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Nikon Coolpix S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera With 12x Zoom (Red)

nikon coolpix s6500 wi fi digital camera with 12x zoom red

Nikon COOLPIX S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 12x Zoom (Red)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 16.0 MP CMOS sensor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi for photo sharing
  • 12x optical zoom with NIKKOR lens
  • Optical VR image stabilization minimizes camera shake
  • Up to 7 shots per second

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Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4
ListPrice : US $399.99
Price : US $399.99
Review Count : 239

nikon coolpix s6500 wi fi digital camera with 12x zoom red
nikon coolpix s6500 wi fi digital camera with 12x zoom red

Nikon COOLPIX S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera with 12x Zoom (Red)

  • UPDATE:(Edit 2/2015): The price of this camera has dropped quite a bit since I originally wrote this review when the camera was still new. Given the low price now, my review might come across as overly critical. I still like and use this camera. My main critique had to do with the misleading WI-FI feature. It seems to be (partly thanks to reviews like this one) that this is more well known now. I think that this camera at the current price is a very good deal for what you do get. If you want a camera with true Wi-FI it is going to cost you, but there are some nice ones around now such as the Samsung Galaxy\'s. (end of update)If you want to buy this for the wi-fi feature, dont bother, or at least make sure that you understand what this feature really is.I wanted a wi-fi capable camera. I saw this one and was drawn to it\'s name. The word \"wi-fi\" is prominent right there in it\'s name, appearing even before the word \"camera\".Nikon COOLPIX S6500 Wi-Fi Digital Camera.That\'s why I was disappointed to learn what that really means (or rather doesn\'t mean). No you can\'t use this \"wi-fi\" camera to shoot pics and upload them to the net, cloud storage, social media or anything like that at all. You cannot connect this wi-fi camera to your home network or any network, let alone the internet. What Nikon means when they say \"wi-fi camera\" is that it connects to your smart phone and then you can transfer pics to it wirelessly. In a sense that sounds something like a Bluetooth connection, but If I wanted a camera with blue-tooth I would have shopped for a camera with blue-tooth. What this does is turn into a \"hot-spot\" that you connect your smartphone to just as you would browse for routers or hot-spots and connect to them. You just connect to your camera instead.This is how it is supposed to work in theory any way, but I have yet to be able to actually connect my Motorola Droid 3 to the wi-fi camera. If that sounds like a wi-fi camera to you, then you might not be dissapointed (or if you don\'t care about having a real \"wi-fi camera.\"I\'m not reviewing the rest of the camera since that is done well enough by others here and on the photography sites. Yes, it\'s small, cute, stylish looking (I chose the orange color which is quite nice) and takes great pics especially given it\'s size and price. I want this review to strictly highlight the wi-fi issue. Another thing to be aware of is that it is very small and might even feel awkward for some, so I\'d suggest a hand-on at a brick and mortar store before purchase. Yes it deserves more than 3 stars on the camera itself and I am partly to blame for not thoroughly vetting this before ordering (the low price-point had a lot to do with that and admittedly that in itself should had tipped me off. I feel though the harsh deduction is justified given the labeling \"Wi-Fi Camera\" and lack of clear information on just what that actually means.
  • This is a replacement for the first one I bought a while back. The camera has tons of features for this low price. Really like the wifi transfer of pictures to my mobile devices. This is one of the main reasons I purchased it plus its a Nikon. The wifi is really more like Bluetooth in how it works. Wifi may be a bit misleading although you must have a wifi connection for it to work. I actually had to write to Nikon customer support for more detailed instructions in using this function. They replied within a day with more detailed instructions that made it clear to me. One of the issues is you can\'t put the camera in wifi mode unless you have at least an 80% charge on your battery. Kind of an... Oh by the way. The reason I gave the camera only 3 stars instead of the 5 I would\'ve given it is because I had to repurchase this camera again. I had my first one in a very padded case as I was carrying it. I dropped the case maybe a foot and a half into a grassy area. When I went to turn on the camera the LCD screen was ruined making the camera worthless. I\'ve accidentally dropped iPads and iPhones and even a laptop on to hard surfaces and didn\'t have this happen. I was totally shocked it broke with no more impact than that. But I loved the camera so I chanced it and bought another one. I have yet to formulate my case to submit to Nikon customer service about my experience. Great camera but don\'t drop it.
  • The only thing that met my expectations was the review in Consumer Reports that stated there were \"a great many complaints about this camera\".The only good thing was the size; that, and it was a Nikon ... the reason for my purchase. I understand just about all cameras are made in China, which fact made me wary. But I trusted Nikon quality control. And then: The zoom froze often and the only way to \"unfreeze\" it was to remove and replace the battery. I had the camera two weeks and it began recording a single photo at least 70 times. The auto-focus worked sometimes. The IT Department at Victoria Falls Hotel in Victoria Falls, South Africa were good enough to examine the camera for me. They said, and I quote, \"when you get home remove the memory card and try to download the pictures. You can try to shoot more pictures, but there are no guarantees. Above all, do NOT try to look at what you\'ve taken, or tried to take, or the camera will stop working altogether. When you\'ve removed the memory card, get rid of the camera. It\'s a piece of junk.\" I did as advised. Fortunately, I had bought a warranty, over and above the one year manufacturer\'s warranty. Nikon sent it to Luxtech, their \"authorized\" repair shop. Luxtech informed me that even though they had found several manufacturing defects, somehow, without explanation, the Nikon guarantee had been \"voided\" in it\'s entirety. Luxtech instructed me to \"accept\" their offer to fix it, or \"refuse\"... if I chose to have them fix it, it would cost me, out of pocket, nearly $100. If I refused, they demanded I pay to have my camera returned;. At the advice of the warranty people, I neither accepted nor refused their \"offer\" and requested my camera be returned to me. They refused to do so unless I paid the cost of the return. Fortunately, the warranty company picked up that cost.What is heartbreaking to me is that since my Kodak Baby Brownie, I have had nothing but Nikons. Nikon meant quality. I had four of them. I was a very loyal Nikon user. Now, given my experience with the COOLPIX, I will never again purchase a Nikon. As far as I\'m concerned, they have destroyed their brand. I am deeply disappointed,

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