7C/B)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • World’s smallest and lightest1 full-frame camera
  • Advanced 24.2MP2 Back-Illuminated 35mm Full-frame Image Sensor
  • 4K Movie3 w/ full pixel readout, no pixel binning or crop and HDR4
  • 15-stop5 dynamic range, 14-bit uncompressed RAW, ISO6 50 to 204,800
  • 693 phase-detection/425 contrast AF points w/ 93% image coverage
  • Max focal length: 35.0 millimeters
  • Video capture resolution: 2160p

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Brand : Sony
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Mirrorless Cameras
Rating : 4.6
ListPrice : US $1798
Price : US $1798
Review Count : 429

sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb
sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb
sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb
sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb
sony alpha 7c full frame mirrorless camera black ilce7cb

Sony Alpha 7C Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera - Black (ILCE7C/B)

  • This camera is the first in its class that competes with its successors like the a7iii or a7iv. It\'s has the pros of both those cameras while also being very compact that its fits into your pocket. Best part of it that it is full frame so any of those Sigma lenses fit perfectly onto this bad boy. It\'s really an investment to see how far this camera will take you. This is like when the first smartphone was released, all those things you need in a camera is in the palm of your hands.
  • We have had this camera since 1 June 2021and we purchased it to see if a compact full frame camera would work for us. We were looking for a smaller camera that was not an APS C sensor based camera.First a little background. My wife and I are keen semi professional photographers and own a Canon R5, Canon R6, Nikon Z6 II and Fuji X T4, along with a good selection of Canon RF, Nikon S Z and Fuji XF lenses. I have owned the Sony A7RIII and A7RIV and traded them for the Canon R5 and R6 cameras. We have been taking pictures for over 60 years in my case.I traded the Sony A7RIII and Sony A7RIV simply because I did not like taking pictures with them. Technically they were superb but they were difficult to handle and the new Canons (R5 and R6) were a revelation in handling and I \'wanted\' to take pictures with them. I say this because I expected to dislike this A7C. It has the same menu system as the A7RIII and A7RIV (which I did not like) and the comments on the EVF and lack of controls in the reviews made me wonder why I wanted to try this.However it is the size that wins you over immediately. Picture quality is superb and autofocus is excellent. This is a full frame camera in the body of an APS C body and it handles exceptionally well. Somehow those awkward angles etc. of the bigger bodies goes away and it feels so good in both my wife and I\'s hands. I cannot confirm whether the autofocus is better than the A 7III but it seems the equal of the A 7RIII and A 7RIV, if not a little better (I do not have them to test them side by side but it certainly feels that way). In short we love this camera and, and this is the \'real\' test, we tend to take it with us when we are looking to have a camera with us just in case.Pros:1. Small body that feels solid and beautifully made. Access doors are nice quality (not floppy rubber plug in pieces) and fully weather sealed.2. Excellent out of body JPGs, RAWS excellent and easy to recover detail in the shadows and highlights.3. Superb Autofocus that glues to your subject.4. Fast operation.5. Flexible \'flippy\' screen.6. Access to a wide range of FE lens mount lenses.7. Kit lens is much better than you would expect and very small. Ideal for street photography and the one lens you might just happen to have with you.8. Excellent battery life.9. Excellent video output.10. In body image stabilization.Cons:1. The EVF is truly awful but just about allows you to aim the camera and take a picture when the rear screen is not viewable.2. Lack of a joy stick is an irritant to me, but you get used to it.3. Kit lens 60 mm max focal length is too short and the wide angle is not wide enough (28 mm). An equivalent to that Canon RF 24 -105 f/4 - 7.1 would be wonderful.4. The Sony lenses are large for their capabilities (the F/4 24 -105 is enormous), Canon make smaller and better lenses for full frame. However Tamron are filling the gap. We have bought the F/2.8-5.6 28 to 200 mm Tamron for the A 7C and it is a good match, still not small but light and still easy to use and handle.5. IBIS not good enough for video, and needs a gimbal.We love this camera and we use it a lot (we have aleady taken around 4000 shots!!) and used it in a wide variety of conditions where it has excelled. Thoroughly recommended.
  • The A7c gives me access to next level low light video and photos. This is something that my m4/3 panasonic cameras (G9, G85) struggled to deliver, even just indoors on a sunny day with a nice f2.8 (or even 1.7) lens, the ISO could skyrocket. This was the main motivation for obtaining this camera, and it does not disappoint, with at least a 2-fold improvement in low light performance (max iso set to 3200 and usually sufficient for vids and photos). I am also very impressed by the featherweight budget samyang 18mm f2.8. After testing of many custom presets and getting to grips with some manual focus quirks, I think I have an A7c which can do just about everything I need (stored in the 7 custom camera config preset slots). I can instantly make it into a deluxe GoPro (wide and everything always in focus), low light video Ap/Sp, astro timelapse, day timelapse, low light tracking auto focus stills......... Importantly, it is the same weight as a panasonic G85 which is critical for a travel/backpacking/bike camera (I need). I can put it on the crane M2 mini-gimbal for decent stabilization, and still be discrete/small enough to not feel like a sore thumb. This is the deal when you move from panny m4/3 - I swapped low light performance for effective stabilization. The catalyst giro stabe in post is a bit last resort, but a nice thought. It is awesome to have access to the older manual FF lenses - budget great glass - without all the crop factor PITA with m4/3 or APS-c. The big downside of this camera is lack of any intuitive user interface - it will do it all - but wow - it is quite a learning curve to test and set up this stuff. I guess you get out what you put in. As a panasonic G9 shooter (camera with very nice user interface), the HUGE elephant in the room is usability and the lack of a touch screen. Compared to the G9 this camera has very poor organization and on-the-fly tweakability. The workaround here is extensive testing and the use of personal menus and custom presets, but even then the lack of a touch screen for at least review is just criminal. In summary, this camera really delivers full frame dazzle, is a good fit for light weight adventures (only with the additional M2 gimbal and lightweight lens), but IMO needs real commitment from any non-sony shooter to get the preset settings dialed in and make it all work.9 month update -- removed a star to 4/5: in the end the lack of workable IBIS, touch screen and very fiddly menus caused me to give up with this camera. For the way I shoot video (stopped down, lots of manual) the Sony AF was not as valuable as I expected. I found it was not so great at f>5, and with low contrast scenes (snow, landscapes). I acquired a Panasonic S5, and so far its working perfectly for me.

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