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Nikon D7200 Dx-Format Dslr Body (Black)

nikon d7200 dx format dslr body black

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 24.2 MP DX-format CMOS image sensor
  • No Optical Low-Pass Filter (OLPF)
  • 51 point autofocus system
  • 6 frames per second (fps) shooting capacity
  • EXPEED 4 image processing; ISO Sensitivity: ISO 100 - 25,600.Lens mount: Nikon F mount, (with AF coupling and AF contacts)
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Near Field Communication (NFC) for instant sharing

Buy Now : Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.6
Price : US $1139.95
Review Count : 747

nikon d7200 dx format dslr body black
nikon d7200 dx format dslr body black
nikon d7200 dx format dslr body black

Nikon D7200 DX-format DSLR Body (Black)

  • The camera came quickly. Fortunately I was home when my ring camera alerted me someone was there. The UPS person was leaving when I opened the door. He never rang the doorbell or knocked. The delivery needed a signature.The camera works great after setting up the menus and calibrating my lenses to it. It’s a good camera for an experienced photographer, not for a beginner. The battery charger MH-25 didn’t work, keeps flashing red indicating a bad battery. Put battery in the MH-25a from previous camera which charged and works fine. Will buy a backup charger later.
  • NIKON D7200 REVIEWI have always appreciated it when others, especially early adopters/buyers, take the time to write a thoughtful review of their own experiences with cameras and other equipment that I am interested in, here on Amazon.Thus, my motivation for this review is to- pay it back.My photo interests are photographing wildlife, birds (especially hummingbirds), people & groups- pretty general stuff. While I do not make my living at photography, I have been studying and working at improving my photography for many years.Presently, I have and use the Nikon D300 & D600. Generally, I keep a long lens on the D300 (a DX-crop-sensor body) for immediate use if/when wildlife wanders by, as we live in a rural setting. The D600, (a FX or full-frame body) is my workhorse camera that I carry with me just about all the time. I had a D7000 (DX body), but gave it as a gift to my wife when upgrading to the D600. I really enjoyed using the D7000, but no getting a gift back once given!(If interested, you can view examples of my photography at: www dot flickr dot com/photos/pms_swim/ -- You will need to replace dot with a period (.) Amazon still strips out web addresses in reviews, I think). Anyway, I decided to get a newer DX body, as I have been using the D600 (FX) exclusively & would like to experience just a tad more reach a DX body provides with birds in flight with the lenses I use.Initially I purchased a refurbished D7100 (DX) -it seems like a nice camera, but the copy I got had a very dirty sensor & I returned it. Thus, I decided to buy a new body, but could not find a great deal to warrant the expenditure, at that point. This was before I heard about the D7200.So,that is how I came to pre-order a D7200, after reading about features, and so forth. I was attracted to the fast shutter speeds up to 1/8000 sec (my D600 only goes to 1/4000 sec), the faster frame rate & relatively larger buffer, the upgrade with auto-focus (AF). I am not into video yet, but note that the D7200 seems capable.Likewise, I am not sure I will use the wireless feature, but hope to explore it, soon.One obstacle I had to accept when ordering the D7200 is the lack of software support.In preparation for arrival of new camera, I updated my Nikon software on one computer:switching from View NX to the just released View NX-I, and from Capture NX2 to the new Capture NX-Dso I would have software on hand to read the D7200 NEF (RAW) photo files.You probably have noticed that there always seems to be lag time in getting upgrades to photo software (e.g. Adobe) that accommodates the photo files produced by new cameras. I also purchased an inexpensive OP/TECH USA SUPER CLASSIC uni-loop camera strap (here on Amazon) to replace the gaudy NIKON camera straps. In addition to appearing more low-key when out & about with the camera, it allows for easy switching to / from a wrist strap, and for the temporary removal of the neck strap when placing camera on a tripod, if desired.Another plus/factor in buying this camera is that it uses the same Nikon battery as the D600, so I have spares already on hand.Likewise, the SD/SDHC memory card slot(s) use