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Fujifilm Finepix S1800 12.2 Mp Digital Camera With 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom

fujifilm finepix s1800 12 2 mp digital camera with 18x wide angle optical dual image stabilized zoom and 3 inch lcd

Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD

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  • 12.2-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD for photo-quality poster-sized prints
  • Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom lens (28mm wide-angle to 504mm telephoto); Dual Image Stabilization
  • Capture movies in HD quality 720p resolution
  • 3.0-inch high-contrast LCD and Electronic View Finder
  • Track a moving subject automatically for still picture capture

Product Description Fujifilm FinePix S1800 - 12MP, Fujinon 18x Wide Optical Zoom (28 - 504mm), 3.0\" LCD + Viewfinder. Other features include Face Detection w/ Red Eye Removal, Face Recognition, Tracking Auto Focus, Dual Image Stabilization, High Sensitivity 6400 ISO, 6 Scene - SR Auto Automatic Scene Recognition, Panorama Mode, HD Movie 720p w/ Sound, Instant Zoom/Zoom Bracketing, Smile/Blink Detection Mode, 4-AA Batteries. From the Manufacturer Sporting a 12-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CCD, a powerful Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom (28mm-504mm equivalent) and an extra large 3.0-inch high-contrast LCD and electronic viewfinder, the FinePix S1800 is perfect for advanced amateur photographers who want an affordable, step-up digital camera that will still fit in the palm of their hand. Finepix S1800 Highlights HD Movie Capture Capture movies in HD quality 720p HD. 18x Fujinon Optical Zoom Lens The FinePix S1800 features a Fujinon 18x wide-angle optical zoom lens that produces crisp high resolution results throughout the focal range, from 28mm wide-angle to an astounding 504mm telephoto. It also features Instant Zoom, which enables you to keep their subject in a shot at long distance by offering a wide viewing area around the frame and then immediately cropping to the subject once the photo is taken. 18x optical zoom in action. Smile and Blink Detection In addition to Fujifilm's signature Face Detection, Fujifilm has added two fun and valuable features: Smile Detection recognizes the precise moment your subject smiles and releases the shutter only when this happens; and Blink Detection warns you if any of your subjects have blinked so that you can re-take the photo if necessary. Tracking Auto Focus The FinePix S1800 also has Tracking Auto Focus, which allows users to track a moving subject automatically for still picture capture. Auto Picture Rotation The FinePix S1800 has the useful Auto Picture Rotation that ensures your photos are always viewed the right way in playback. Whether you have taken a landscape or portrait image, you can enjoy your pictures whichever way you are holding the camera, as the image will automatically rotate in the screen for easy viewing. Image Retrieval Fujifilm has created a new Picture Search tool which allows you to find photos quickly and easily. You can search with both digital cameras by whichever Scene Mode the photo was taken. For instance if you select 'Portrait,' you can view all photos shot in Portrait mode, or 'Macro' to see all close up shots, etc. It's a time saving feature which means that you will no longer have to waste time searching through all your photos to find the ones you are looking for. Additional Features 3.0-inch high-contrast LCD and Electronic View Finder: The FinePix S1800 is fitted with a high-contrast 230K-pixel 3.0-inch LCD and Electronic View Finder. The high-contrast LCD is a considerable benefit in bright light and means that the camera can be pitched at various shooting angles to enable framing of awkward shots, while the Electronic View Finder provides even more flexibility for the user. Dual Image Stabilization: Long-zoom cameras need stabilization more than any other compact, with handshake and subject movement a particular problem in low light at telephoto range. The FinePix S1800 reduces blur to a minimum with a mechanically stabilized CCD sensor and high ISO sensitivity (to ISO 6400), so that blur is reduced to an absolute minimum. Face Detection and Automatic Red-eye Removal: To provide perfectly exposed and focused portrait shots, the FinePix S1800 is fitted with Fujifilm's latest Face Detection technology which is able to track up to 10 faces simultaneously, at almost any angle to the camera. The system instantly corrects red-eye and then saves both the original and the corrected image file automatically. Dual Image Stabilization

Buy Now : Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD

Brand : Fujifilm
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.2
Review Count : 472
Auto Focus Technology : Single, Continuous, Contrast Detection, Live View
Photo Sensor Size : 1/2.3-inch
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 12 MP
Video Capture Resolution : 720p
Video Standard : avi, mpeg4
Model Name : Fujifilm FinePix S1800
Model Number : S1800
Best Sellers Rank : #381,841 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #2,597 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Color : Black
Included Components : USB Cable
Expanded ISO Maximum : 1600
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 18 x
Compatible Mountings : Fujifilm Fine
Screen Size : 3 Inches
Display Type : LCD
Batteries Required? : Yes
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Are Batteries Included : Yes
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Battery Weight : 1 Grams
Target Gender : Unisex
Connectivity Technology : USB
Continuous Shooting Speed : 1.3
Special Feature : Image Stabilization
Skill Level : Professional
Form Factor : SLR-like (bridge)
Hardware Interface : USB
Display Resolution Maximum : 230,000
White balance settings : Flash use
JPEG quality level : Fine
Image Stabilization : Sensor-shift
Video Capture Format : MJPEG
Viewfinder Type : LCD
Display Fixture Type : Fixed
Item Dimensions LxWxH : 4.33 x 3.19 x 2.89 inches
Item Weight : 0.74 Pounds
Zoom Type : Digital
Focus Type : Auto Focus
Maximum Focal Length : 504 Millimeters
Minimum Focal Length : 28 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 100
Metering Description : Evaluative
Battery Description : 4 x AA batteries (Alkaline, NiMH or Lithium)
Flash Memory Type : SD/SDHC, Internal
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Max Shutter Speed : 1/2000 seconds
Min Shutter Speed : 8 seconds
Digital Zoom : 6.3
Removable Memory : Secure Digital Card

fujifilm finepix s1800 12 2 mp digital camera with 18x wide angle optical dual image stabilized zoom and 3 inch lcd
fujifilm finepix s1800 12 2 mp digital camera with 18x wide angle optical dual image stabilized zoom and 3 inch lcd
fujifilm finepix s1800 12 2 mp digital camera with 18x wide angle optical dual image stabilized zoom and 3 inch lcd

