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Nikon D3100 Dslr Camera With 18-55mm Vr, 55-200mm Zoom Lenses (Black) (Discontinued By Manufacturer)

nikon d3100 dslr camera with 18 55mm vr 55 200mm zoom lenses black discontinued by manufacturer

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm VR, 55-200mm Zoom Lenses (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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  • 14.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor
  • 3.0 inch LCD with 230,000 dots
  • 1080p HD video with full-time AF
  • 11 AF points (with 3D tracking)
  • IS0 100-3200 range (12800 expanded)
  • RAW + JPEG shooting

Buy Now : Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm VR, 55-200mm Zoom Lenses (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4
Review Count : 65

Nikon D3100 DSLR Camera with 18-55mm VR, 55-200mm Zoom Lenses (Black) (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

  • I haven\'t had this camera for long, but as of right now:Pros: Takes great pictures, the color is very true to real life color. Human & fur kid subjects are so detailed in the pictures & show every whisker, hair, e.g. - - really outstanding.Cons: I hate that you can only use a battery pack with this, because the charge doesn\'t seem to last long for me (like 2 hours is all I get). You can only use a Nikon battery pack because it has a chip inside that communicates with the camera; had I known this, I would have not purchased this camera, because the charge doesn\'t last long enough, & I don\'t like being pushed into buying their expensive battery only! I prefer regular batteries or rechargeable ones. The powerex rechargeable batteries I used in my canon power shot always lasted for about 2 weeks if not longer with taking pictures almost every day. I recommend going ahead & buying another battery pack to use while the other charges, or when you’re out on vacation or any other activities you may want pictures of.
  • I love it so far. Allows me to take great action shots. As I learn more about it and taking pictures I might like it more but I only give it 4 stars for one very important reason and to caution anyone looking to buy this. Consider the 70-300mm version instead of this one. I use this camera for gymnastics and the 300mm would have been better for me. If you were using this for outdoor sports 50mm would probably be minimum but having the ability to go up to 300mm with auto focus would be nicer too. It costs more but would probably be worth it. I\'m going to take some classes then probably end up buying a high end lens $900 or more. As far as a camera body you probably don\'t need anything more and the lenses with this kit are really quite nice.
  • I bought this camera for my wife after she did all the research (much of that here on Amazon) and from the recommendation of several friends. We are novice photographers but can say that so far we are both pleased with the performance. I\'ve always leaned towards pocket point and shoots for the simple fact that I would carry them more often. But they were always hit or miss with regards to speed, image quality, etc. and have become somewhat superfluous as cell phone cameras have gotten better.Enter the D3100No way P&S or cell phone cameras could give us the shots we get for the D3100. Last weekend at our 4 year old\'s soccer game, that became even MORE glaringly obvious. I opted for the VR lens, but can\'t tell you if it makes a difference or not. Worst case is that I spent $100 extra if we don\'t like the VR and turn it off.I have no other SLR to compare it to (other than a 1980s Canon A1 that I used to use) so I can\'t say how it stacks up against other current offerings. All I can tell you is that if you think you want to step up to a SLR, this is a nice way to go. The body is not huge, you get 2 lenses that should handle 95%+ of all your needs and you get speed, and quality shots that are FAR better than P&S cameras we spent $300 on.I just got back from a trip to oregon and wished I had taken the SLR. Phone camera was great for shots durign bike rides, etc., but \"coastal tourist\" shots would have been much better with the 3100.
  • This is a great novice lens and body combination! I added a fast f-1.8 50mm Nikkor prime lens to my collection and have been able to take a couple of fun photographs. This camera is NOT ideal for fast work or work under sub-optimal lighting conditions, and the older, lower-sensitivity image sensor causes the photographs to become grainy after only 800 ISO. Prepare for some long exposure times, and get an optically stabilized lens! However, in bright daylight, I was able to stop a hummingbird\'s wings at 1/4000th second exposure.The shipping was a day earlier than expected, and the package even came with a complementary protective 52mm filter, which was a nice touch.I also like the fact that I can add on a remote shutter release/time lapse attachment, speedlights, and any other attachment that I want, really making this an upgradable option.Overall, this does give you great, sharp daylight photos, and the D3100 really lets you explore the technical and artistic side of photography that is difficult to get from a camera phone. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to purchase their first \"real camera.\" Just don\'t forget that, \"the single most important component of the camera is the 12 inches behind it.\" Practice makes perfect!
  • I\'ve had a few digital camera\'s so far (not Nikon) and have had nothing but problems with them for whatever reason. This camera with the two SLR VR zoom lenses is nothing short of fantastic! There are tons of features on this camera that I will probably never use, but the flexibility is tremendous and the pictures are just simply crystal clear, wow!! It doesn\'t come with a flash memory card, so you will need to get one. It will handle anything up to 64GB, but I got the SanDisk Extreme Pro 32 GByte SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 95MB/s flash card and it not only has more than enough room but it also simply rips with speed!! So far, this is absolutely the best camera I\'ve ever had....probably the last one I will ever need!!! You will love the range of these two lenses; from the zoom 18mm (fish-eye) to the normal view 55mm lens, and from the 55mm normal view to the 200mm telephoto lens that basically covers everything you need!! And, the VR (Vibration Reduction) versions of both lenses are a must to give you super clear pictures. Yes, this is a little expensive, but worth every penny....highly recommended for ANY type of photographer.
  • I knew from the price it had to be at least refurbished. I didn\'t expect that when it showed up, half the auto functions wouldn\'t work and changing to manual wouldn\'t allow me to take a picture at all. I ended up returning it, which they were very good about, but it was very frustrating.

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