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Sigma Dp2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera

Sigma DP2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Volume image data has become lighter and it enables much faster image processing and lower current consumption
  • True (Three layer Responsive Ultimate Engine) III Is also newly developed.
  • 30% higher resolution

Foveon X3 Quattro direct sensor provides 39 megapixel-equivalent ultra high resolution

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Brand : Sigma
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.1
Review Count : 52
Auto Focus Technology : Contrast Detection
Photo Sensor Size : Foveon
Effective Still Resolution : 29 MP
Video Capture Resolution : 1080p
Model Number : C81900
Best Sellers Rank : #547,818 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #3,745 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Color : Black
Lens Type : body-only
Optical Zoom : 2.8 x
Compatible Mountings : Micro Four Thirds
Screen Size : 3 Inches
Display Type : LCD
Batteries Required? : Yes
Number of Batteries : 2 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Are Batteries Included : Yes
Rechargeable Battery Included : Yes
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Battery Weight : 52 Grams
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 8 fps
Special Feature : Battery Charger
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : SDHC
JPEG quality level : Fine
Assembly Required : No
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 3.23 x 6.34 x 2.64 inches
Item Weight : 1.2 Pounds
Maximum Aperture : 2.8
Minimum Aperture : 16
Focus Type : Auto/Manual
Maximum Focal Length : 30 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 45 Millimeters
Battery Description : Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion)
Flash Memory Type : Micro SD
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Max Shutter Speed : 30 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 30 seconds
Autofocus Points : 9
Removable Memory : Secure Digital Card
Self Timer Duration : 10 seconds
Memory Slots Available : 1

sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera
sigma dp2 quattro compact digital camera

