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Z Fc Dx-Format Mirrorless Camera Body W/Nikkor Z Dx 16-50mm F/3.5-6.3 Vr - Silver

z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver

Z fc DX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body w/NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR - Silver

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Superb image quality: 20.9 MP DX CMOS sensor paired with EXPEED 6 processing engine
  • Vlogger Ready: 4K UHD, Flip out Vari-angle LCD, full time AF with eye detection, built-in stereo microphone, external microphone jack, live stream and web conference compatible
  • Heritage Design: Classic tactile design with analog controls for shutter speed, ISO and exposure compensation
  • Send images to your phone: Always connected using the free Nikon SnapBridge app and a compatible smart device. Intuitive: Easy access to Auto Mode, quick settings and the Menu help guide.
  • Lens Compatibility: Compatible with NIKKOR Z lenses as well as F Mount NIKKOR lenses using FTZ Mount Adapter (sold separately).

Buy Now : Z fc DX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body w/NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR - Silver

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Mirrorless Cameras
Rating : 4.6
ListPrice : US $1096.95
Price : US $1096.95
Review Count : 160

z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver
z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver
z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver
z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver
z fc dx format mirrorless camera body wnikkor z dx 16 50mm f3 5 6 3 vr silver

Z fc DX-Format Mirrorless Camera Body w/NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm f/3.5-6.3 VR - Silver

  • I bought this camera for the looks and the manual controls originally. I find myself leaving my full frames at home lately for the convenience of this camera. It’s. Nikon Z50 in a vintage style body. At the time of this writing the pancake 26mm f2.8 is out, which I highly recommend. Skip the 16-50mm kit lens. The 28mm is better if you want a kit. The 40mm f2 works well with this camera as well.
  • Nice little camera. Unfortunately it\'s meant to look like the Nikon FM2. That camera was metal. This one is mostly plastic. Even the 28mm lens mount is plastic. It doesn\'t have the tactile feel of the FM2 but it\'s a modern interpretation.Aside from aesthetics...Focus point keeps moving. Need to find a way to lock it without switching off the touch screen.The touch screen works in some modes, like adjusting the focus point but not in the i menu for selecting things.As usual the Bluetooth is barely usable. I\'ve never found a camera where it works like phones do.The F mount adapter is too expensive. I\'d love to use other Nikon lenses because I\'m not buying a bunch of z mount just for this camera.Top plate, back, bottom plate are (I think, they certainly feel) all plastic. Very light but also feels a little like a toy. The flimsy battery door is no worse than any other mirror less.I still like the camera. I just wish they\'d actually made it really like the FM2 or EL2.Controls seem ok, not the quality feel of their 80\'s counterpart but perfectly usable. Not as good as the Z5 either.One thing this will do that the fm2 couldn\'t is preview the exposure. I like that about mirrorless.Focus is fast and accurate but with a small sensor and 28mm lens everything is in focus anyway. The 28 should be f/1.8 or f/2 but with DX it doesn\'t matter much. The sensor is so good at high iso the only reason for a faster lens is depth of field and that\'s not happening on 28mm/DX anyway.Updated after a month. I had it in the box to return but the photos from it are great and it\'s a pleasure to use. So I kept it. I was originally going to return it and get the Z5, I ended up keeping it especially as the Z5 is only $999 currently.Compared to the Z5 the z fc lacks heft. For some that might be a positive since it means lighter. For some that\'s a negative.I do wish Nikon would standardize their menus. The focus settings in the z fc with the latest firmware are superior to the Z5 (again latest firmware). I wish they were all the same so I could not have to think about the focus modes and their impact while taking photos. If you\'re a pin spot focus person you won\'t notice this. If you use eye detect then you will. Not a big deal though and possibly over time the firmware will all synchronize.One of the best things about Nikon is the website which let\'s you download photo styles (picture profiles) and load these into the camera. This means you can get the jpeg \"color science\" however you like it. Of course in raw this has no effect.I\'ve owned the Df before this, I loved that camera except for the focus speed. This is in the same style but with super up to date technology. If like it if Nikon had made this camera exactly the same except with a ff sensor and with more metal. But that\'s like saying I want my car to be like the one in the 80s but as safe as today\'s cars. Back to the z fc. Great camera. You\'ll take as good photos with this as any Fuji or Canon. If you want full frame for the same cost but with modern styling get the Z5.Update several months later. I really like this camera. The original concern about it not being hefty and made of metal has left me. I find it a joy to use and am finding myself ignoring other cameras and using the z fc. I use the 28 and 40mm lenses and both are superb. One reason I use this over the other Z or even D series cameras is this has the best face/eye focus tracking of any that I\'ve used (I\'ve not tried the z9). It\'s faster and better able to find the eye than the others. Even with the latest firmware in each camera.So glad I didn\'t return this for what would have been a knee jerk reflex.
  • I\'m one of those photographers of a certain age that remembers working with 35mm film cameras, when I was younger. So when I\'d been shopping around for a mirrorless camera for under $1,500, the Nikon ZFC leapt right out at me, when I first spotted it.Whoever in marketing and/or product design at Nikon who thought of putting the guts of a digital camera inside the frame of a classic 35mm SLR deserves a genius prize. The locations of the knobs and other features make perfect sense, and I\'m already putting this camera to good use. The picture and video quality are excellent. The camera\'s niche purpose is so that I can photo performances and capture the quiet moments without disturbing the performers or the audience. (Even the Quiet Shutter feature on my DSLRs isn\'t quiet enough--there\'s still the sound of the mirror lifting and lowering in those cameras that\'s audible. Whereas the Silent Shutter feature in this mirrorless is way better for this purpose.) Also with the rear viewing screen being able to turn and face the subject being photoed or videoed, selfies and self-recorded auditions are easier to set up.So the Nikon ZFC fully deserves the five stars I\'m giving it. This camera is a welcome addition to my gear.
  • I have to admit, I bought the Nikon Zfc maninly because of nostalgia of Nikon film camera. That said, the Zfc is very capable on its own. I always wanted a pocket camera, but none of the point and shots cut it. What attracted me the most about the Zfc, other than its cool look, are the small form and light weight, good image quality, fun to shoot. It can be easily slip into a pocket and bring to anywhere. Image quality is plenty good for most use, online viewing etc, but can\'t compete with my full frame Z7, maybe even a bit short of my 10 years old D600. The raw file is just not as clean as full frame cameras\'. Noise is more obvious. Build quality is good but can be better. The thin metal (?) frame can be made more substantial, more like the classic FM2. Battery life is pretty impressive. I shot one charge over 700 shots, still have 30% left. But I did turned off automatic review. The cheap 16-50 mm kit lens is nice and small with very useful range. But I feel the quality is just not there. All things considered, I like the Zfc, glad I bought it, and I am having fun with it.
  • I grew up learning photography on cameras that had knobs and lens rings to control the exposure. When digital cameras came out they just didn\'t feel right with their buttons and rotary wheels. There is something about twisting a knob to set the shutter speed that just feels right. I love being able to set up the exposure without even turning the camera on. You simply can\'t under estimate the value of being able to glance at the top of the camera to see where everything is set. This camera is a joy to use.Update.The one must have accessory is a grip like the one from SmallRig. The FM2 (which the Z fc is modeled after) has nothing on the back of the camera so it is easy to grab by the body an pick up. If you try to do that with this camera you will be mashing buttons. With the grip you can pick it up without disturbing the buttons on the back.

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