the same memory cards I have a supply of.AND THE CAMERA ARRIVED TODAY! I was a tad concerned to see that Amazon only packed the camera box inside another box without any additional packaging (air space) materials, otherwise the out of the box experience was pretty great. I slipped a charged battery in place & 2 SDHC cards & formatted them, placed the 24-120mm, F/4 Nikon AF-S lens on.Then, I walked around the pond on a rare (of late) sunny day here in southwest Arkansas. (see photos). I was adjusting menus as I went. The AUTO setting produced nice photos in the shade, but was trying to POP UP the flash with bright backgrounds, so I switched to aperture priority & set the ISO about 500.Also, I am used to setting the AE-L/AF-L button on back as my AF on button, and use the shutter only for metering & shutter release. I had some initial confusion in doing this as the AUTOFOCUS menu scrolls up into MOVIE settings & I kept missing that detail. I eventually remembered how to set the AE-L/AF-L button & shutter release button correctly. Fortunately, one of the cats accompanied me on the stroll around the pond & proved to be a great model for trying AF with & without 3d tracking AF on. Using 3d tracking AF, II was able to fire away & capture most of the shots in sharp focus, as the cat rushed toward me. Without 3d tracing AF, II would only get the initial photo in focus. The autofocus is very quick. I also took photos of bees in front of their hive, birds in flight, fish on the surface of the pond and several flowers. The exposure and colors on the back of the camera (saving both NEF to card 1, JPG to card 2) look great. Now, over exposed several photos on this very bright day, but that was more camera operator error. I will want to try the AF later near dusk to see how camera operates in lowlight.I will try to post these examples (cat, fish on pond, daffodils, birds in flight, honey bees, peach blossoms) for your viewing. Note,I still need to open & review the camera manual. Nor have I loaded the photos into the computer to see what ViewNX-I or Capture NX-D do with the NEF (RAW) files.I will try to update if there is any interest. I will also try to answer any questions.UPDATE: for past couple of days, I have tried to strip the non-characters\" from this review, but they keep showing back up, so i nuked review & tried to redo. We will see. sorry. best intentions gone astray.Using the 300mm, f/4 AF-S Nikor prime lens gives me hope that the autofocus will perform admirably. I took some photos of birds about bird feeder & will try to post them here, also. (NOTE: photos that I am attaching are from NEF files, converted via VIEW NX-I at about 60% balance quality/compression to jpgs. trade off size of file vs. helping you view details. I will also post to my FLICKR site at 100% (see address above in review). Also, I am having to learn how to use new Nikon Capture NX-D & View NX-I.
  • My DSLR jouney: D80 -> D90 -> D7000 -> D7200.Impetus per upgrade has always been for improvement in the cleaner low light high ISO area. First, fell in love with night photography which I can take long exposures on tripod. This worked fine with D90 for the most part. Upgraded to D7000 when my kid popped out. Needed to shoot handheld in low light during mornings and evenings in the nursery. Now that the kid can run, I needed to up my shutter speed while maintaining a high or higher ISO for keeping up with the kid when she\'s running around. So, the search began for a new body.I\'ve been eyeing the D600/D610 since it was released but could never press the \"place my order\" button. The oil leak is one issue. The 6400 ISO max natives doesn\'t seem to be much of an upgrade. Want full frame as but don\'t need it as I am perfectly happy with my 17-55mm 2.8 for 90% of my photos. So, it came down to D750 and D7200. After reading Ken Rockwell\'s faux review of the D7200, I thought I was going to bypass the D7200 as Ken thought it\'s not worthwhile to go from D7000/D7100 to the D7200. But, I beg to differ.After playing with the camera for a few hours, I found the new sensor to be a big upgrade. I don\'t like to shoot above 400 ISO and never go above 640 on the D7000. For me, 1,000 ISO on the D7200 looks probably equal to 400 ISO on D7000. This means I can punch up the shutter speed to above 1/100 sec for most my shots even hand held in dimly lit indoor locations with my 17-55mm 2.8. I can also take pics free of blurs of my fishes in my fish tank easily. Uploaded shot is ISO 1,000 at 1/100 sec.I left all the