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Pentax K-5 Ii 16.3 Mp Dslr Body Only (Black) (Old Model)

pentax k 5 ii 16 3 mp dslr body only black old model

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black) (OLD MODEL)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 16.3 Mega pixel APS-C CMOS sensor with integrated AD conversation circuitry
  • High sensitivity 80-51200 ISO range with excellent noise performance
  • Air gap free 3-Inch LCD with 921,000 dots of resolution
  • Pentax body based shake reduction stabilization system
  • Fully weather sealed and coldproof design and speedy 7FPS captures for fast action shots

Buy Now : Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black) (OLD MODEL)

Brand : Pentax
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 3.8
Review Count : 47

pentax k 5 ii 16 3 mp dslr body only black old model
pentax k 5 ii 16 3 mp dslr body only black old model
pentax k 5 ii 16 3 mp dslr body only black old model
pentax k 5 ii 16 3 mp dslr body only black old model

Pentax K-5 II 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black) (OLD MODEL)

  • The K5 II takes spectacular photos. You can take all the techno-babble and tons of comparative specs showing how Pentax doesn\'t measure up to the big two (Canon and Nikon) and stick it! Look at the photographic evidence and choose. I spent weeks looking at specs comparing the 60D, the soon to be released 70D and the D7100 before buying the K5II. That didn\'t include time spent researching the value of not having a low pass filter. Photographers love specs as much as Fantasy Football fans. Comparing lenses and sensors and engines and bokeh and field of view and on and on provides nourishment for the soul! If you are a pro it is simply buying tools for your business. We get it. Pentax has been bought and sold a few times and missed out of the digital revolution, but they still make superb glass and build cameras with features that skirt the edges of professions gear at less than half the price. Pentax has had a lousy promotional strategy and little or no effort to capture the USA consumer market. Try to find a Pentax DSLR to put your hands on prior to purchase. Good luck outside of major cities (Last week stores in Washington DC didn\'t have one for me to hold in my hands.). I bought my K5II body sight unseen. I snapped my favorite lens on it and the result is stunning. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the camera has no option to shoot RAW in auto mode. My K10D offers Raw as an option in auto so I don\'t get it.If you are in the market give the K5II a look. You won\'t be dissapointed,
  • Look you\'ve read all the other reviews. Im not them. Im gonna give you some other things to think about. Other things to consider. Sit back, read it slowly and you might be glad you did.PENTAX EXPERIENCE: Ive owned Ist, K-X, K30, K50, K-5, K-5iiLENSES: Too many to list... Dating as far back as original Sears lenses (yes they work on these Pentax cameras!)USES I use this for business. Selling online.I originally used a k-30 for business, and a K-50 for personal. i still have the K-50 for personal. I bought it brand new in bright red, and I still love it. But the ever pressing BLACK APERTURE issue scares me. Will my K50 get it? I hope not. My K-30 that i use for business did. (look up Pentax aperture lawsuit) Once you get the dreaded Black Aperture, your camera is on limited time. Theres a repair out there where you send it off and they repair it for $140 (after all shipping fees its right around $140) and they guarantee it. I didn\'t go that route. I may in the future.. havent decided. I had to set my K-30 to shoot pics as fast as you hold the button (forget the term at the moment) and take 50ish pictures at a light fixture before the camera would catch up. THEN it would deliver decent pics. BUT THIS CAMERA BLOWS MY K-30 out of the water!!!You had to do this every time you take another set of shots, as in if any real time had passed (10 minutes or more). What this does is ruin your SD card. You end up with an SD card full of literally pictures of just black or black with a tiny spec of light (from whatever bright area). Its also frustrating.This camera is clear. Its crystal clear. They say the K-5iis is clearer. I can\'t imagine any camera being clearer than this. It looks like you can crawl through the picture and touch that dandelion.I saw a YT reviewer and he said Pentax cameras in general had poor flash. Im calling BS. I took a picture using a Pentax DA 50-200mm lens, I was standing in my shop, with only one light on behind my head. I pointed the camera into the corner, and there were several bags of golf clubs, but you could only faintly make out one PING on the side of one of the bags. The corner was BLACK. No light at all. It took a several seconds to get the camera to even focus on anything. Because again, there were no lights. It was a pitch black corner. The camera evidently found something, and focused. My eyes couldn\'t see anything. The picture with the on camera K-5ii flash looked like daylight! This camera is a BEAST at low light!!! It blows my K30 away for low lighting. I take a lot of pics in dusk hours. Not all my buildings are well lit, and this was a STRONG consideration. I made the right choice. I was fed up with the K-30 not wanting to register in darker areas, and this K-5ii does not suffer from that.I