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Pentax K-S1 Slr Lens Kit With Da L 18-55 Mm Lens (White)

pentax k s1 slr lens kit with da l 18 55 mm lens white

Pentax K-S1 SLR Lens Kit with DA L 18-55 mm Lens (White)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Stylish new compact design and intuitive user interface and new 20 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Attractive LED Indicator lamps in grip and lighted camera controls; 5.4 frames per second continuous shooting
  • ISO Speeds up to 51200; in body shake reduction works with all K mount lenses
  • AA Filter Simulator (SR unit); Eye-Fi and FLU Card Compatibility
  • Full 1080p h.264 HD video recording; In-body RAW development & HDR shooting

Buy Now : Pentax K-S1 SLR Lens Kit with DA L 18-55 mm Lens (White)

Brand : Pentax
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.1
Review Count : 29

pentax k s1 slr lens kit with da l 18 55 mm lens white
pentax k s1 slr lens kit with da l 18 55 mm lens white
pentax k s1 slr lens kit with da l 18 55 mm lens white
pentax k s1 slr lens kit with da l 18 55 mm lens white

Pentax K-S1 SLR Lens Kit with DA L 18-55 mm Lens (White)

  • I bought this camera a few weeks ago. I know a few things about cameras but not many. Always wanted a DSLR, and I bought this one for a few reasons. One, it\'s the cheapest DSLR. Two, the image sensor is great. Three, you can use old Pentax lenses K-mount lenses.This camera debuted in the fall of 2014 for around 700 bucks. It has plummeted in price to 320 bucks. Why? It hasn\'t sold well.I think the biggest reason that this camera flopped is that it sucks to hold. Also, this camera doesn\'t have two control wheels like the other Pentax cameras. Also, it\'s not weatherproof.I knew all these things and I bought it anyway. The K-50 (~$350) is weatherproof and has a great grip, but I bought the KS-1 over the K50 for one reason. The sensor in the KS-1 is superior; it has better color. It\'s a Sony APC sensor that is really great; it\'s the same sensor that\'s in the KS-2.Video sucks; no getting around it. I hear Canon DSLRs are supposed to take the best video, but in reality it would probably be best to buy a dedicated camcorder.Great pentaprism viewfinder.I bought an old 50mm lens for $35. After some googling I got it to work. Good images. Cheap and fun. It\'s one of the many things that set Pentax apart from Canon and Nikon.Controls are not hard. It could be better. Searching through menus doesn\'t give me a headache. People complain about the mode wheel on the back, they\'re wrong. The wheel is fine.Kevin Hancock made a few in depth videos on the Pentax KS-1 on youtube. If you\'re on the fence check it out.Major complaints are the grip sucks and there is no auxiliary audio jack.I will update this review once I get the hang of the camera. I would recommend this DSLR if you\'re on a budget or just starting out, otherwise I would get the KS-2; I recommend Pentax cameras in general. I am happy with it.Update:6/28/2016I have used this camera for over six months now. The grip is really not that bad. If I was using a monster telephoto lens I might hate it, but it works fine with the prime lenses I have been using (old 50mm, new 35mm and kit lens).I can see how this camera would irritate experienced photographers, but for a beginner this camera is fine.Focus switch is easy to trip. Not a big deal.Still working perfectly.I am happy with the camera.
  • I did a lot of shopping around, and I came down to this or the K50. I opted for this one because of the extra megapixels and the slightly better price. I have small hands, so I have no trouble with the buttons, and I love the portable size. I miss the weather sealing a bit, but I plan on using vintage lenses with it anyway. The lights are a non-issue. I turned them off, but you don\'t notice them under your hand when you\'re shooting anyways.The ONLY thing I wish this camera had was a mirror lock setting to reduce shake that little bit more, and an input for a wired shutter release. I haven\'t tried wireless yet, but maybe that will work fine. As an affordable entry-level DSLR, it rocks. And vintage Pentax K lenses are easy to find on ebay. (I recommend \"A\" lenses with an aperture setting on the ring, not MC. This allows the camera to adjust the aperture and everything, and focus confirmation still works. Fully manual lenses (all manual settings, not just manual focus) are less practical imo, unless the lens is that awesome it\'s worth it.)
  • There are definitely lots of of dslr out there and I spend around 3 weeks researching to try to find out my first one. After considering everything I decided to buy this one because I was comparing it vs a Nikon 3100, Canon T3 which are the first DSLR that Tony Northrup recommends to people that are going to start. Going against those 2, this camera is superb. I also spend time comparing cameras on Camera Decision website and the reason I got this in the end is because of the Optical Viewfinder which is 100% and since I have problem seen near me, that viewfinder is a blessing. The following is stated on the website Camera Decision: Ranked #27 out of 81 in Mid-size SLR cameras Ranked #97 out of 1060 in all Cameras, which is pretty good for me. I\'m not dissapointed and with the extra money, I got a bag, extra battery, memory card grip, etc. I trully recommend.
  • I am not a complete novice when it comes to cameras but this one comes with instructions that are inscrutable. Have spent an inordinate amount of time working out how to use this camera. I rated it four stars hoping that it lives up to the rating once I use it for a while.
  • If image quality is what you are looking for and youre in a budget this is the camera for you. I dont think you could get better pictures at this price. Camera grip is the only downside other than that this camera is fun and the result will shock you. Kit lens is not so bad but if you want this little bad boy to shine i recomend get some legacy prime lens and you will be good to go
  • The Camera (while it worked) took pretty good pictures... but after a few pictures... the lense would not focus... not in manual or in automatic so had to send it back for a refund
  • Love it, it light and does a good job taking pictures. This is a great run around camera, not a professional camera. Love pentax, all my old lenses work great, thanks for making that a priority.
  • This is an upgraded K50 which is a good camera. More megapixels and some internal filters are nice additions. The white one is a good looking camera.

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