settings in default so far with only the mode in manual. So, the fish picture is taken in jpeg with no altering in photoshop. I did take pics of my D7000 for posting it on ebay. I found the jpegs to be very easy to edit. I hardly ever use the \"auto color/contrast/level\" functions with my other cameras, but the files taken with the D7200 looked great when even using the auto edit functions on photoshop cs3. And, I punched up the exposure quite a bit before I start seeing any noise. So, it\'s safer to under expose with the D7200 as exposure can be boosted post edit even in jpeg format. Haven\'t tried the raw format yet.Second pic uploaded is of my D7000. Pic taken straight into jpeg. Only editing done is auto contrast/level/color and upped the exposure by .5. ISO 500 at f5.6 with a flash on the side. Better detail and contrast with D7200 than D7000 too. So, the low light/high ISO is what I wanted to improve on over the D7000. But, as bonus, color accuracy/saturation looks even better on the D7200 too.When I upgraded from D80 to D90, I felt what I gained in higher/cleaner ISO was at the cost of better color accuracy. D80 had the CCD sensor which I thought produced better colors. Color wise, D90 and D7000 was about the same to me. D7200\'s color is much improved over these two bodies, in my opinion.4/7/2015 update:I do a lot of long exposure shots for night photography. Back when I used the D7000, I dabbled with wifi cards such as Eyefi, Transcend Wi-Fi, and Toshiba AirFlash because I wanted to be able to view pics I took in long exposure mode on a tablet in order to see whether I got the exposure and focus right. Often I am happy with a shot when viewing it on the 3\" screen but to find something to be off later on when viewing on laptop. However, these wifi cards didn\'t solve my issue. I wasn\'t able to get the EyeFi up because they didn\'t send me a pairing code. And, the Transcend and Airflash both have connection issues.With the D7200, I could use the Wifi Mobile Utility app found on Google Play to not only view pics on my tablet but also take pics with without any connection issues. So, being able to take pics with my tablet is an added bonus. However, since I cannot either or both view or change camera settings via the tablet, this sorta defeats the purpose of taking pics via the tablet. However, it still is a bonus to be able to see what you\'re shooting at on a tablet before you take the pic rather than after. And, exif data is not viewable via this app. It would be immensely helpful if I could also see the settings data on the photo I am viewing on the tablet.Overall, I am OK with the wifi capability. Would be happy if it can allow me to view and set camera settings. So, for wifi capability, I give it a 4 stars.Someone asked me why I only gave the D7200 a 4 star. Here\'s why:1) I want a better view finder for the DX body something akin to the D700\'s.2A) I want better high iso performance. Yes, D7200 improved quite a bit over the D7000. However, it\'s still only marginally better than my Sony NEX3N with kit lens that I bought brand new for about half of it\'s MSRP. I am going to fit this body with a better lens, the 20mm f2.8 prime, and think performance between the two will be even steven for most pics.2B) I don\'t want to use a mirrorless camera as my main camera body not even the Sony A7 which is now priced the same as the D7200 but with a better sensor for high iso. This is because I much rather use an optical viewfinder than using the LCD screen or an EVF. However, Nikon is not giving me the better optical viewfinder in DX format option. Granted, some might not think I should b*tch about it, but Nikon isn\'t coming out with a higher end DX body. They are already marketing this as the \"Top of the Line DX\". So, the buck has to stop somewhere.So, because of both 1 and 2, I have to knock 1 star off.Update 4/20:I returned the camera and will either get a D750 or a Sony A7S. I want better low light capability and need something with raw support as I am going on a trip in a few weeks where I will be taking a massive number of pictures and can\'t wait for an adobe update.
  • The camera I purchased, Nikon D7200, was advertised as new but was clearly used. The box came damaged, everything inside intact though. There was no user manual included, which is unfortunate.I gave 4 stars because of the dishonesty of the seller.The camera itself is in good working order. So far, impressed by its abilities. Win for Nikon.

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