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Nikon Z 30 Aps-C 20.9mp 4k Video Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera Bundle 1 Lens Kit With Nikkor Z

nikon z 30 aps c 20 9mp 4k video mirrorless digital vlogging camera bundle 1 lens kit with nikkor z dx 16 50mm

Nikon Z 30 APS-C 20.9MP 4K Video Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera Bundle 1 Lens Kit with NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm

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  • Designed for creators, vloggers and streamers: Nikon's easy to use Z 30 mirrorless 4K camera with a versatile 16-50mm wide-angle zoom lens
  • Pro-grade video quality: Crisp 4K resolution, autofocus with eye tracking for people and pets, beautifully blurred backgrounds, outstanding low-light performance and rock-steady image stabilization
  • Vlogger essentials: Flip out touchscreen selfie monitor, built-in stereo microphone with adjustable sensitivity, red REC light and smartphone app for controlling the camera with a compatible phone
  • Easy live streaming: Plug and play webcam operation, smooth Full HD 60p streaming over USB-C, 4K 30p streaming over HDMI and constant power over USB-C
  • A kit that grows with you: Compatible with Nikon's entire line of exceptional NIKKOR Z lenses, from fast primes to macro lenses, so you can expand your capabilities over time

Buy Now : Nikon Z 30 APS-C 20.9MP 4K Video Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera Bundle 1 Lens Kit with NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm

Brand : Nikon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.4
ListPrice : US $849.95
Price : US $796.95
Review Count : 92

nikon z 30 aps c 20 9mp 4k video mirrorless digital vlogging camera bundle 1 lens kit with nikkor z dx 16 50mm
nikon z 30 aps c 20 9mp 4k video mirrorless digital vlogging camera bundle 1 lens kit with nikkor z dx 16 50mm
nikon z 30 aps c 20 9mp 4k video mirrorless digital vlogging camera bundle 1 lens kit with nikkor z dx 16 50mm
nikon z 30 aps c 20 9mp 4k video mirrorless digital vlogging camera bundle 1 lens kit with nikkor z dx 16 50mm

Nikon Z 30 APS-C 20.9MP 4K Video Mirrorless Digital Vlogging Camera Bundle 1 Lens Kit with NIKKOR Z DX 16-50mm