Sigma DP2 Quattro Compact Digital Camera

  • Wow! This is a big step forward for the Sigma line (IMHO). This is a very cool design and the operation is *much* smoother and faster than my DP1x (but I love the compact size and operation of it as well). It is certainly a unique design and much larger, but it feels perfectly comfortable in hand to me. No problems at all. In my initial tests, I was able to hand hold and get a decent shot at 1/15 which surprised me (no Image Stabilization in these cameras). Right out of the box I charged the battery, put in an SD card, and fired her up and was easily able to figure out the menu (excellent and very easy to use) and all the controls without ever looking at the manual (though I plan to read it over very carefully in time).I love the controls and the layout. Everything suits me very well, so far. I can already say that this new model is much better in lower light situations and much nicer and easier to operate with a much better menu system. Better and faster AF as well. It also has many nice added features that will really make a difference when shooting. Early shots seem to indicate improved color and resolution, but need more time to verify that.There is a lot of discussion about the new sensor and comparisons with previous versions. All cameras have their pros and cons, but it\'s clear the IQ from this new sensor and Quattro line is excellent and delivers on the Foveon promise - color and detail to rival much more expensive cameras (with larger sensors) and with a certain \"Je nais se qua\" quality (vibrance?) not found in Bayer-sensor cameras. However, I think it is the premium build quality and feel/handling that are the big deal here. As well as the exceptionally fine fixed prime lenses tailored for the sensor. In my opinion, the Quattro is a huge leap forward in handling and usability. The much improved display, menu, controls and even the funky new design all contribute. I felt at home with it right away. I am a very deliberate photographer, by nature, as are many drawn to the Sigma line, I expect, and everything feels very right about the Quattro to me. We\'ll see if this holds true as I take it out into the field and put it to more rigorous real world tests.Certainly a very nice camera. The box, packaging, etc. were what one would expect for a premium bit of gear, and the build and feel of the camera says quality all the way. Great finish and controls, all what one would expect at this price, maybe even a bit better. More to come...** Update: Did my first field test today. A nice Sunny day here. I did worst case testing today as time was limited. I put the DP2Q on auto and shot JPEG fine only. I was walking around and hand-held all my shots (no tripod). In other words, I used it pretty much like a P&S which is a no-no with this line, normally. But I was curious to see how it would fair. And I am happy to say, it performed very well. Great colors and detail and very nice handling. The Foveon \"look\" is there to my eyes and everything was as expected. Auto WB and Auto mode both worked fairly well. Some blown highlights where I knew they would be (I did not adjust exposures for anything), but most things fairly well exposed. Colors are definitely more vibrant (on std) than my DP1x and detail is, of course, much better due to the higher resolution chip. Colors very accurate and have that \"spot on\" Foveon crispness. A very bright day which is what this chip loves. (I shot with my DP1x today, as well, so I\'d have some images to compare.)I am very pleased. Image quality is there. Handling is great. New menus are excellent. Much better display/screen makes evaluating images much easier. Lots of new features I have not even begun to use yet, but which will definitely be helpful. I am fairly new to the Sigma line and the Foveon chip IQ and enjoying it very much. One especially nice thing about the new DP2Q is that you have enough resolution that you can crop more tightly, if needed, and get good results. Also, very easy controls and nice manual focus ring when needed. And the JPEG IQ is so good I think this is the first Sigma DP where you might not need to shoot RAW all the time. Having RAW would definitely help in some situations, but most of the images I looked at tonight seem fine to me. About 20% I would have gone RAW, I think, mostly for highlight recovery.The DP2Q is responsive and I had no problems at all today getting the shots I wanted. Very pleased and looking forward to my next time out.2015-01-27 Update: Got my hands on a DP3 Merrill so I could compare and must say the DP2Q compares very well. The Merrill is large, heavy, and solid as a brick. A true premium build quality camera. The image detail is there and it looks to be a very fine camera. That said, the DP2Q jpegs look better to me, overall, based on my quick tests (definitely would need a lot more time to confirm this). The Merrill is very impressive, but I can truthfully say the DP2Q handles much better. Easier to hold, better display, slightly better control layout (for me, anyway), and is, I would say, the best design to date from Sigma. That said, the Merrill was a pleasure to use, though I did see why someone said it was from the \"slippery bar of soap\" design school (or something along those lines). It begs to be on a tripod, which is fine as many say that\'s where it belongs.
  • This camera is not for casual shooters who trust the auto, aperture priority, or shutter priority modes. If you understand manual shooting, have the patience of a saint, and love eyewatering color and micro-contrast read on.To give you a little context: I retired from my commercial photography business a couple of years ago. Over the past 25 years, as my wife could attest, I hugely suffered from gear acquisition syndrome.During that time, I\'ve had the opportunity to shoot on everything from medium format film on Mamiya and Pentax to digital on PhaseOne, Hasselblad, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony, and even Leica for work and personal use. I\'ve enjoyed and been frustrated with every platform.As we all know, every platform has a specific \"look\" and functionality due to the camera sensor and glass. Because the visual medium can be so subjective, each camera manufacturer develops a following, which explains the polarizing product reviews.Still-life, architecture, and landscapes render beautifully that can easily produce a 36X24 gallery print- in a highly portable package. As long as you shoot with a tripod in *Sigma RAW at ISO 100 and keep the aperture around f8-16, bracketing to protect your highlights. The operation and speed are on par with most high-end medium format cameras and the camera UI reminds me of the Leica M series. Very simple. In my humble opinion; Sigma set out to create an artist\'s camera with the Quattro series. If you like purposeful, manual shooting and enjoy the color and micro-contrast in the vein of a Leica or a PhaseOne, you won\'t be disappointed.*To fully exploit the capability of this camera\'s Foveon sensor, you have to use Sigma\'s Photo Pro raw processing software and kick out your images as 16bit TIFF files using the output settings \"S-HI\" and \"Pro Photo\" color space.-Update I did discover an annoyance while using an ND filter shooting a 15sec exposure in daylight. Because of the sensor\'s unique sensitivity to all wave forms of light, I was left with what I can only describe as a \"UV burn\" fuchsia-toned graduation at the center of my image. It\'s not permanent, thank goodness, just a nuance I\'ll learn to work around when using long exposure times. I\'ve had an opportunity to do a side-by-side comparison with a Sony A7 III with comparable Sony glass, ISO 100 @ f16, and the image produced by the DP2 Quattro out-resolved the Sony RAW file.
  • I had a cable that plugged into the charger that had a US wall plug. It worked. Future buyers might want to specifically request a US wall plug in their order.
  • If you\'re good at photography, and picture quality excites you, this may be your camera. If you want a camera that\'s easy to use and want to get a lot of pictures quickly, this is definitely NOT it. The only compelling thing about this camera is the combination of a unique sensor and a high quality prime lens (non-removable). Though it can take pictures in jpg format, the results are poor. In order to get good pictures you must use raw format, and convert the photos on a computer. It could be useful for documenting a scene accurately, or for fine art photography, due to the high resolution. But sensor noise is high. At ISO 100 it\'s roughly equivalent to ISO 400 on most other cameras.
  • Superb camera! Very high quality JPEG images right out of the camera. When it comes to image quality it can easily compete with full frame Nikons and Canons. It\'s light, fits in your hand and has excellent easy to use controls for set-up and shooting. In my opinion it is the best fixed lens camera on the market today. Some may feel that the camera is limited by not having interchangeable lenses, but it is great addition to complement other cameras in a photographers stable. The camera also has two siblings, soon to be released, that have different focal lengths. Each camera costs about the same as a high quality lens for high end cameras. The bottom line is I love this camera, it\'s such a pleasure to use.
  • Great camera, Still photos only, 100 ISO, no night photography and 39 megapixels jpegs that are amazing and raw is even more. Can compete with a DSLR with a prime and the colors and tones are closer to Leica quality.

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