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Nikon D3300 Dx-Format Dslr Kit W/ 18-55mm Dx Vr Ii & 55-200mm Dx Vr Ii Zoom Lenses And Case (Black)

nikon d3300 dx format dslr kit w 18 55mm dx vr ii 55 200mm dx vr ii zoom lenses and case black

Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit w/ 18-55mm DX VR II & 55-200mm DX VR II Zoom Lenses and Case (Black)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 24.2 MP CMOS DX-format sensor
  • 5 frames per second continuous shooting
  • 11 AF points with 3D tracking
  • ISO 100-12800 (expandable to 25600)
  • 1080 (60, 50, 30, 25, 24 fps) HD video (MPEG-4/H.264/MOV).The D3300's 11-point Autofocus System locks onto your subjects as soon as they enter the frame and stays with them until you catch the shot you want.
  • 3 inch LCD with 921,000 dots

Buy Now : Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit w/ 18-55mm DX VR II & 55-200mm DX VR II Zoom Lenses and Case (Black)

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,DSLR Cameras
Rating : 4.7
ListPrice : US $789
Price : US $789
Review Count : 409

nikon d3300 dx format dslr kit w 18 55mm dx vr ii 55 200mm dx vr ii zoom lenses and case black
nikon d3300 dx format dslr kit w 18 55mm dx vr ii 55 200mm dx vr ii zoom lenses and case black
nikon d3300 dx format dslr kit w 18 55mm dx vr ii 55 200mm dx vr ii zoom lenses and case black

Nikon D3300 DX-format DSLR Kit w/ 18-55mm DX VR II & 55-200mm DX VR II Zoom Lenses and Case (Black)