Fujifilm FinePix S1800 12.2 MP Digital Camera with 18x Wide Angle Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom and 3-Inch LCD

  • beginner user learning photographyok I know that a potential buyer wants to know why not to buy this camera so ill list the limitations first:no exterior flash hot shoe. no lens filter threads. mem chip is in the battery storage on bottom of camera. only jpeg format for the stills. I would have like them to go the extra penny on the larger rather than the smaller tiny usb connector or better yet why not just build the camera so you can plug a thumb drive right into the camera.ok now on to the positive aspects over all this seems to be alot of camera for the price. I want to learn photography possibly up to a semi-professional level but I didn\'t want/ didn\'t have the money to commit to a full blown DSLR so when shopping around I encountered the s1800 and its brother the 2550? which has an hdml connector. it had many features I was looking for good pixel size, built in zoom, even some video capability weighing the features and the limitations I decited to buy the the box was the camera (its slightly smaller and lighter than I expected but im old school when it comes to 35mm and its just good enough not to have a \"cheap feel\") it came with 4xAA batts, an inexpensive strap, a unimpressive lens cap,, and a USB cable,, and like 3 basic manuals in different languages and a CD with some softwear and advanced manual i havent installed yet. the support was a cardboard eggcarton configuration.I took the camera out and played with it knowing little about digital camera operation but was still able to figure out basic operations without a first shot was a dragonfly on a branch from 6feet away in daylight and I have to say the results were a plesant suprise as there were some reports that it was blury at high zoom and I found the camera to be respectably stable (I did have a mini tripod attached for added stability but wasnt ground placed) the shot had the dragon fly in crisp focused detail. (im using one of the lower picture resolutions the 2mb on fine it translates to about a 500k next attempt was some star shots and while I was able to shoot the intended star I failed to get anything like a starry night pic but it may have been my failure and I need to be more agressive with the configurations, (on a side note the eyepiece crosshair functioned like a hud scope and by placing my eye a few inches back from the eye piece and looking with both eyes I was able to target a selected star to get it in frame even at full zoom)my third test was falling water I set this on the sport setting but was unable in a few frames to get frozen falling water I need to do more research as I believe this camera is capable of final is a sunset (there is a sunset specialty setting) even in my crappy ugly location ,just goofing off I took a photo that has gotten a wow responce several times from friends.FINAL NONES a 4gb chip will hold like 6000+ of the low resolution pictures (500k) this is a very versitile camera for the money and I think it would find a place as a support or backup camera even if I had the big bucks would like to see RAW format, thumb drive support, filter threads, and exterior hookup ports for flash and mic and shutter.APRIL 02 2011 something new I encountered is the camera essencially only has 2 F stop settings you can zoom to bend to others up to F11 as I understand it a full DSLR has direct access to 7-10 f stops
  • I bought this camera in December 2010. Being my first camera, I wanted something that could take very good shots of small animals and reptiles, as well as my artwork.After a little over a year with this camera, I\'ve found some faults.1. I have used the super macro setting with perfect lighting, on full zoom or no zoom, yet no matter how close or far I am, if the subject (insect, reptile, flower) is under 3\" or so, it will come out noisy and the color will be off. I see little to no difference between macro, and super macro, other than not being able to use the flash, or full zoom optical on the super. Not a problem for things larger than 3\", such as mice and large birds/insects, they usually come out clear and defined if used in proper light and the correct settings.2. The \"specialized\" settings, such as sport, low light/fireworks, party, beach, and sunset, are not as significant as they seem. You can do better on \"custom\" mode, and change the settings as you go. All that those fancy settings do, is what you could do manually, and it comes out better if you do it yourself. Even worse, you can not control the light, ISO, or size you want to photo to be. The only setting I am fond of in that section is \"flower\" in which case they do come out slightly more vivid and the background is wonderfully blurred.3. The digital zoom is NOISY. I can almost guarantee, no matter what setting you have it on, even with a tripod, the photos will be grainy and blurry. And if this is a moving object, forget about definition and contrast, it comes out overly bright or dark, and the shutter takes forever to actually take the picture.4. Color is decent, if you have it on the right settings, and in perfect light. If you want nighttime photos, please use flash. Without it, the photos are overly red, blurred, and grainy.5. The auto (which I have used once, just to see) is very poor. I try never to use it, just because you are capable of so much more when you edit the settings yourself. Auto is for quick snapshots, and only if you do not care about quality, they are washed out and not to the camera\'s full capability.6. The movies are great, in good lighting. However, you can not focus while you are shooting, it auto focuses, often leaving you a few seconds of a blurry subject. There is no light correction, special features, or stabilization. You literally point and shoot. An example can be found here:[...] and [...]Lots of grain mentioned? Yes, even with 12.2 MP and low ISO, it still takes grainy photos over 400 speed.This is a very nice camera for the beginner and intermediate. Editing is usually a must. However, although I am in not a professional photographer, and do not have the terminology of one, I am an semi-professional artist, in which case I need spectacular reference photos for my artwork, with excellent color accuracy, contrast, and little or no grain/noise. I shoot with the lowest ISO I can manage, usually 64 to 200 MAX. I am looking to upgrade to a DSLR, or higher quality PnS very soon, but I highly recommend this camera for anyone who wants to take nice \"around the house\" shots. I am very pleased with this product!

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