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Canon Powershot A590is 8mp Digital Camera With 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (Old Model)

canon powershot a590is 8mp digital camera with 4x optical image stabilized zoom old model

Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (OLD MODEL)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Captures images to SD memory cards (not included) , powered by AA batteries
  • New Easy Mode simplifies operation
  • 4x optical image-stabilized zoom
  • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16x 22-inch prints
  • 2.5-inch LCD screen and Face Detection
  • 8.0-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16x 22-inch prints
  • 4x optical image-stabilized zoom

Product Description The PowerShot A590 IS will astound you with its power-packed performance and impressive value. It’s got 8 megapixels, a 4x optical zoom, an Optical Image Stabilizer, and a large 2.5-inch LCD. A range of shooting modes from manual to automatic, including Canon’s new Easy Mode make picture taking carefree. A DIGIC III Image Processor with Enhanced Canon Face Detection assures natural-looking results, while Motion Detection Technology reduces blur. For added creativity, attach wide or telephoto converter lenses. From the Manufacturer The PowerShot A590 IS will astound you with its power-packed performance and impressive value. It’s got 8 megapixels, a 4x optical zoom, an Optical Image Stabilizer, and a large 2.5-inch LCD. A range of shooting modes -- from manual to automatic, including Canon’s new Easy Mode -- make picture-taking carefree. A DIGIC III Image Processor with Enhanced Canon Face Detection assures natural-looking results, while Motion Detection Technology reduces blur. For added creativity, attach wide or telephoto converter lenses. Canon PowerShot A590IS Highlights 8 megapixels with 4x optical zoom and optical image stabilizer With the PowerShot A590 IS, dramatic, personal pictures have never been easier to shoot and share. The 8.0-megapixel design lets you create impressive high resolution images of family and friends you’ll be proud display. The genuine Canon 4x zoom lens moves you in for powerful close-ups -- like a bird in flight or a child’s winning goal -- at the touch of a button. Plus, Canon’s highly sophisticated Optical Image Stabilizer keeps every shot absolutely steady even when you’re not. 2.5-inch LCD screen The camera’s 2.5-inch LCD screen gives you the big picture, whether you’re shooting, reviewing or showing off your images. This high-resolution screen offers a crisp, clear and bright picture. It also features Night Display for easy viewing in low light. New Easy Mode simplifies operation Even if you’ve never picked up a camera before, with Canon’s new Easy Mode you can take inspiring, dramatic pictures that will impress everyone. Once you choose Easy Mode, the PowerShot A590 IS handles all the details automatically. It automatically sets every camera control including the flash to reduce blur and improve image quality. So you get pictures that are bright, clear and natural just by pushing a button. Best of all, you can relax and concentrate on what really counts -- your subject. Selectable shooting modes With 19 Shooting Modes including 7 Special Scene Modes, you’re ready for whatever shot comes your way. DIGIC III Image Processor With DIGIC III, your images boast superior quality, the camera operates at top efficiency and battery life is enhanced. What’s more, DIGIC III enables Canon’s Face Detection Technology and Red-eye Correction to give you better, more true-to-life people shots. Simply press the Shutter Button halfway down, and the camera automatically pinpoints the faces in the scene and chooses the ideal focus point. The camera controls exposure settings and flash to keep every face looking bright and natural. Red-eye Correction can be handled in-camera, in two ways. The entirely new Red-eye Correction during shooting uses the Face Detection Technology to recognize and remove red-eye from flash images as they're taken, before the file is written to the memory card. It's also possible to correct red-eye during image playback, using simple settings in the A590 IS's menu. iSAPS Technology is an entirely original scene-recognition technology developed for digital cameras by Canon. Using an internal database of thousands of different photos, iSAPS works with the fast DIGIC III Image Processor to improve focus speed and accuracy, as well as exposure and white balance. Face Detection Technology Canon's powerful Face Detection Technology delivers even better results with the new A590 IS. The Face Detection Technology continues to recognize faces in a scene, and concentrate