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Vivitar Vxx14-Red Vxx14 Selfie Cam

vivitar vxx14 red vxx14 selfie cam

Vivitar VXX14-RED VXX14 Selfie Cam

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Captures 20.1-megapixel photos
  • High-definition photo and video capabilities for crystal clear imagery
  • 1.8 in. preview screen
  • 4x digital zoom
  • Self-timer

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Brand : Vivitar
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.3
Price : US $30.96
Review Count : 384

Vivitar VXX14-RED VXX14 Selfie Cam

  • I tried to buy a cheap camera to go camping with my daughter. the battery lasted for 20 minutes on 3 triple as my daughter didn\'t use much and the picture quality is decent for a cheap camera but if I could go back in time I would not buy.
  • Happy Happy Joy Joy! It was just as it was advertised, so it gets four stars, what else is there to say! They would get five stars if they went above and beyond what was advertised and expected.Imagine if your grocery store was like this and you had to rate every product you purchased! How annoying would that be?
  • The color pictured is not the color it is. It’s straight red not burgundy. 🙄
  • when I got the Camera the led did not come on even after charging added batteries still no LedI would not recommend this camera to know one that\'s what I get for going cheap !!
  • A little hard to work at first but other than the I initial set up, not bad. Bought for my step daughter to use and she likes it.
  • After much shopping around for a cheap camera (none of which had great reviews), I decided to go with Vivitar. I had one in the past that was very similar and I really liked it, so I gave it a chance.Boy, was that a sorry mistake! I absolutely loved this camera for about the first two days, and then it started messing up. To begin with, the view screen is horribly grainy and it\'s basically impossible to tell whether your shot is in focus or not, nor can you tell how it came out when you go back to view it. You literally have to upload the shots to your computer to see which ones came out. Okay, a bummer, but I can get around that, I thought. I have poor vision anyway so I thought maybe it was just me.Then the flash command stopped working. I would press the button for Flash and it wouldn\'t change. I would have to turn off the camera and turn it back on in order to be able to change the flash setting. This is after the camera itself told me to turn the flash on! The first time this happened I thought it was an anomaly, but then it started happening more frequently until it proceeded to not work every single time I had the camera on.If that wasn\'t bad enough, the camera started randomly switching itself to video while I was in the middle of taking pictures. One minute I\'m shooting photos, the next I stop for a few seconds, then look down at my camera, and suddenly it\'s on video mode!I am so disappointed in this product. I am glad I got it on Amazon so I can return it.
  • Takes good pictures and videos. Has a flip screen so you can take a selfie or record a video. The flash is also bright enough for the dark
  • It doesn\'t really get close enough pictures that has a nice sharp look. But its small and nice enough to start taking pics with

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