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Nikon Coolpix W100 (White)

nikon coolpix w100 white

Nikon COOLPIX W100 (White)

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  • Nikon COOLPIX W100 (White)
  • Beautiful pictures are easy to take on land or in the sea. Waterproof down to a depth of 33 feet, shockproof from a 5.9 feet drop, freezeproof down to a temperature of 14°F.
  • Stay connected with Nikon's SnapBridge app on a compatible smartphone or tablet and unlock exciting new capabilities with the COOLPIX W100. Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth low energy (BLE) maintain a connection between the app and your camera
  • 13.2 MP CMOS image sensor and genuine NIKKOR 3x optical zoom glass lens/6x Dynamic Fine Zoom
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : Approx.109.5, x67.0, x38.0mm (4.4, x2.7, x1.5in.), (excluding projections)
  • Weight : Approx.177g (6.3 oz), (including battery and memory card)

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Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4
Review Count : 285

nikon coolpix w100 white
nikon coolpix w100 white
nikon coolpix w100 white

Nikon COOLPIX W100 (White)

  • I took this camera snorkeling and it performed very well. The only issue I had was accidentally pushing the video recording button while swimming. I would recommend buying spare batteries, because the one doesn\'t last all day.
  • I bought this camera for my six-year-old granddaughter. Although it is far from being a toy, the onscreen graphics and fun features will appeal to younger folks. It is literally point and shoot: turn it on, take the photo. There are no manual controls in the DSLR sense, but it does have minimal exposure controls and even a built-in two-stop neutral density filter, although the manual does not explain how this works. The flash can be set to off, on, and automatic. You can add stars and crowns and bubble effects and lots more to photos, and it has lots of image effects.The size and shape of this camera are well suited to small hands, not so much to my hands, and my middle-aged-man hands are not that big. But I could get used to handling this camera. If you\'re used to holding a heftier camera body, you\'ll have to work to hold this one steady, it\'s so lightweight.One of this camera\'s very few negatives is that with the included charger cable, you must keep the battery in the camera and plug in the entire camera to charge it. You can\'t charge a battery and shoot using a second battery. An optional Nikon wall charger is available to charge the proprietary battery outside the camera.I spent around two hundred bucks for the camera, a spare battery, a standalone charger, a memory card (it does not come with one and has only a small amount of internal memory), and a case. The menus are basic and easy to use while providing enough features to interest a young person or very casual photographer, the shockproofing will protect against young hands\' clumsiness, and the weather-resistant qualities are a plus for outdoor use. I found that setting up the Nikon SnapBridge app for cellphone connectivity (storage) and the Nikon Image Space app (for online storage) to be rather tedious, but once I did, with the camera paired to the phone, it quickly uploaded images first to the camera and then to the web. So this is a handy camera for folks without a computer to use for storage or uploading.But here is what is really great about this camera: it has superb image quality for its class. In good light, the pictures are very sharp and clean, with true colors, little noise, and great detail. The flash illuminates pretty evenly and provides enough light for sharp indoor photos. The flash was pleasing even when aimed straight at people\'s faces at fairly close range, and flesh tones were true. Thirteen megapixels will theoretically let you print an 11x14 photo, but I\'ve seen compact cameras that cost much more than this whose image quality would not allow that. Although most users of this camera will not be printing that large, if at all, I think that under decent conditions, this camera would allow for an 11x14 print.What a great camera for the price. If my granddaughter, who took to it instantly, takes care of this camera, it will \"grow\" with her quite well. At a price near the bottom of the entry-level heap for digital cameras of any kind, this camera is a super value, all the more so because of the well-established Nikon Coolpix brand.
  • We used this camera for a Feb. 2019 trip to Hawaii and had none of the problems specified in the negative reviews I read. Per the directions, we made sure the Scene setting was \"underwater\" for snorkeling and made sure it was on something else for other photos, but the camera seemed to reset to a basic automatic setting every time it was turned on, anyway. We also made sure to rinse it in fresh water after using it in the ocean -- actually forgot about it once in the melting ice in the cooler, so it soaked for about 3 hours, and came out none the worse.It is not the most light-sensitive camera, though. Better light and better water conditions definitely gave us better photos like the one attached. The photos we took on a cloudy day were in an area with a lot more churn in the water and deeper water, and they are all a little murky. No truly amazing photos in the batch, but overall, the camera was worth the money since my other option was trusting a specialized plastic bag with my expensive work camera.
  • Ordered this camera because of its waterproof abilities and light weight. Used it for pictures during an equestrian vacation and touring, including riding in the water and during misty days. The waterproofing worked perfectly, had no problems with wet or condensation. Easy to work even with gloves on. Because of nature of equestrian touring did not use much in way of special effects. Did shoot some short videos which were easy to shoot and came out well. Audio on videos were good. Tolerated lots of bouncing and banging during 25 hours of riding. Easy to recharge battery, battery lasted good time, only needed a second battery one day.There were limitations with this camera. Pictures were very good but not super sharp. The biggest complaint I have about the camera is with the Scan Snap software. It did not work at all. I called Nikon help desk 3 times, no one could help me despite spending hours on the phone. Finally learned that the software was not compatible with the current IPhone or iPad software version, and they could not tell me when the software would be updated. Therefore I was unable to upload any pictures via Wi-Fi. I would not have purchased this camera if I had known that.
  • I bought this for my daughter for her birthday. We tried it out in the pool and it was GREAT! In fact, I liked it so much I bought another on for myself and we got some great pics on our recent snorkeling trip to Mexico. A word of warning though... the glass window over the lens scratches easily so take care of it. There is no way to protect it (hence the 4 stars). So keeping it in a case when not shooting or you\'ll have some artifacts on your next outing. Because of this I seldom use it away from the water, but for the money, it is a pretty good underwater camera.
  • i bought this camera a little last minute for our trip to cancun and it worked out great!!!! it was a little difficult to see the screen when in the sun and water so sometimes i just had to aim and shoot. the camera lens would get foggy too but thats something you cant control with the environment. for sure recommend mastering the camera before attempting to snorkel for the first time and use the camera lol!!!! if you want to be professional then spend the big bucks on a camera and a big fancy waterproof case like the girl in the picture.... otherwise you\'re good with this one.

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