exposure (daylight or flash) and focus upon them. But the A590 IS adds more: Face Detection WB means the camera concentrates upon faces when calculating white balance for the best possible skin tones. Face Select and Track lets the A590 IS user highlight one face among several in a scene, and the camera concentrates on that person, even as they move around the scene. Face Detection Technology is a powerful contributing factor in Canon's new Motion Detection Technology. Red-eye Correction Red-eye Correction provides three options for removing red-eye from subjects in flash pictures. The new Red-eye Correction during shooting actually identifies and corrects red-eye in human subjects as pictures are taken. The A590 IS can be set to automatically detect and correct red-eye during image playback. The user can manually locate any red eyes in a scene during image playback on the LCD screen, and command the camera to remove them. High ISO The PowerShot A590 IS features ISO 1600 and High ISO Auto settings that reduce the effects of camera shake and sharpen subjects in low-light situations, giving you greater shooting flexibility. Motion Detection Technology automatically reduces blur Life doesn’t stand still for picture-taking. That’s why Canon included its advanced Motion Detection Technology in the PowerShot A590 IS. This sophisticated feature works in the background to instantly evaluate how fast your subject is moving. Then it automatically selects and sets the optimal exposure and ISO settings to keep everything looking sharp and clear. So whether you’re shooting a bride walking down the aisle, a ballet recital or even a child’s soccer game, you can relax and shoot with confidence knowing you’ve got the picture you intended. Accepts Wide-Angle and Telephoto Converter Lenses To expand your creativity, the PowerShot A590 IS is compatible with shooting accessories such as wide and tele converter lenses, High-Power Flash designed for all of the PowerShot models. The Complete Print Solution The A590IS features a Print/Share button for easy direct printing and downloading, plus ID Photo Print and Movie Print with select Pixma photo printers and Selphy compact photo printers. The PowerShot A590 IS's Print/Share button makes direct printing easier than ever. Simply connect the A590 IS to a Canon Pixma photo printer or Selphy compact photo printer or any PictBridge compatible photo printer, press the lighted Print/Share button and print! Also use the Print/Share button to transfer images to a computer (Windows and Macintosh). Print your own ID photos in 28 different sizes or use the Movie Print function to output multiple stills from a recorded movie on a single sheet with a Canon Selphy compact photo printer.

Buy Now : Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (OLD MODEL)

Brand : Canon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.3
Review Count : 1136
Auto Focus Technology : Face Detection, Multi-area, Single, Live View, Contrast Detection
Photo Sensor Size : 1/2.5-inch
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 8
Video Capture Resolution : 480p
Video Standard : mpeg4
Model Name : Canon PowerShot A590IS
Model Number : 2462B001
Best Sellers Rank : #121,646 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #669 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Color : Black
Age Range (Description) : Kid
Expanded ISO Maximum : 1600
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 4 x
Compatible Mountings : Canon
Screen Size : 2.5 Inches
Batteries Required? : Yes
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Are Batteries Included : Yes
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Battery Weight : 1 Grams
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 1.4
Skill Level : Professional
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : PictBridge
Display Resolution Maximum : 115,000
White balance settings : Auto, Daylight, Flash use
JPEG quality level : Fine
Image Stabilization : Optical
Viewfinder Type : Optical
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 3.71 x 1.61 x 2.55 inches
Item Weight : 175 Grams
Zoom Type : Digital
Focus Type : Autofocus & Manual
Maximum Focal Length : 140 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 35 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 80
Shooting Modes : Movie, Landscape, Snow, Night scene, Portrait, Night snapshot, Sunset, Beach, Aquarium, Foliage, Kids & pets, Indoor, Fireworks
Battery Description : Nickel Metal Hydride
Flash Memory Type : SD/MMC/SDHC card
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Max Shutter Speed : 1/2000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 15 seconds
Digital Zoom : 4
Autofocus Points : 9
