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Kodak Pixpro Sp360 Action Cam With Explorer Accessory Pack, 1080p

kodak pixpro sp360 action cam with explorer accessory pack 1080p

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam with Explorer Accessory Pack, 1080p

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Advanced MOS sensor with 16 million image pixels gives you more speed, quality and clarity than a traditional CCD or CMOS sensor with multiple Viewing Modes: Ring, Dome, Front Degree/Rear 180 Degree, 360 Degree Panorama, Globe.
  • Capture all the high speed action with 1080p full-HD video or full-res images in 10fps with a push of a button. Switch the movie setting to time-lapse or loop recording for cool and fun detail.
  • 2m Shockproof / -10 Degree Freeze proof / Dustproof / Splash Resistant.
  • With Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, set the SP360 where you want it and take your phone with you to call the shots anytime with the PIXPRO Remote Viewer App on your iOS/Android device. Available at the App Store/Google Play.
  • Including Explorer Accessory Pack: (1) Standard Housing, (1) Bar Mount, (1) Vented Helmet Strap for Top Facing, (1) Vented Helmet Strap for Front Facing, (1) Flat Adhesive Mount, (1) Curved Adhesive Mount, (2) Extended Arms, (1) Quick Clip

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Brand : KODAK
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 3.8
Price : US $59.99
Review Count : 537

kodak pixpro sp360 action cam with explorer accessory pack 1080p
kodak pixpro sp360 action cam with explorer accessory pack 1080p

Kodak PIXPRO SP360 Action Cam with Explorer Accessory Pack, 1080p

  • Works great as a dash cam. Recording 360 throughout the car comes in handy. The only issue I have with it is that it won\'t take any SD card larger than 32GB. Because it\'s not actually a dash cam, and it only takes 32GB, I have to manually format the SD card every few days. The software works fine, but it doesn\'t convert the video. You have to set up how you want the video to look and the software will record the video while it plays so that you can have an actual file that a normal video player understands.
  • Very surprised by the picture qualityI use it to record bike ridesPicture very steady color is a little off bu that why we color grade our footage. The fish eye is a little extreme.Think it maybe a setting. Very pleased for the money.
  • This is a great entry camera and will be able to get yourself some good angles. Will take time to get familiar with but you will enjoy it for sure
  • After I figured out how to properly share and render pictures and videos correctly in Google photos, facebook and youtube, I realized this is a good choice. The camera itself delivers what it promises. It is required to have a full 360 picture or video in order to share it in facebook, google or youtube. Some reviews incorrectly point to the lack of quality of the picture or video once it is uploaded to facebook or youtube; I say incorrectly, because the video or picture taken with this camera it is of good HD quality. The problem is when the video or picture is uploaded to one fo those services because those websites usually compress your file and in the process, the quality of the file is degraded. These websites do this so that are optimized for rendering on their websites and or use less space on their servers.A full 360 is a full sphere, not half a sphere and this camera can only take half spheres (dome mode). Full sphere pictures (photospheres) can be easily obtained with this awesome camera by using a tripod, take one half of the sphere, then rotate 180 degrees the camera, take the other half, then stitch them together using Kodak\'s free software. Then you can export the stitched picture and upload it to your favorite social media website.A similar principle applies to video but it is a little more involved. For video, if only using one camera, one hemisphere can be shot and then stitch it to another of equal length in time in black and no sound. In this way, the video can be rendered properly in youtube or facebook. The resulting video is a 180 degree FOV. The other option for full 360 videos, is to buy the dual Kodak camera adapter, and use two Pixpros then film on both at the same time with a front-back lens configuration and stitch the resulting videos together for a full 360 video.Note the new lower price of this camera; with two of these, we get a well rounded set of equipment for a very low price. This dual configuration is better than the Theta SC in terms of video capacity since the Kodak you can put a 32GB SD card in it and this configuration is similar in price.The camera also has the ring, panorama, front and segment modes. Up to now I have only described how to take pictures in 360 using the dome mode. As for the other modes, they are cool, but in my case I would only use either the dome mode for 360 media or the front mode for filming action movies on a bike or car.All in all this camera is fun to use. One bad thing I found is that I noticed a blue edge while taking pictures in cold temperatures.I used both the free software that can be downloaded on their Kodak website and the android app. Both work well, not perfect but both do what I care only to do. With the Kodak PC software I am able to process my media for sharing. With the android app, I am be able to set the mode press the shutter button via my smartphone.
  • It seems to be fine, but the documentation is limited and doesn\'t go into detail. imho.
  • The SP360 camera is on the leading edge of the 360 degree video technology. As such, it as well as most of the upcoming \"consumer\" type 360 cameras, suffer from less quality resolution than what we are now used to in HD camera video. On YouTube, the video is only currently viewable as \"immersive\" 360 degree video using the Chrome browser or the Android app. Which allows the viewer to pan and tilt to view the entire 360 degree scene. The Android app on a smartphone or tablet is the best experience in my opinion. The \"front\" mode allows the camera to function similarly to a GoPro style action camera with less resolution choices.The camera itself seems well constructed. Although I do have an issue with the battery compartment cover. The sliding latch does not seem to hold the battery cover closed. So the cover can fall off.A fair amount of accessories accompany the camera depending upon which \"kit\" that you purchase. The lens \"hood\" is an important accessory that helps to keep fingerprints off the lens cover. One glaring omission in my opinion is the lack of a tripod adapter. Although there is a tripod socket on the side of the camera, it is for the \"front\" facing camera mode. And does not orient the camera so that the lens points upward in the 360 degree mode. By using one of the SP360 cases, some metric hardware and a GoPro tripod adapter I have a work-around solution that works well. (See photo.) I wish the accessories were sold separately. As of this review I do not believe they are.Battery life is about 2 hours. Much better than my GoPros. The Android app is workable but could use some polish.I have several SP360 videos on YouTube at my basicbill1 and basicbill2 channels if you\'d like to see what\'s possible. This is the beginning of the 360 degree video age. Which may or may not take off. If you\'re interested in getting involved, the SP360 is a relatively inexpensive entry. Just don\'t expect too much right now with the current consumer technology.
  • I purchase a lot of cameras and different type of electronics, I have a background in photography and video. Bought this camera after some research and reading some reviews. Didn\'t know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. High quality accessories, well built camera and mounts. Easy to pair with phone. Great for the influencer and 360vr aficionado.

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