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Olympus Camedia D-380 2mp Digital Camera

olympus camedia d 380 2mp digital camera

Olympus Camedia D-380 2MP Digital Camera

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 2-megapixel sensor captures 1,600 x 1,200 images for prints at sizes up to 8 x 10 inches
  • Fixed-focus lens with 5x digital zoom (no optical zoom)
  • Included 8 MB Smartmedia card stores approximately 16 images at default resolution
  • Automatically connects with Macs and PCs via USB port
  • Uses 2 CR-V3 lithium batteries or 4 AA batteries (one set of disposable AA batteries included)

Product Description This Olympus Camedia digital camera lets you shoot and transfer great digital images and video with ease. Line up your picture on the 1.5\" high-resolution LCD screen, get closer with the 5x digital zoom and capture the image on the included 8MB SmartMedia Card. The 2-megapixel resolution captures clear colorful images that can be printed up to 8x10\". When a still image is not enough, use QuickTime and record in movie mode for up to 60 seconds of motion video. Then transfer the images to your computer quickly and easily with the included USB cable to manipulate, print and e-mail. Other features include: USB Auto-Connect (will recognize almost any computer with a USB port and connect with no additional software); CAMEDIA Master software for photo manipulation and management; built-in flash with 6 settings (Auto, Red-Eye, Fill-in, Night Scene, Red-Eye Reduction Night Scene, Forced Off); 2MB of internal memory; image-editing tools include black & white, sepia and \"file resize mode\"; Digital ESP multi-pattern and spot metering; automatic white balance, plus 4 manual settings; 12-second self-timer. Compatible with: Windows 98 rev2/ME/2000 Pro/XP or higher; Mac 8.6 and up. Downloading to computer without USB port possible with FlashPath or PCMCIA SmartMedia card reader. No. D-380. Imported. 2-1/4Hx4-3/4Wx1-3/4D\". For a compact, affordable digital camera that takes sharp pictures with enough detail for prints at sizes up to 8 by 10 inches, look no further than the Olympus D-370.Optics and Resolution This higher-resolution successor to the popular D-370 comes with a 2-megapixel sensor that captures enough detail for crisp 8-by-10-inch prints. For the typical family photographer, 2 megapixels is a great balance between price and performance. If you want a camera with even more resolution, you'll probably also want more manual controls than the D-380 offers--consider the Olympus C-3020 instead. The glass Olympus focus-free 4.5mm lens (equivalent to 35mm in film cameras) has an aperture range of f4 to f8. The camera features a 5x digital telephoto zoom, but remember that digital zoom tends to reduce the sharpness and detail of your image, so it's best used sparingly. To compose your images, either use the traditional camera viewfinder or the 1.6-inch LCD display (which is also used to review the shots you've taken). Having both types of viewfinders offers the best of both worlds: if you're used to using a film camera or want to conserve battery life, use the viewfinder. If you want to see exactly the picture you'll be capturing, use the LCD display.More Features A sliding clamshell lens cover simultaneously protects the lens and provides a simple way to turn the camera on and off. While the D-370 is clearly designed for point-and-shooters and beginning photographers, there are several manual features for more adventurous photographers, including macro mode, adjustable white-balance settings, exposure compensation, and the ability to shoot black-and-white and sepia images. Power Power is provided by four AA batteries or two LB-01 disposable lithium batteries--a set of LB-01 batteries is included. These lithium packs are the size of two side-by-side AA batteries, and they have a surprisingly long lifespan. However, they aren't rechargeable, so when they finally die, they go into the trash. If you use the camera once a month or less, the lithium batteries are a logical idea, since they'll hold their charge for years when sitting in an unused camera. If you use the camera more often, then the lithium packs don't make economic or environmental sense--we recommend getting a set or two of rechargeable nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries and a charger. A digital camera will kill a set of alkaline batteries extremely quickly, especially if you're using the camera's LCD display, so they aren't recommended except in a pinch. To ensure you'll always be ready for action, we recommend having two sets of rechargeables so you can always have one set in the camera and the other set in the charger.Movie Mode In movie mode, the camera captures silent video clips up to 60 seconds in length. The limited duration and resolution of your movies guarantees that this feature won't replace your camcorder, but it's perfect for when you just want to capture a quick movie and e-mail it to a friend or relative. Storage and Transfer Images are stored on SmartMedia memory cards. The included 8 MB card holds approximately 16 images at the camera's default settings. SmartMedia cards are reusable, but if you tend to take more than 16 images per outing (or plan to use the video feature frequently), then you'll want a bigger card. A 64 MB card will store well over 100 pictures. To transfer images to your computer, simply attach the included USB cable between your PC and your camera. Your computer should automatically recognize your camera and let you move the pictures to your hard drive. Size At 4.8 by 2.6 by 1.8 inches and 6.7 ounces, the D-370 is slim and compact enough to bring along in a purse or pocketContents and Recommended Accessories The package includes the camera, 8 MB SmartMedia card, two long-life LB-01 lithium batteries, USB cable, carrying strap, and software on CD. Everything you need to get started is included in the box, but we recommend these accessories to make the most of your camera: a carrying case, a set of NiMH rechargeable size AA batteries, and a higher-capacity SmartMedia memory card. Compatible accessories for this camera are listed near the top of this page. --Shane BurnettPros: Compact, lightweight, and easy to use Focus-free lens means fast startups and quick operation between shots Cons: Movie mode lacks sound 8 MB card and disposable batteries are fine for occasional users, but more frequent use will require upgrades to these accessories

