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Canon Eos Rebel Xs 10.1-Megapixel Digital Slr Camera - Black (Body Only)

canon eos rebel xs 10 1 megapixel digital slr camera black body only

Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body Only)

    Buy Now : Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body Only)

    Brand : Canon
    Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
    Rating : 3.5
    Review Count : 66

    canon eos rebel xs 10 1 megapixel digital slr camera black body only
    canon eos rebel xs 10 1 megapixel digital slr camera black body only
    canon eos rebel xs 10 1 megapixel digital slr camera black body only

    Canon EOS Rebel XS 10.1-Megapixel Digital SLR Camera - Black (Body Only)

    • I got this because I\'m a starting photographer, along with the 50mm this camera is insane. I liked the controls on the olympus e-520 a little better, but got the hang of this. Don\'t like that the scroll wheel is next to the shutter button, if it were like the Nikon or the Olympus where you can scroll with your thumb i think it would be faster to change speed & aperture. noticed the LCD screen is clearer than the olympus, but it seems sorta dim to me in daylight. i like that the anti-dust feature turns on when you shut it off to not slow down turn on time. portability obviously not good cuz its a big dslr, but i gave it 4 stars anyway because its lighter than my old film camera and just as solidly built. Grip was my main concern, not really comfy and doesn\'t allow as firm a grip as nikon d3000 or olympus e520. those cameras feel like they were designed for the contours of your hand. Still, you could hold this with greasy hands, unlike those crappy slippery plasticky Pentax cameras that feel like those used up sweaty playstation controls at walmart. the buttons and layout of this camera remind me of the original xbox controller, it looks cool but when you try to use it its uncomfortable, sorta hurts, and you find that the shape of the buttons does not go well with the shape of your fingers or hand. I ultimately settled on this XS because Olympus has limited lenses, and i can\'t afford any of them. The nikon d3000 although equally priced, has no live view or anti shake. regardless, im glad with my purchase, gave it 4 stars cuz it looks really cool but its actually kinda uncomfortable, the button layout once again focuses on aesthetics and looking cool, but could be more functional (thumb scroll wheel anyone?) it only uses SD cards so might be bad for ppl who want fast RAW photos. for JPEG though it is very fast. anti shake automatically turns on when you focus a picture. didn\'t get the stock lens kit cuz i heard it sucks, but supposedly the newer IS version is way better than the old one, but i got the 50mm for this and it is crazy good. The fact that there are so many canon-fags out there kissing up to canon means i will find lots of used lenses for this. Anyway, respect to all cameras, they all have their ups and downs, but ultimately the canon had the most features for me, and lots of lenses means i can luckily find a cheap used one.
    • I have had a Rebel for 4 years. I used it for school and then for my job. I snap anywhere form 50 to 300 photos everyday. My Rebel finally just went kaput. Thats ok. I bought this refurbished one for 100.00 which is 400.00 less than buying a brand new one. So far, it hasn\'t focused nicely, always having to retake photo (thankfully they are cars and I can take my time), sometimes it won\'t let me even the photo for minutes because it has to adjust the lighting. This has never happened before. I feel like the sensors are just off even though it is set to the settings of my old Rebel. I love and know Canons so I\'m just assuming this is just a faulty refurbished one. I don\'t think the seller tested this camera out. It ate up the batteries in 3 hours as opposed to taking 3 to 4 days equivalent to my old Rebel. So far it has gotten better; maybe it was just cold during delivery. (midwest address) You get what you paid for, I suppose.
    • I have a Canon XTi, and I love it. Its pop-up flash broke years ago, and because I use an external flash now, it kind of takes the convenience out of a digital SLR with a popup. So I figured I\'d get a new body and use my Canon lens and all would be right with the world. But this camera sometimes worked (as in simply turned on), but sometimes didn\'t. Sometimes it\'d take photos but sometimes it wouldn\'t. I had to shoot my brother\'s wedding, and it\'s a darn good thing I had my old XTi, which saved the day. I sent the body back to Canon, and they fixed the on-off problem, but I still have a lot of trouble with poor lighting and bad focusing -- I don\'t have those problems with my old Canon, so I try not to think it\'s user error. Generally, I wish I hadn\'t bought this camera, but I didn\'t return it quickly enough and am stuck with a $400 mistake.
    • I\'m a big fan of the Canon Rebel XS. It\'s the first DSLR I ever owned. I first bought one for my parents; after using it, I liked it so much I bought one for myself.I ended up getting the body only because I wanted to try other lenses. I got a Canon f1.8/50mm lens, and a Tamron 17-55mm/f2.8 lens. Both lenses are good enough to take any type of regular photograph.The build quality is great. It has a solid construction and it seems like it can handle lots of rough handling. Use common sense obviously; don\'t drop the thing! But I\'m not worried about throwing it in a book bag or suitcase to take with me.The ISO is not as good as some of the higher end cameras. Night photos all look grainy; I have to edit the noise out using Adobe Lightroom.This camera has everything you need if you want to start learning photography.
    • I bought the camera body to replace my faulty EOS Rebel. WOW, what a great camera. I plugged in the battery, put in a chip, clicked on a lense and started taking great photos. I was leaving on vacation within a few days of delivery so I needed it to work right away. I was taking sunset wide-angle photos in the airport, out the plane window and of the Rockies when landing. I got photos of Mustangs along side of the road while riding down the highway at 60 miles an hour and photos of the night time Casino lights...all without a hitch. This is a great camera, and the price was right. I would buy this again and recommend it to friends .
    • I ordered this camera and it was supposed to come with a 64 GB SD card I believe and it did not. When I asked about it they sent me a 4 GB SD card. Also the grip on the camera was falling off as if a child were scratching it off.
    • I really wanted to get into photography but didn\'t have much of a budget to do so, so after a photography friend\'s recommendation, I purchased this camera with high hopes. It is fantastic. The first few weeks I had it, I took it everywhere with me. It gets clean and crisp shots and because it doesn\'t take video, the battery seems to last forever! Yeah, it\'s not a super high-end camera with all the bells and whistles, but this is a great starter camera for someone wanting to get into photography.

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