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Only Long Bit 60ll For Adjustable Camera Lens Opener (Not Included Body)

only long bit 60ll for adjustable camera lens opener not included body

Only Long bit 60LL for Adjustable Camera Lens Opener (Not Included Body)

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  • Long bit 60LL for Adjustable Camera Lens Opener. made in Japan

Buy Now : Only Long bit 60LL for Adjustable Camera Lens Opener (Not Included Body)

Brand : Japan hobtool
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.6
Price : US $25
Review Count : 567

only long bit 60ll for adjustable camera lens opener not included body
only long bit 60ll for adjustable camera lens opener not included body

Only Long bit 60LL for Adjustable Camera Lens Opener (Not Included Body)

  • This is a review of the liquid/ solvent dispenser in this listing, which is an odd listing for several completely different items! At least it is right now.I bought this dispenser to use with acetone or isopropyl alcohol. As it\'s sold for dispensing cleaning fluid for cameras and optical components, it should be designed for volatile solvents like these. I\'ve been searching for a heavy duty, mostly glass and metal, stable pump dispenser. This is ALMOST perfect. The bottle is heavy, thick glass with a wide stable base The inner mechanism is heavy, sturdy feeling metal. The pump mechanism is metal and on initial testing works flawlessly, dispensing just enough liquid to almost fill the little top area with a single pump. Then we come to the lid. Why design a solvent bottle that doesn\'t have an air-tight lid? (edited to add - I\'m guessing it\'s because they don\'t want to inadvertently create a pressurized vessel full of solvent in case it gets warm, but I wish the lid would at least screw on to prevent it from coming off so easily, even if they had to add a small vent.) The red lid just sits loosely atop the dispenser. There\'s nothing to hold it on or seal it. I bought this as an alternative to the cheap and/or junky plastic or occasionally glass dispensers used in nail salons -- it\'s a great deal better so far; I just wish it had a secure lid. Later I\'ll try turning it upside down filled with acetone and see how much leaks out. Maybe the pump mechanism won\'t allow any leakage unless depressed? Will update later on durability too.Update: three years later and it’s still going strong! I even bought a second one I like it so much. Occasionally I have to tighten the nut on the pump mechanism, but that’s it. Darn thing works like a charm!
  • It is kind of expensive for what it is, but when you\'re repairing camera lenses it\'s kind of hard to do without this tool. You could spend time making your own suction tool or just buy this one; it does work well.Mine does leave a slight residue where the suction cup contacts the lens; however, I have had no issues wiping it away with a PEC pad or Kimwipe lightly dampened with distilled water. Overall, I\'m happy with the purchase.
  • This is an effective and safe tool for removing pin or slot type retaining rings that are not deeply recessed. It is particularly good for stuck rings that need more torque than traditional \"parallel-bar\" type spanners can deliver.It is a good value as-is, but it would be helpful if the manufacturers would furnish the optional longer-reach tips with the kit as standard equipment; they are mentioned but don\'t seem to be offered outside Japan.Two further engineering suggestions:1. The clamp screws that affix the tips are very small and have tiny JIS (+) heads. Their thread engagement is also very short, just the thickness of the parent sheet metal. Both the heads and the female threads are thus on the verge of stripping out when one achieves adequate clamping pressure to restrain the tips. A larger screw and better female threads will make the tool much more robust.2. The knurled spreader locknuts bear on the handles at varying odd angles, and are thus hard to adjust finely and prone to accidental loosening. Simple washers would help; spherical alignment washers would be even better.
  • The quality of these tools are very good. They should last a long time. Free gift is very nice too.
  • Barely goes wide enough for a 50mm objective and is hard to hold at that width. Steel points are not sharp enough and weak steel...already bending tips. Unfortunately, there aren\'t many options out there for lens work. The twin bar type aren\'t much better.
  • Not much to say about a tool as simple as a set of rubber friction wrenches, but these are worth the price I paid.These are a tool(s) that you\'ll find other uses for as well, holding lens elements while cleaning, as a stand for holding parts you\'re working on, etc.I can now often use these to unscrew some particular parts that, in the past, I used coated pliers ends and spanners on but still scratched. This has been helpful in getting repairs done without scratching nicely painted/coated camera and lens parts.
  • I sometimes work on old binoculars and the v tool works well to loosen the objective retainer rings that haven\'t been moved in 40 or so years.
  • I like to restore old vintage lenses.I used to use the traditional metal compass looking things to unscrew lens parts, but I’m always terrified about missing and scratching the lens. Not a concern with these.They can be used on either side for a huge variety of lens sizes. Since I’ve gotten them, I’ve used them on every lens I’ve worked on.Bonus: they also double as simple display stands if you want to photograph the lens after you’re done working on it.

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