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Brand : Olympus
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.5
Review Count : 73
Effective Still Resolution : 1.96 MP
Video Capture Resolution : 480p
Model Name : D 380
Model Number : 137578
Best Sellers Rank : #541,537 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #3,697 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Age Range (Description) : Adult
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 1 x
Compatible Mountings : Micro Four Thirds
Screen Size : 1.6 Inches
Batteries Required? : Yes
Number of Batteries : 4 AA batteries required. (included)
Are Batteries Included : Yes
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium
Connectivity Technology : USB
Special Feature : DPOF
Skill Level : Amateur
Form Factor : Compact
Hardware Interface : USB
Viewfinder Type : Optical
Assembly Required : No
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 1.8 x 4.8 x 2.6 inches
Item Weight : 0.41 Pounds
Maximum Aperture : 2.8 f
Zoom Type : Digital Zoom, Optical Zoom
Maximum Focal Length : 23.6 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 9.8 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 100
Battery Description : 4 AA Alkaline/Lithium/NiCD
Flash Memory Type : SmartMedia
Max Shutter Speed : 0.01 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : seconds
Digital Zoom : 2.5 x
Removable Memory : Multimedia Card
Delay between shots : 2.5 seconds
Aperture Modes : F4-F8

olympus camedia d 380 2mp digital camera
olympus camedia d 380 2mp digital camera
olympus camedia d 380 2mp digital camera

