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Pentax K-5 Iis 16.3 Mp Dslr Body Only (Black)

pentax k 5 iis 16 3 mp dslr body only black

Pentax K-5 IIs 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 16.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor, no anti-aliasing filter
  • 7 frames per second continuous shooting
  • 11-point AF system
  • ISO 100-12,800 expandable up to 51,200
  • 1080 HD video
  • 3.0 inch LCD with 921,000 dots
  • 100% viewfinder

Buy Now : Pentax K-5 IIs 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black)

Brand : Pentax
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 3.9
Review Count : 95

Pentax K-5 IIs 16.3 MP DSLR Body Only (Black)

  • The camera is great for quality photos. It is an upgrade from the K-5 which I have owned for over four years. It does make a sharper photo as I expected it would. In post processing, the photos from the K-5iis are sharper with less noise. Be careful of the viewing screen. I was sold on the air gap technology with the glass hard coated for scratch resistant feature. I have had the camera for less than two months and have small cloudy scratches from rubbing against my shirt (read correction below). I thought with the updated screen, a protector would not be necessary because scratch resistance was part of the selling feature. I will give an update.Update 9-2-2016 -I would have updated this post much sooner, but I forgot about it until someone recently asked me about it. I never sent the camera back for warranty repair because there was a question as to how it was scratched, and the cost for repair would have been close to $300. I, unknowingly, had my new softer neck strap replacement adjusted too long and the camera screen was rubbing against my belt buckle, not my shirt (not sure if it should have scratched under the mild contact with the buckle for such a short time, a couple of use times for up to 2 hours before noticing it). I cleaned it the best I could and put on a screen protector which made the scratches almost unnoticeable. The camera has been a very good camera for photo quality output with no real complaints. I bought a K-3 model about a year ago which I enjoy even more. The color rendition and white balance are superior to the K-5iis. However, the K-5iis does a better job with noise control at higher ISO than on the K-3, most likely due to the MP difference. Because of that, the K-5iis is my go to camera for most of my night photography.
  • These are great cameras. I had the original K-5 and now, despite a truly horrible repair experience I bought a Pentax again.Unfortunately I think the brand will die because of mismanagement. Pentax has changed owners a number of times and is now owned by Ricoh.At the beginning of the summer, my previous K-5 broke. Upon sending it in to Pentax/Ricoh, it took over three months before the camera was returned with no effort to repair it.Details:The backpack that it was in was partially and briefly submersed in salt water. Salt water is brutal to electronics. I sent the camera and the lens in to Pentax/Ricoh for repair and cleaning. I never heard back from Pentax. Upon inquiries I was informed that the camera and lens were with a repair company contracted by Pentax for factory repairs: Precision Camera. Precision Camera did not answer to phone calls or emails.The only way I\'ve been able to get Precision Camera to respond to me was by filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of Connecticut (Precision Camera is located in Connecticut). This got a prompt response from Myles Raphael with a repair quote of $243. This was three months after I sent the camera in to Pentax.I wrote back to Precision Camera and asked for details and a timeline for the repair. No response. After a number of calls I was able to get through to Myles, who told me that the quote he had given me was not the real quote. Now, he promised to contact their repair people and find out what the real cost was. After a week, I called him again. This time he told me the camera and lens could not be repaired and they would send it back.They did send back my camera and lens, after more than three months.I received my K-5 IIs today. It works great. I installed the lens that I had sent in to Pentax. I had to clean off the contacts on it. It works great, autofocus works wonderfully. So I know that Precision Camera has made no effort to repair it.So I would to warn everyone that if you buy any of these cameras, you know you\'re buying something that is basically disposable. If it breaks, it breaks, and you will not be able to get it repaired.I think because of stupid stuff like this, this brand will disappear and only Canon and Minolta will be left. It\'s a shame, because these really are excellent camera\'s.Despite my experience, I bought another Pentax. The price was great.