  • Used Nikon D90 for a long time and decided to give this a try. I didn\'t want to spend anywhere close to $1000 for camera body for a hobby and wanted something more compact to carry. You can use a most of F mount lens with the adapter from Nikon, which was one of the major selling point. Having the floppy screen was great, as it allowed me to position the camera in any direction/ vantage point that I couldn\'t do with tilt or stuck-on monitor. This is same advantage over using the smart phone, plus you get much better picture quality.Picture is great! No complaint there.Need to get over the no view finder on the camera. Same with Sony ZV-E10. If you are more used to smart phone photo, no issues what so ever.One thing to remember, (for photo) there is no \"focus is locked\" beep sound when not using AF-S. Only AF-S mode will give you the green focus confirmation and beep sound.Vs. Sony ZV-e10:I really wanted to hold on to Z30, as there are definitely additional benefits/ease using the camera and picture quality is excellent. However, ultimately decided to return Z30 due to focus issue on video. For a camera that is being sold and designed more for video, I found focus issue very odd. It was better photo camera than being the video camera.Pro vs. Sony ZV-E10:No cropping on 4K.Video stabilization is same as Sony, they both suck and will require work post production. However, no cropping on 4k helps with having less crop necessary at post production.Ergonomic is much better. Beefy grip.2 dials to control aperture and shutter speed + ISO button is by the shutter. Don\'t have to go through menu to pick it. Sony has 2 dials too but not as easy to use. More clicks are needed.Better picture quality. I found picture quality much better in Nikon.Some weather sealing vs none in Sony.2x FN button that you can assign desired setting.Nikon lens adapter allows you to use F mount lenses. Huge plus. Autofocus works well when shooting photo. Your option for lens really opens up because of this. Only caveat is that new FTZ I and 2 adaptor add length and size to your set up. FTZ 2 adapter doesn\'t give the hump on the bottom vs FTZ 1, but it\'s like $270...look for a used one. Used FTZ 1 adapter can be found for around $170.ISO/noise is definitely less in Nikon Z30 for both photo and video. How the Nikon takes care of the noise with higher ISO is amazing. In dark environment, even at F1.4 or 1.8, you do have to use higher ISO. I definitely find Nikon Z30 image to be cleaner than Sony.Con vs. Sony ZV-E10:People/face tracking is not always solid.Shutter sound is somewhat \"sad\" or not pleasing.No HDR recording.Lens options are limited and more expensive due to less 3rd party making lenses for Nikon Z line.Body+kit lens combo is slightly cheaper than Sony, but prime lenses will definitely cost more.No zoom control on dial for zoom lenses.Everything for Z30 was working great except when I realized many videos were not autofocusing on the person (in human eye/face tracking mode). Results were same for prime and zoom lenses, whether they were Nikon F lenses on the adapter or Nikon Z mount lenses. When camera or the person is not moving much, it\'s fine. When person is moving or camera is moving (slowly) around the person, face and eye detection does happen, but focus is not on the person. It\'s very odd.Once the focused person is outside of the frame and then back, eye/face tracking sometimes does not work and when it does, focus is not on the person. Focus is stuck on the background. As a result, I don\'t know if person is actually in focus. I tried it with 4 different lenses and same result. Very frustrating. I have to constantly focus point on the screen, which beats the purpose of the autofocus and also cause shakes on the video. Only solution was having the high F number to keep everything in the frame in focus. However, when subject moves slightly toward the camera, focus is gone on the subject, despite face/eye being tracked. Z30 has around 200+ focus point vs. ZV-E10 with 400+ points. Perhaps that is the issue? It\'s worse in \"darker\" environment with eye/face tracking and focus. Red light keeps blinking, telling you that the focus is not happening.If you are using the F lenses with adapter and hear the noise from lens trying to auto-focus, there is no way around this. You need to buy the Z adapter issue with noise. It\'s dead quite.I played with several different auto-focus options, sensitivity, speed, and block recovery....all lead to same problem. I really like this camera for photo, but can\'t trust that videos. Sorry, will have to go back.
  • My interest in camera began with my iPhone 11 few yrs back and upgraded to 14 pro but soon realized its limitations while vlogging as I\'ve to settle for front camera instead of mighty rear camera. Z30 steps-up game significantly with more control on picture quality than a smartphone for video and Elgato facecam for streaming. Invest some time in learning the basics of picture composition (which\'s same for all camera brands) since it\'s a one-time investment to unleash full potential of this little Swiss army knife semi-pro camera. Youtube has very good tutorials on basics.Drawbacks and easy fixes:1) overheating while streaming: 4k overheats regardless of fps. Fortunately, 1080p 50fps is not overheating and can run as long as I need with Elgato 4k camlink. 1080p quality is fantastic ! Not missing 4k due to its crazy recording file sizes filling-up hard-drives quickly2)no view-finder: don\'t miss this as a one coming from smartphones generation3)no audio monitor: same as above. Never needed one while vlogging thru smartphone as I test check my levels before shoot4) crowded ports covering display: use left-angled micro HDMI and right-angled USB-c cable adaptersThis cam\'s lightweight, portability and low price overweighs these and any other limitations. Interestingly it has 11fps which\'s higher than its pricier full-frame Z5 bro. Mainly using this for video & streaming.UPDATED: after looking at raving reviews on Sony ZV-E10 + sigma 16mm lens, I gave it a try but had to return it back as:1) Nikon colors are more realistic than Sony right out of cam. Each video needs post-process to get good colors on zv-e102) 4k 30p is not cropped on z30 which\'s great for vlogging. enabling electronic-VR crops a bit on z30 but is still better than zv-e10\'s always cropped 4k 30p3) zv-e10 needs catalyst browser to fix vibration issues but z30 comes with decent VR built-in kit lens4) z30 display got touch screen both for controls and auto-focus while zv-e10 is all buttons. This\'s great in selfie mode when we can\'t see back buttons. Latter feature lets me touch any object on screen to begin auto-focus on it. No issues with auto-focus so far.5) sony+sigma setup feels bulky & heavy to hold for vlogging and bit more desk space for streaming compared to z30 with kit lens. You almost certainly feel need for gimbal with sony. z30 grip rocks !6) HDMI and USB-c ports are way too crowded on zv-e10 than z30. If either one of micro-hdmi or usb-c plugs are big, you\'re out of luck7) tally light on z30 is killer feature! it even blinks when it gets hot or low-battery8) nikon menu layout is lot intuitive and easier than sony9) z30 comes weather sealed unlike zv-e1011) audio quality on z30 is awesome12) after all the above, paying $300+ more for zv-e10+sigma combo didn\'t make sense
  • I\'m not a photographer and use my phone to take pictures most of the times. But when I travel, I want a nice camera to capture better pictures and this camera works perfect for that. The auto mode is good for average user, and I like the program mode which gives a fine tune on top of the auto mode. There are no EVF and IBIS which a lot of people don\'t like about this camera, but for the price, I really can\'t complain.
  • I have been using Nikon cameras for more than 40 years. I have always loved the sharpness of the lenses, and the Z lens that I have for my Z30 meet my expectations. The lenses are sharp, the 20MP sensor has incredible fidelity and low-light performance. Image stabilization is very good, and the auto-focus is the best I have used.Importantly to me, these lenses also allow manual focus in those situations when the camera doesn\'t quite get it right. There are a full range of manual controls, and they are pretty logical, though after two month, I am still figuring out some of them. However, I have that issue with just about every modern, semi-pro camera — too many buttons and dials and options. The learning curve is steep.Nonetheless, I\'m getting pictures I really like with this camera, and expect to use it as long as it allows. It feels like a Nikon — sturdy and reliable. If it lasts anywhere near as long as the Nion F i still have tucked away, i will be thrilled.
  • I bought this with the kit 16-50 lens. As an old guy, I have scoffed at kit lenses for years. This is an exception. For most purposes, the lens provides IQ well above its price. The camera uses a tried and tested 20.9m sensor that is capable of very good IQ. This is a huge step up from a camera phone, IMO and well worth its reasonable cost.

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