Exposure Control Type : program AE, aperture-priority, shutter-priority
Light Sensitivity : ISO auto, ISO 1600, ISO 80, ISO 200, ISO 100, ISO 400, ISO 800

Canon PowerShot A590IS 8MP Digital Camera with 4x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom (OLD MODEL)

  • I would rate this camera only as average at this time because of the battery problems outlined below. Have not used the camera enough to rate the quality of the photos, features, and general operation at this time. Also, the included SD card with the camera was a measly 32 MB, basically nothing in this day and age of large image files and cheap memory. To get decent photos capacity and a spare, I bought two on-sale Kingston 2 GB SD cards, one from for ca. $7 (free shipping) and one locally at Inkspot for ca. $5.My advice to others is that if you suspect your camera has a problem not due to your use/handling and the camera is still under warranty; return it ASAP to Canon for repairs.I bought camera early last December as a Christmas present, from Amazon since it seem to have the best price at the time including free shipping. Selected this camera model based on Consumer Reports\' recommendation, mostly favorable user reviews on Amazon and some ther websites, and the camera price and features. I was a bit concerned about some reviewers complaining of low battery life, but thought perhaps they were a small minority, maybe their problems were due to the way some used thier cameras/settings, and there\'s always a few lemons sold in any product line.2. The camera out of the box seemed to be functional for all the features I tested, but after playing with the camera to learn how to use it, and a few dozen shots, the low battery inidcation came on. after a few number more shots (est. a few dozen), the battery replace indication came on and the camera shut down. These were the Panasonic alkaline AA batteries that came with the camera. At this time my voltmeter measured the batteries at ca. 1.35v.3. To reduce power use, changed some settings to turn LCD off after a short time, and the IS (Image Stabilization) from always on to on only during shots. Put in new Berkley & Jensen (BJ\'s) alkalines, same low battery indication after a few dozen shots. After about a dozen more shots, the replace battery indication came on and the camera shut down. After checking the battery contacts, letting the camera sit for a while, etc., no change in behavior, i.e. camera can be turned on for a few shots with low battery indication on, then change battery indication comes on and camera shut down. The BJ\'s batteries voltage was 1.45v at this time.4. A friendly camera repair place person told me about the Canon website online repair setup and gave me an Internet address, but even then it was not easy to find page, the website search did not find it for me. Go to any consumer camera model support; look at the bottom part of the page for links to \"Repair Request\" or \"Repair & Tracking. Gee, I wonder why Canon doesn\'t make it obvious, could it be that they really don\'t want to hear from us, especially for warranty stuff... ?!?![...]So I decided to return camera to Canon for warranty repair (no cost except my shipping camera to them). I mailed the camera (included 2 sets of batteries I used) to Canon\'s Elk Grove Village, IL facility by US Mail, insured and with post office deliver confirmation. Canon received it in a few days, confirmed receipt to me via E-mail, and I received it and my batteries back by FedEx ca. 3 days later. Factory documentation returned with the camera noted that:- Low batteries was cause of problems, said nothing about any adjustments (\"Unit has battery shortage. Check all functions, repair to good working order.\"), but since the camera behaves differently after getting it back, I suspect they adjusted both the battery low and the battery replace indicators\' voltage threshold settings even though nothing was said about it.- \"...found the optical assembly was inoperative and the focus did not operate properly. Adjustments were carried out on the optical assembly.\" I did not notice any wildly out of focus photos by the out-of-the-box camera using the Auto focus mode; perhaps they\'re addressing the manual focus mode that I did not test.5. After I received the camera back from Canon, I put in the original used Panasonic and BJ\'s akalines (approx. 