  • As silly as the title of this review may be, it\'s absolutely true.I\'ve been through quite a few cameras: Nikon D5000, D300s, D600. Canon T2i, 5d II. Panasonic G5, GX1. Olympus EP-2, E-PL2, OM-D. I\'ve also owned various lenses for the above-mentioned cameras, many of them very nice. But all of those cameras and lenses are now gone. Selling and buying a new system can be very taxing, both financially and emotionally, and it was the same when I decided to try Pentax. I remember the day I found this camera online; I just wasn\'t satisfied with my setup (at the time using both the D600 and OM-D) for whatever reason. It\'s hard to explain. I have gone through various states of enjoyment in the usage of many of the mentioned cameras, and the D600 and OM-D are both great in their own right (I really did enjoy my OM-D). Absolutely. But I just didn\'t LOVE them.So as I\'m scouring the internet, searching for who knows what, I finally realize I\'ve never given Pentax a chance. So I click on over to the Pentax website and see the K-5 II. Looks simplistic enough, but it\'s very small and looks as though it\'s got a good feel. Then I see the K-5 IIs, sans AA filter, and immediately go: SOLD. I then look at the lens line, and availability of lenses on Amazon and elsewhere and I\'m not super impressed compared to other manufacturers (at least for the newer stuff). But I decide, to heck with it. I\'m getting one.Best decision about photography gear I\'ve made in my life.The first, and best, thing about this camera, and the thing I\'ll keep repeating is this: it just makes SENSE. From the button layout to the way it feels in your hand to the size to the menus, the camera just makes SENSE. I\'ve had so many moments (more with certain manufacturers than others) that just made me go \"Why in the heck did they do it that way instead of this other way??\". How many times have I asked that of this camera? Zero. It\'s so easy and quick to change the settings I use most it\'s almost obscene. The best I can say about it is that it doesn\'t even feel like a camera. It feels like a companion, or an extension of myself; one that is working with me, helping me to accomplish my goal, which is simply to make great images and absolutely enjoy doing it. And I was able to have this experience right from jump. I picked it up, put a lens on it, and started shooting, and the camera answered all my questions. I don\'t think I looked at the manual one time.#2 is that this camera takes fantastic images. The dynamic range is truly astounding, and I\'ve taken shots that actually look like HDR shots without doing anything to them in post. I\'ve recovered detail from absolutely BLACK portions of a shot, where I was flabbergasted to find that there was actually something there. It\'s amazing what you can pull out of these raw files, truly.Obviously the images are very detailed as well, which is an effect of the missing AA filter, and a welcome one. In all the shots I\'ve taken so far with it (I\'ve yet to use it for a wedding, however), which is probably around 4k, I\'ve yet to experience a hint of moire anywhere. So if that\'s what\'s stopping you from getting this camera, don\'t let it.Don\'t believe me? Go on over to dxomark and compare this camera\'s sensor to ALL other Canon sensors and see what you get. Trust me, revelations are waiting. Nikon has some of the best sensors in digital right now, and this camera is right there with them.#3 is that the AF system really isn\'t as bad as everyone makes it. I\'d say it\'s better than my 5d II was, but not by a lot. I shot a hockey game in low light with a Sigma 50-150 2.8, and this camera did just fine. Is it a speed demon? Nope. But never during that event did I find myself wishing for a faster AF. And it will focus in EXTREMELY low light, which is a bonus if you ask me.#4 is the portability factor. The size of this camera is fantastic. Perfect. Just verging on too small, but not jumping the line. I\'ve got fairly large hands (large glove size), and I have no trouble with holding or using the camera. You can change pertinent settings with one hand if need be, and the camera is light enough that you can shoot with it all day and not worry about it. Sure, my OM-D trumped it for portability, but certainly not for ergonomics! This camera has the perfect combination of good ergonomics and portability. For me it was nice to get a camera that was somewhere between the D600 and OM-D that I had.Negatives? Well, the newer Pentax lenses have lots of SDM problems, and in general aren\'t the fastest focusing lenses on the planet. That said, my Sigma lenses are great (the 50-150 focuses quite quickly). And Pentax does have some pretty stellar prime lenses to choose from. Their lenses are generally more contrasty than other manufacturers, which can make shots \'pop\'. So while there are some issues with the lens lineup, there are various ways to fill these problem areas. And every manufacturer has issues somewhere in their lens lineup.Also, 1/180 flash sync could be much better. This seems an odd thing to not address.I don\'t believe the camera supports UHS-1 speed cards either, which is another oddity that makes very little sense.However none of these negatives can overcome the sheer usability of the camera, and the absolutely fantastic level of enjoyment I get out of using it. I can\'t imagine anyone who truly loves photography being disappointed with this camera.I\'m certainly glad I took that pit stop on Pentax Imaging that day.(Update May 25, 2013)Well I\'ve now been using this camera almost 4 months. Not much has changed from my original assessment, if anything. It remains an absolutely fabulous camera, with incredible image quality, that is just incredibly user friendly. I can\'t recommend this camera highly enough. While the lens situation can sometimes be odd (and Pentax just raised the price of a bunch of them, which sucks), Pentax still makes some of the best primes on the planet, and you can always get sdm motors repaired should they happen to fail on lenses like the 17-70mm f4. Or just buy Sigma like I did. Whatever lenses you choose to use, rest assured that the K-5 IIs will absolutely make the best of them. Still highly, highly recommended.

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