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Pentax Kp 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof Dslr With 3 Lcd, Black

pentax kp 24 32 ultra compact weatherproof dslr with 3 lcd black

Pentax KP 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR with 3 LCD, Black

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 24.3 effective Megapixel APS C AA filter less CMOS sensor with Iso 819200 and pixel shift resolution
  • 5 Axis shake reduction system
  • Pixel shift resolution technology; Uses shake reduction to move the image sensor in single pixel increments, to capture 4 images that are combined into a single, Hi Res image
  • A vertical tilt LCD monitor that facilitates high and low angle shooting
  • Dustproof, weather resistant, -10 Degree built in Wi Fi

Buy Now : Pentax KP 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR with 3 LCD, Black

Brand : Pentax
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.5
Review Count : 110

pentax kp 24 32 ultra compact weatherproof dslr with 3 lcd black
pentax kp 24 32 ultra compact weatherproof dslr with 3 lcd black
pentax kp 24 32 ultra compact weatherproof dslr with 3 lcd black
pentax kp 24 32 ultra compact weatherproof dslr with 3 lcd black

Pentax KP 24.32 Ultra-Compact Weatherproof DSLR with 3 LCD, Black

  • Update April 4, 2020 Yes I continue to use my KP constantly. You will notice underwater pics I added. Yes the KP has gone diving in a housing in Hawaii on two separate trips. Have done more birding with KP as well and like using it with my DFA150-450 giving me an effective 275-688mm KP has been operating in 4 degs in Michigan during winter outings and heat and humidity of Hawaii.Update Feb 2018 - Added a couple shots of a scrub jay and black squirrel in thicket. Scrub jay was cropped to 60% or original. Squirrel in thicket was cropped an amazing 80% and still looks this good at iso 640Update November 24 2017. My business travel takes me many places across 2017 and the KP has been flawless. I have added a few shots from Iceland , France and Poland and some HDR images. This is the most versatile camera I have ever had and my 5 star recommendation stands maybe it should even get a 6th star. Is it durable yes. In Iceland I got confused with to many things to carry and I dropped it to the floor a couple feet. No damage or issues.Update May 3rd. Since I wrote the below late March, I have had more time with the KP and I also added the DBG-7 vertical grip. Adding the grip has made this the most comfortable camera to hold vertically, of all the Pentax cameras. The dial placement is perfect.  Pentax D-BG7 Battery Grip for KP  I would highly recommend it. The camera continues to perform flawlessly. The Depth of Field Bracketing is an exceptional feature for macro work One ease of use feature that has been of great value has been the \"info\" display selections. I rarely have to go into the menu anymore to change things. I included a floral picture below shot at ISO 65,000 in \"Radiant\" setting. It is intriguing and the high ISO may allow for some unique creativity. Love the HDR abilities of this camera.I am a true Pentaxian, having bought the following D series Pentax bodies; ist D, K10, K20, K7, K5 (bought secondhand) , K5iis, K3ii and now the KP. Why the KP. Well my 1 year old K3ii was stolen during a business trip 4 weeks ago and I really enjoyed that camera. The KP just came out and I am glad I now own the KP. Great features. Built in Wifi that that works well with the iPhone Ricoh app. The deployable screen (now you get real low shots without laying in the mud) and the new knobs; I was a bit wary, but within a day I realized the easy utility of the additional top knob and I do not miss the LCD screen that has been their prior. Easy things that I have done now include HDR images and Pixel shift. I do not miss the K3ii\' GPS as I rarely ever used it and its nice to again have a pop up flash. Regarding SD card. My backup body is now my 4 year old K5iis and I got along fine with just one SD card, but I did enjoy the K3iis ability to have 2 slots and put RAWs on one card and Jpegs on the other. Ergonomically, I have big hands and am using the largest provided grip with the KP. I have vertical grips on all my Pentax\' and I will add that for the KP as soon as it is available as it will improve the hold. One item that I used routinely in my other K\'s was the DOFP (Depth of field preview) which was on the on /off dial. Not so on the KP. You need to use one of the 3 customization FX buttons. I have replaced the RAW button as my DOFP button. That