Olympus Camedia D-380 2MP Digital Camera

  • I tinkered around with this camera, but ended up returning it...mostly due to my own high expections. It is a decent camera for the price, but I wanted a little more. In my opinion, here are the pros and cons of the Olympus D-380 2MP digital camera...Pros:- Great, clear picture quality when subject is within 2-3 feet of the camera- Easy, fast upload to PC over USB.- Remembers your quality and system settings (So long as you set the \"Remember settings\" option to yes)Cons:- MEGA BATTERY DRAIN! Rechargeables are a must! I had taken approximately 40 pictures and made 3 fifteen second movies when my 4 regular AA batteries ran out.- Picture quality is fairly blurry when subject is further than 4 feet. Optical zoom might help. Digital zoom is worthless when quality is required.- Menu is not so user-friendly up front. Quite cryptic. Reading the manual a few times over is necessary.- The \"night\" setting on the camera causes a very bad blur.- The \"red-eye reduction\" setting flashes for over 1/2 second, then stops for another 1/2 second before taking the picture (doesn\'t sound like long, but it seems so when you\'re having your pic taken).
  • The Olympus D-380 is my first digital camera. I did my research, using online reviews and consumer publications. I wanted something high quality, user-friendly, and well built, at a reasonable price. I concluded that Olympus makes products that fit my criteria. This camera is everything I hoped it would be and more!Upon opening the box, I was pleased to find an attractive, sturdily constructed camera. Though there\'s nothing cheap-looking about it (it\'s all classy looking metallic surfaces), it is very lightweight and comfortable in my hand. The lens cover slides with precision and covers the lens securely (many of the cameras in this price range don\'t have an integrated lens cover). The wrist strap attaches easily. The covers for the battery compartment, memory card, and USB and AC adapters are well designed and look as if they will last a long time. This camera is manufactured in Japan.It took only about a minute, after scanning the \"Quick Start\" guide, to insert the included batteries and SmartMedia memory card and start taking pictures. The very first picture I took was a keeper; I was very pleasantly surprised at the quality. I handed the camera to my 6-year-old son, who snapped off a shot of my daughter and me, which I then printed on glossy photo paper. It looks so nice that I\'m actually going to frame it and hang it on the wall. I have since taken pictures at all the different resolutions, and all look great when viewed on the computer. I have settled on the 1024 x 768 setting as my \"standard\", since it matches the resolution of my monitor, and makes for reasonable file sizes (around 180 KB per photo). 640 x 480 works great for e-mail, and 1600 x 1200 turns out beautiful results for printing, or those special occasion \"keepsakes\". Even the QuickTime movie mode does a decent job, certainly much better than those grainy webcam captures.There is a 5X digital zoom (no optical). I detect a little graininess when using it, but for the money, it\'s fine and it\'s simple to use.I am running Windows 2000 Pro, and setup for transferring files to the computer couldn\'t have been easier. Simply plug the USB cable into the camera, then into the computer. That\'s it! Open My Computer and you\'ll find a new removable storage drive. From there it\'s a simple matter of dragging and dropping files to wherever you want to store them. You can delete the files from the SmartMedia card from your computer, which is easier than doing it with the camera. The included Camedia software looked fun, but I haven\'t had a need to use it yet, so I can\'t comment on its functionality.I received a free 32 MB Viking SmartMedia card from Amazon with this camera. Together with the 8 MB card in the box with the camera, this is enough storage for roughly 200 photos at 1024 x 768. The only thing I needed to buy to complete my setup was a carrying case.I highly recommend this camera to anyone looking to enter the world of digital photography. It is stylish, extremely easy to use, very well constructed, takes excellent pictures, and is an unbeatable value!
  • I use my Digi Cam all the time. It\'s small enough to carry around without getting in the way. I think the price was right, that\'s why I bought it. There are many options with the camera, I recommend reading the user manual all the little menus and buttons can get somewhat confusing but any logical person can figure it out. The one thing that I have learned is that you have to turn it to Red EYE reduction every time you turn the camera on--annoying. I would personally love to get another camera this time with an optical zoom. The digital zoom really isn\'t that big of a factor but for someone that wants a more professional look I would get a digi cam with a optical zoom the pictures came out much more clear and crisp.The transfer from my camera to the computer is easy and fast absolutely no problem. You really don\'t even need their software if you have Windows XP it recognized my camera without even installing. But the program was easy to install.
  • My has technology advanced since I purchased this so many years ago but here it is in my list of Amazon purchases patiently waiting for a review. I don\'t remember this camera it was so long ago but it must have been fine for it\'s time. Gladly though we have our smart phones now as the best camera really is the one you have on you when you want to take a picture.
  • I\'ve had my D-380 for a while now and continue to be very pleased with it. I notice several of these reviews mention bad battery life; this has GOT to be an error. The D-380 had the best battery life in that recent Consumer\'s Rpts review, and I\'m amazed at how long a set lasts. I charge my NiMH AA\'s about every two weeks and have never had them go dead--and I use the camera nearly every day. My wife shot 100+ snapshots at a party, almost all with flash, on a set of batteries that hadn\'t been charged in over a week and they STILL went for another week without going flat. Amazing battery life. The \"degreed engineer\" who found it hard to transfer pictures may have some sort of problem, or may not understand something. Moving pictures is easy enough for a grade-school kid. In Win XP and 2000, you simply plug in the camera and it appears in your system as a removable drive; the pictures are files that can be moved around like any other files. Simple as can be, and very convenient. I\'m _very_ pleased with this camera overall. My only reservations: the digital zoom is not terribly good, and 2mp will just *barely* give you a good 8x10. At the price of the D-380, those are very minor drawbacks; this is a GREAT camera for casual snapshots. I like it better after using it for 2 months than I did when I got it--not many things earn that kind of praise. Great little camera at the price!

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