1.35v and 1.45v, respectively, similar to as previously measured), and still got the low battery indication with both sets.6. Decided to put in a new set of BJ\'s alkalines, measured at ca. 1.59V. Camera set for AUTO mode, IS on only during shots, face detection on. Occasionally used the zoom feature, once or twice for every 25 set of shots. - After 100 shots in succession, most with flash used, battery voltage checked to be ca. 1.43v. - After 32 more shots, low battery indication came on, did 12 more shots, turned camera off, batteries checked at ca. 1.35v - When camera turned back on, low battery indication not on, but came on again after 5 shots. When got up to 191 shots total, camera to off, batteries checked to be ca. 1.38v. - Turn camera back on, low battery indication on again after 13 shots, camera off, checked batteries at ca. 1.34v. - At 204 total shots with the set of new BJ\'s alkalines, the battery replace indication came on, and the camera shut down shortly after. Can turn on camera again of 2-3 shots before the replace indication/shutdown occurs again. The number of shots here appears to match the camera manual specification page that list ca. 200 shots for akaline batteries.7. For the second set of testing, I used a fully charged set of Ultra Pro NiMH 2500 mAH-rated AA batteries (ca. 1.43v - 1.45v measured). Made all shots indoors, those where flash used were of house interior, those without flash used was through window (daylight). - Erased all the previous 217 images from the SD card. - After 150 shots, half with flash, half without, no low battery indication, turned camera off for ca. 45 min. for lunch. - When camera turned back on, low battery indication showed, camera off, checked batteries at ca. 1.33v. - When camera turned on, no low battery indication showed, but indication showed again after 23 shots using flash, continued to 25 shots using flash. - Continued shooting 25 shots at a time alternating between flash and no flash, for 175 more shots. After a total of 350 shots (half with flash) have been taken with the NiMH batteries, batteries measured ca 1.27 - 1.29v. - Continued shooting 25 shots at a time alternating between flash and no flash, for 150 more shots. After a total of 500 shots (half with flash) have been taken with the NiMH batteries, batteries measured ca 1.26 - 1.27v now. At this point, I gave up test shooting, as I have not seen the battery replacement indication after 500 shots. The number of shots here appears to in line with the camera manual specification page that list \"approx. 450 images\" for NiMH batteries. Fooled around for few more test photos, and the battery replace indication/camera shutdown occurred after ca. dozen flash shots past 500.8. Some observations about the camera: - It looks like I\'ll have to accept the low battery indication on most of the time. My guess is that there some kind of design and/or manufacturing defect where the camera electronics/software does not accurately detect how much of the battery capacity is remaining. Judging from the various user reviews, it may not be present in all sold units of this model, as not everyone sees this problem. However, if the camera can perform OK for several hundred shots until the battery replacement indication/shutdown (esp. with NiMH which I want to use), I can live with that. - The flash can take more than 5 sec. to recover for the next flash shot. - The camera seems to work differently on alkalines vs. NiMH 2500 mAH-rated rechargables, as it continues working at lower voltage for rechargables. I know that the discharge curves, and capacity and voltage ratings for the alkalines and NiMH batteries are different, the alkaline are rated at 1.5v (actual ca. 1.6v new), and rated capacities numbers can be similar to the NiMH (over 2500 mAH). The NiMH batteries are rated at 1.2v (actual ca. 1.4v new), capacities can be vary (typ.1000-2800 mAH). The initial voltage of both battery types drops fairly quickly from their nominal ratings during use but after the initial drop, the NiMH types tend to have a flatter voltage vs. use time curves than the alkalines. - Since battery monitors typically can only see voltage as an indirect measure of capacity remaining, why should the camera decide that the lower NiMH battery voltage is still OK, while a higher voltage on the alkalines is not? If the alkalines and NiMH rated capacities can be simialr, why don\'t they perform similarly, or are the alkaline capacity ratings done differently than the NIMH? Canon\'s camera documentation implies the camera treats the battery types differently as it explicitly notes the performance difference in their camera spec. for nominal number of shots for alkalines vs. NiMH batteries. My Internet research also seems to indicate that the battery rating numbers may or may not all be done via a standard method, and different manufacturers\' batteries can perform significantly differently under the same conditions, so as to make the capacity ratings less than useful.12/31/12 Batteries Update:See my 6/25/12 and 12/31/12 updated post in the Comments to this review.