can shoot in any mode the camera has. Im not limited to automatic, but for business I use it almost exclusively. I tested this K-5ii in AV as well as TV and both are a pleasure, but for business, speed is king and full auto is choice. She delivers well in all modes, including manual lenses.DSLR VS cellphone:(More of just a rant)Something to consider. Do you really want to bog down your cellphones storage cap? Iphones dont use cards. DSLRs do. Thats the main reason I choose a DSLR for online sales., I photograph a LOT of stuff!!! Sometimes hundreds of pics a day. I value my new iphone too much to bog it down with pictures of golf clubs and such. I save it for family and unexpected pics. Also, im sorry, you can say all you want about how great today\'s smartphone cameras are... I have one of the very best.. the 11Promax.. with 3 lenses, but this K-5 destroys my iphone. Its like comparing a bicycle to a Ferrari. One will get you there. The other delivers amazing results. All those Tyers show a person in front of a screen (street photography and portraits etc) but have you noticed none of those guys ever compare a shot from the end of mainstreet USA using a 250mm lens zoomed into Cinderella\'s Castle? Of course not! A cellphone CANT DO IT. PERIOD. You can get it, but it WILL be a wide angle shot, and it WILL be grainy beyond belief. You can buy lensbabys but you still wont get that shot like you would with a real zoom lens. Im sorry, Im just sick of all the reviews saying \"Do you really need a DSLR\" because the answer is \"Do you really need a Ferrari??? Your bicycle will get you there.\"Also MACRO. PLEASE do NOT show me another video of an iphone vs a KIT LENS. C\'mon man. We have MACRO lenses for that. If you\'re conna compare the two, do it right. Use a 200mm Prime MACRO on full manual and compare it to the iphone. The iphone pic will be laughable. Again i LOVE my iphone but lets be real here. I mean I can take a pic of a mushroom with my iphone thats quite impressive, but a DSLR with a dedicated prime macro... theres no comparison.BLACK APERTURE:If you\'re a Pentax fan and have invested in Pentax lenses, but are scared of that HUGE black aperture issue then THIS is the camera you want. The K-70 is already receiving black aperture reviews. its already an issue. THIS is the best Pentax has to offer at a low price. I don\'t understand why more people aren\'t talking about this body, instead of focusing on the K-70. This K-5ii is far cheaper, takes probably better pics, and will NOT suffer from black aperture issues. Its a nearly flawless camera at an amazing price, and when its compared to the top two brands, it prettymuch (bang for the buck) destroys them. Its a full 100 out of 100. Its my new favorite. I plan to keep it forever. If ANYTHING in the review was helpful (such as the fact that you could be buying cheap old sears lenses for fun... often for as little as $20...) then please click that HELPFUL button. There will be haters, so PLEASE this review needs all the love it can get. I hope it helped someone. Really i do.
  • I am torn how to rate this camera. I have enjoyed K-5ll and the images it captures immensely. I previously owned and extensively used K7 and K5 both before acquiring K-5ll in 2013 and I take care of my camera or cameras and lenses like my babies. Without warning, during a photo shoot of a young child, shutter/mirror box began to have serious malfunction. I would to report back here after the issue is resolved. While traveling overseas with my K5 in 2012, I had a motor issue with the shutter that caused camera to cease all its function of \'taking photo\". Shutter release would not move...and I learned many things about the inconvenience of the repairs and how, we consumers are on the short end of the stick sometimes, unless we are persistent.Now, with K5-ll shutter mirror malfunction, I would like to describe what it does. I approach a subject and release my shutter, and it does not focus quickly, then you hear the shutter, click, clunck, then the mechanism inside is stuck so the viewfinder is obscured, sometimes it stays stuck and won\'t allow the next release. Then, almost all the time, after a few attempts to work with this situation, it goes into the awful repetitive mirror fluttering or crazy motion of mirror slapping. It is the most unexpected and almost scary sound that you hear coming from a camera. Since this happened as weekend evening was approaching, I had not been able to receive a reply from any of the \'true repair\" folks. I am very curious to see if anyone else has had this problem. As much as I constantly bragged about Pentax cameras in the past and convinced so many of my amateur friends (who are wanting to go into a bit more serious camera) to purchase K5 or K7 in the last 3-5 yrs, I feel somewhat accountable to raise this issue to make others aware. Perhaps, purchasing additional warranty may serve us well, however for me, it was immediately after the 2 yr mark. I would like to give it 5 star for the images and other functions, however, mirror/shutter issue that happened now both K5 and K5 ll, I feel the need to be cautious in my recommendations. I am not a professional photographer who goes through thousands of photos a month, so it took 2 years to wear out? Likely issues would have surfaced sooner for those who really shoot often.

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