  • Based on the top reviews, and after 3+ weeks of driving myself and my wife crazy with the hardcore researching about which camera to buy in this price class, I chose the D3300. My first experience was with a third-party seller, and I\'m still extremely angry at them for hosing my order up so badly.So, I decided to spend a little more and buy from Amazon instead, knowing Amazon would make any problems go away as quickly as possible. Since I didn\'t get the kit from a 3rd party, I paid more and got a lot less in terms of accessories. I\'ve had to buy the wireless remote, wired remote, filters, petal shade thing, cleaning cloths and brushes, all that stuff that I\'ve just found out is pretty essential if you\'re going to spend the time to learn how much this camera can do. I\'m an avid sci-fi nerd, which means I love nothing more than to stare at the night sky, and now stare at the night sky while the camera is doing a long exposure to capture the Milky Way.The case is nice and padded, and has room for the camera and both lenses, and so far, all of my accessories. It has adjustable padded velcro doohickies in it to resize the compartments to your needs. It\'s not stiff at all, which could be worrisome if I was rough and tumble, but since this is my first \"real\" camera in my 41 years, I tend to treat it like my ESP and Jackson guitars (like they are unstable nitroglycerin containers).The lenses are both Nikon-made, though I\'m nowhere near experienced enough to know if they are as great as others have said in these reviews. So far, the camera and lenses work exactly as they should, and I\'ve quickly learned how to actually do manual settings in some situations (as Auto mode is okay, but when you hit the right exposure/ISO/etc, the full moon through the zoomed 200mm is too awesome for words... I guess I\'m weird but it\'s still amazing that my moon pictures that I got the settings right look just as good as the National Geographic type quality stuff I\'ve seen my whole life... the craters and such... this came from MY CAMERA!).The D3300 doesn\'t have all the extra Autofocus bells and whistles that some others do, but so far, it works great. Again, I\'m a nooblet, but I\'m doing something right, and I\'m sure that something is getting a good camera and lens that will guide me with excellent results. The flash is something I haven\'t used much of yet, though I am definitely going to purchase an external unit as I\'m a nerd and want to learn that too.One of the things I like about the lenses, and this is probably common knowledge to SLR users, is that they have a little button on them to lock the lens \"closed\" (or \"retracted\" is probably a better term). The camera is constantly reminding me when I turn it on that I have to hold the button on the lens housing and twist to get it to lock in the \"open\" mode. Seems like it would be annoying, but I\'m paranoid-careful still so this is a good thing. Plus it retracts them further than their shortest active mode, which saves an inch or more of space in the bag.Overall, I am more pleased with this camera kit than I can put into words. Again, it\'s my first \"real\" camera. Sort of like when I bought my first \"real\" (ie: expensive as @#%@) guitar. It\'s a learning experience for sure, but I joined a local camera club that meets regularly, and I\'m a big internet nerd so I\'ve been reading as much as I can then rushing outside to try it out. I like that the camera guides me into doing things without confusing me too much.The biggest issue I\'ve run into so far is I had to search the internet to find out why the camera wouldn\'t take pictures in the dark. I KNOW these things are awesome at taking pictures of the night sky, but mine wouldn\'t... For experienced camera persons, you\'re probably wanting to thump me in the head because you know the answer, but for other rookies like me, the answer is: set it to manual focus.Yep, turn off AF (autofocus). If it\'s too dark, the camera can\'t focus on a subject and so refuses to open the shutter. Now, there might be another way around this, but this was the only real answer I found that solved my problem. Now I\'ve got about 9GB of images from just about every shutter speed imaginable, and I\'m about to have about 5000000GB more now that I have a wired shutter remote and can leave it open for an hour or more.Note to self: buy a nice motorized tripod with GPS so it will track the stars and not leave streaks.This kit did come with the wireless / WiFi adapter. I haven\'t used it yet, and to be honest, I\'m not sure if I ever will. I guess I should finally stop being an old man and get an Instagram account. I have a nice LG G3 phone, but I can\'t really see how using my camera in WiFi mode would be helpful. It seems like just another step or six that I\'d have to go through when what I really dig is popping the SD card and plugging it into the desktop via USB 3.0 card reader. Blazing fast transfers that way, much faster than WiFi or USB 2.0 phone. I\'ll keep it around just in case someone tells me a good use for it, but if the kit came without it, I wouldn\'t have cared. Which also means I am glad I saved some money and bought this model instead of the next step up (D5300?) which has built-in WiFi and GPS.Thanks to all of the great reviews of this product. They really did help me make up my mind between this and the Canon T5i (I REALLY wanted the 1080p video @ 60fps, and from everything I\'ve read and seen, the D3300 video capabilities are superior to almost every other camera in this price range) and a few others (Pentax and Minolta were candidates too).
  • I have been using this camera just over 8 months now and I am very pleased with the performance of this camera in casual shooting and it has even managed to hold its own for me when tasked with some light event photography. The camera body is fairly light in hand in comparison to other DSLRs such as its predecessors the nikon 3200 and 3100 and it is also considerably less bulky than the 5300 and all 7000 series dslrs which make this camera very convenient for out door work. In portraiture the kit lens do more then you would expect in terms of quality; they are relatively fast autofocusing (for a kit lens) and the new VR2 lens design makes them much more compact than their predecessors as well. As a new photographer with this being the first DSLR I have ever owned I have found that through use of these lens that they are out grown fairly quickly. After a couple months of use the 55-200mm VR2 kit lens became inadequate in terms of its zoom capabilities. Despite that the biggest difference between a DSLR and a point and shoot is the ability to use different lens actually stopping to get your 55-200 lens and switch it with your 18-55 or vice versa nearly always causes you to miss the shot. For this reason I would recommend investing is a sigma(a third party company) 18-250mm lens and forgo purchasing the 18-55 and 55-200 since it will not require upgrading nearly as fast as the kit lens.It is the holiday season and the internet is flooded with inexperienced parents doing there holiday shopping as trying to figure out what all those acronyms mean and may be thinking that the magnitude of the number on the zoom is the soul factor on quality of a lens. If this may be you here is what you should know about this product.-Brand Nikon-Nikon makes two types of DSLRs FX sensor bodies and DX sensor bodies. FX sensor bodies are larger and there image quality is higher but so is their price; DX sensor bodies are smaller (since the DX sensor is smaller than the FX sensor) but their images are more noisy than that of and FX body-Noise is when a picture looks like there are grains of sand on it or white particles.(Noise is genernally unpleasant)-ISO is light sensitivity. When shooting in a darker are you increase your ISO to make the image brighter. The higher the ISO the more noisy the shot becomes. On this camera the noise produced between ISO 100-1600 is negligable. The noise at ISO 3200-6400 is noticeable but still manageable. The noise produced at ISOs higher than ISO 6400 I have found can make the shots unusable. (That is my opinion not necessarily through for someone else).-Shutter Speed is the amount of time light is allowed to come in contact with the shutter whilst taking a single image.Shutter speed is measured in seconds and fractions of a second. The highest shutter speed(smallest amount of time) on this camera is 1/4000 of a second.-Aperture is size of the opening in the lens in which light can pass through.-ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture control image exposure on digital cameras- Image Exposure is how much light comes in contact with your cameras sensor when taking a single image.(How bright or how dark your image is)-This camera comes with Zoom lens-Prime lens are lens that do not zoom. Zoom lens are more convenient but prime lens produce images of significantly greater quality-The 18-55mm kit lens paired with a reverse ring does excellent macros-Macros are photos of small things so that they look big when scaled up for example a picture of a flyIn summary this camera will give high quality performance in use and is very reliable with superior battery life to its predecessor the D3200 and comparable image quality to that of it 5000 series counter part the D5300 but the kit lens are not the best. They are good when it comes to kit lenses but they are just trumped in terms of quality produced by other equivalently priced prime lens. Thankyou for reading and I hope my revue was helpful and made your DSLR shopping experience easier. Happy Holidays.

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