  • Never thought i\'d be so happy having this camera. With $100 tag, i was never expect this such of quality, features and ability. I was actually waiting for my decision whether getting G10, LX3, or SD990 (more compact) .. all of those has manuals to control. Then i heard that Fuji has new sensor coming, and so the waiting process extended (cos i need camera good for concert : low light, and i\'m curious of what fuji would bring to the table this time). I know that i\'m not gonna make any decision in this few months and so i purchased this hundred bucks camera cos it has manuals.And i was very happy i bought this one as a tweener as i need to have smaller camera at the moment (i have sony dsc-h5 which i love so much but cannot slip to my pocket), and believe it or not it fits my skinny jeans pocket, just need a little extra slip then it\'s good (though it will make a little bump on your pocket more than smaller compact, but still fits comfortably as long as you don\'t sit with it inside your pocket).The manual control is amazing in this camera. You can control aperture shutter, exposure, flash level (i love this one!), and manual focus (and this one also). Amazingly, the pics i took with this camera looks really great .. not great great but .. REALLY GREAT! I\'ve had SD1000 before and the pics looked horrible! Noise and unacceptable noise in every inch of the pictures when i crop it 100%, grainy and it doesn\'t have ability of taking pic indoor (at least that\'s my experience .. on lots of occasions, enough for me to give conclusion that it\'s more like a toy, anyway i loved the shape a lot!).Never liked the shape of A series until now, it feels more secure in my hand, and it\'s not as big as i was expected (in a good way), i still consider it small (look at G9 or A650, now that\'s big! .. for pocket) and some people complains about battery life, i don\'t have that problem since i charge my eneloop batteries right.Cos :- Constructions, plastic all around. I bet that\'s why canon made this very affordable, yet the quality of the camera exceeds other compacts in it\'s class (our advantage in my opinion, to fight the price), though i\'d prefer rugged material for me i have no problem, since i found the plastic body is quite cute and pretty as long as you don\'t let it fall. Not a problem.- Video quality is to be honest .. ugly (20fps)! Mic is pretty good except the picture .. even only play it on my computer. Then when i plug it to my hdtv and tube tv .. DISASTER! don\'t expect any quality video out of this camera. But since i\'m not into video anyway so .. Not a problem- Slow flash recycle when you set it on full/strongest level. But i\'m using manual setting, and set the flash output to the lowest most of the time, so the recycle time is not that slow (about 2 or 3 seconds total after each snaps, and remember .. that after each snap we will have a preview of what we just took, so for me, i didn\'t feel like i was waiting). But if you\'re into action picture with flash, don\'t complain .. just don\'t buy this camera cos this camera is fully loaded for it\'s price! I see the reason people had a it very very slow because most of them are using Auto mode, which is using the max flash output most of the time, causing the flash recycle to be very slow, i mean REALLY SLOW like about 10 seconds total including preview. While the medium takes about 5 seconds total (hey i just counted it by my sense, didn\'t do the exact timing with stop watch, sorry if i\'m not that accurate, that\'s why i typed : ..about)- Auto mode is horrible! get ready to be washed out by the flash and very often set to high ISO automatically. But i found out that the easy mode works way better for this purpose. So take easy mode instead i you need to take a quick snap.- I wish this one has the famous canon\'s color accent, but it\'s doesn\'t !Now this one is a problem for me cos i loved it, shoot!- LCD resolution is a little low. Not that good. It\'s become a problem for me sometimes since i use manual focus very often, so it\'s a bit difficult to see whether it\'s focused or not cos the pic on LCD isn\'t sharp and that clear (doesn\'t affect the result at all if you got it right, it\'s just the LCD). A little bugger on this one.Well overall i am very very happy to have this camera. Heck ! for 100 bucks i buried all the cons far away of my thoughts cos the pros outweighs everything. Glad i didn\'t get other budget class camera, cos though it\'s the same price range (under $200) it\'s gonna be lower class instead of this one.Oh yeah, i\'ve always put something in front of the flash as a diffuser so i don\'t have a harsh flash light (but this camera has great flash anyway, you\'ll be okay without anything, just set the level and watch for the distance) i even stick the toilet paper (this one was the best) on the clear tape and stick it on the flash. But now i have a better and dedicated flash diffuser for point and shoot camera that spreads out the light evenly and nicely without giving a harsh spot flash light causing the washed out picture. Especially for portrait pics. I have attached some pictures of it, so check it out!Now i can see what\'s the hype about canon\'s. But as long as you able to control your camera of what it could brings to the picture and not the other way around, any camera with a decent quality would be fine. Depends on what your needs, any brands has their good and bad ones (i love my SONY DSC-H5, but i hate my nikon P5100\'s pic quality). Don\'t let biased people become a judge to your decision.Give this cute little camera a chance, i bet you\'re gonna love of what you spend! Good luck!

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