works very well for macro .As for improved ISO Here is reality. This camera allows you to shoot at ISO 25,600 at a noise and resolution quality I had at ISO 4000 w my K5iis. THE IMAGE QUALITY is SUPERB. This camera is at least 2 full ISO stops better than the K3ii and 3 full ISO stops better than the K5iis. Last usability point. The KP autofocus is superior to the K3ii. I tracked a dog today at full gallop and every shot in a sequence was dead on sharp. Never used to happen with K5iis or K3ii. I think the KP is a better action camera even down one FPS from the K-3ii. Here are my only notes that you should know that are not negatives just reality. Regarding the ISO 819,000 buzz. It is useless or maybe only for a grainy artistic style B&W. Those of us you were used to the battery horsepower of the larger D-LI90 of the earlier K5, K3 will see that the D-LI109 battery in the KP is half the life. Buy an additional battery right away. All the images attached were taken by me and were shot with either Tamron 90mm F2.8 macro, Pentax 300mm F4 Tamron 70-200 F2.8, Tamron 17-50
  • Camera arrived today from Adorama via Amazon Prime. The camera box was damaged. No packaging material was present in the shipping container. The battery was dead so I gave it a three hour charge. The KP is solid, surprisingly hefty, and the chassis appears to be and feels well-made. The flip up flash is flimsy cheap plastic and degrades the sturdiness of an otherwise well-constructed camera. I wish Ricoh had designed the camera without flash. Dials are plastic, but feel firm enough and click with each setting. The hinged display is smallish and the resolution is nothing to write home about.The camera includes three grips which are attached by way of a hex-screw and included allen wrench. I found that the largest grip suited my hands the best. The camera is weight forward left with the 200mm f2.8 (a hefty lens). Any larger lens will require the battery grip accessory. It pairs nice and is balanced with the Pentax 55-300 HD DA WR.The camera is insanely customizable both with external buttons and dials and inner menu workings. I immediately gravitated toward the front index finger dial for adjusting shutter speed in Pentax Tav mode.Opened up I was surprised at the shutter speed. While not Nikon D500 speed, it trumps my K5 IIS. The 5-axis stabilization works and I noticed immediately better output with a 200mm, shooting some crows in flight.JPEG image output looks very good. I haven\'t yet done any PP work from RAW. The high ISO claims are rubbish. You can shoot ISO 819200, but the images are not presentable. Maybe peak out around 6400 or 12800 with good glass. I\'ve been shooting with the 70mm 2.4 and missed a few shots in Auto.The Wi-Fi link through Ricoh\'s crappy IOs App is especially finicky. I would not bother with it.This camera is a bit of an enigma to me. The size is approximate to micro-4/3 platforms, but the camera is heavy. It\'s a bit of a hybrid and the price point might appeal to beginners or those upgrading. The camera has some retro charm. I\'m keeping mine, but I am sick with G.A.S. I\'ll post some shots down the road.
  • I use these cameras for photographing flowers which I hybridize. My needs are good quality color reproduction, sturdy unit, long lasting battery, ease of manipulation and working across a broad spectrum of light and contrast. I have used Pentax for three decades now and this unit is the best in terms of features and quality.Overall the simplest mode is fully automatic and it has a great range of light adaptability and the focusing is near perfect. The size of a typical JPEG is about 24MB which is high but since I examine small color differences it has made a word of difference. I have used MACRO and it seems to work well. Even in low light conditions without the flash the color reproducibility is great. I compare color from the RAW with spectrochromatograph results as we try to hybridize extensively.Overall my experience is well worth the price. This is a unit approaching professional quality.My only two issues thus-far are:1. The MACRO cannot change to a single exposure. I have tried multiple way ans still get triple exposures.2. Balance of the unit is a problem. I use a 18-55 mm lens which is light but the way the camera is aligned the unit always points down and when slogging through plants in the morning I really have to cap the lens to keep moisture off. This is an ergodynamic problem as to where they placed the straps and the center of gravity is much too far forward.

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