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Fuji Finepix W1 Dual 10mp Real 3d Digital Camera With 3x Optical Zoom And 2.8 Inch Lcd

fuji finepix w1 dual 10mp real 3d digital camera with 3x optical zoom and 2 8 inch lcd

Fuji FinePix W1 Dual 10MP Real 3D Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.8 inch LCD

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 2 - 10MP CCD Sensors
  • 3x Optical Zoom
  • 2.8 inch LCD
  • Shoot 3D & 2D Still lmages and movies
  • Take wide angle and tele photos with one press of the shutter button

Buy Now : Fuji FinePix W1 Dual 10MP Real 3D Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.8 inch LCD

Brand : Fujifilm
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4
Review Count : 10
Auto Focus Technology : Contrast Detection
Photo Sensor Technology : CCD
Effective Still Resolution : 10 MP
Video Capture Resolution : 2160p
Video Standard : AVI
Model Name : FinePix W1
Model Number : Fuji 3D
Best Sellers Rank : #611,882 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) #4,217 in Digital Point & Shoot Cameras
Color : Black
Expanded ISO Maximum : 1600
Lens Type : Zoom
Optical Zoom : 3
Compatible Mountings : Fujifilm W1
Screen Size : 2.8 Inches
Display Type : LCD
Batteries Required? : No
Number of Batteries : 1 Lithium Ion batteries required.
Are Batteries Included : No
Rechargeable Battery Included : No
Battery Cell Composition : Lithium Ion
Battery Weight : 1 Grams
Target Gender : Unisex
Special Feature : Automatic
Skill Level : Amateur, Professional
Form Factor : Compact
White balance settings : Auto
Image Stabilization : Electronic
Video Capture Format : AVI
Viewfinder Type : fixed LCD
Zoom Type : Optical, Digital
Maximum Focal Length : 35 Millimeters
Expanded ISO Minimum : 100
Water Resistance Level : Not Water Resistant
Removable Memory : Secure Digital Card

Fuji FinePix W1 Dual 10MP Real 3D Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom and 2.8 inch LCD

  • As this is the world\'s first and only 3D digital camera for consumers, it\'s a must-have for 3D enthusiasts as well as diehard gadget freaks. For everyone else, the 600-dollar list price and imperfect stereoscopic effect make the W1 a passing curiosity, something that may beget future better and cheaper models.Now, as a 2D (i.e., normal) digital camera, the W1 is actually quite good. Its image quality is very good for a compact-class camera, and in the \"advanced 2D\" mode, since it has two 10MP lenses, you can take two simultaneous 2D photos with different settings, such as different zooms (e.g., one wide angle and one telephoto), different ISO sensitivities, or different color effects (e.g., one color, one black and white). Indoors and outdoors, the W1 is a capable, above-average 2D camera. But all these do not make the W1 worth its 600-buck listing price.What\'s interesting, then, of course, is its 3D, or stereoscopic, picture taking. Actually you can shoot still images and movies in 3D -- and view them back on the built-in 3D LCD monitor measuring 2.8\" diagonally, without glasses. That\'s right, the LCD screen mimics 3D effect without your wearing 3D goggles.Another way to view the 3D photos and movies you took with the W1 would be to buy Fuji\'s V1 3D photo viewer, but that would set you back another 500 bucks. Or you can send your pictures to Fuji in Japan for lenticular prints, but those aren\'t cheap, either. Finally, given the W1 uses an industry-standard 3D file format, you can probably wait until another company comes up with a 3D monitor.Taking 3D pictures is almost as easy as taking 2D ones. I say \"almost\" because it turns out that to get the right 3D effect, you need to plan ahead -- you need to focus your attention on only one subject, and try to minimize anything else that\'s in the foreground or background. This is because the \"depth of parallax\" where you can perceive the 3D effect is quite shallow, especially when you zoom in, so if you have things in the foreground and background in addition to your main subject, those things in the front and back will appear as double-images when viewed back and give you a serious headache.Indeed, the 3D effect is so imperfect that Fuji warns you should only view 3D images -- whether previewing a shot you\'re about to take, shooting a 3D video clip, or viewing back those things -- for no more than 30 minutes at a time; the camera even has a warning indicator when you view 3D images for more than 30 minutes. For people like me who suffer from myopia and astigmatism (especially the latter), the comfortable viewing time is even less. And any double-image distractions on the screen make me dizzy and motion-sick quickly.So, to take 3D pictures that appear 3D, isolate your subject from any foreground or background materials. For example, keep a large distance between your subject and the background trees or houses or whatever, and keep the foreground clean. Take care not to cover either camera lens with your fingers, and you\'re set. The camera automatically adjusts the parallax according to distance to subject, but you can manually adjust the parallax, too, either before or after shooting. Unfortunately, adjusting parallax is a very eye-straining exercise, so you\'ll mostly want to leave the parallax setting to automatic.The video mode is not remarkable. You get stereo sound recording, but you cannot zoom, not even digitally (unlike, say, the Fuji JX250 which offers you a choice between optical video zoom or digital video zoom), during video recording. 3D movies are actually more fun to watch than 3D photos, especially if you follow my advice above and get the subject isolated from the background. For example, I shot some clips of a little league game and the clips where I had focused on just one kid player came out fine but any clip where I panned and included different players came out completely unwatchable.As a digital camera the W1 is fairly easy to figure out and use. It takes SDHC cards, unlike previous generations of Fuji\'s which used xD cards. It\'s not compatible with SDXC yet, only SDHC, but that gives you up to 32GB -- 8GB is the most popular capacity at this time.Because it houses two lenses and all that 3D processing circuitry, the W1 is big and heavy for a compact-class camera. It weighs 10.2 oz including battery and SD card. Coated in piano black, it\'s actually quite good-looking. Just hold it with steady hands, and always double-check that your fingers aren\'t blocking the lenses. Battery life is rated at 350 pictures, so pretty good. To charge the battery, you plug in one end of the small AC adapter to the camera itself while leaving the battery in the camera; i.e., there\'s no separate charger so you don\'t need to remove the battery each time.In summary, the W1 is an innovative imaging gadget that takes effective but imperfect 3D images and videos. As long as you take some care in framing the shots, the stereoscopy actually works -- and everyone who looks at my pictures gets completely amazed. (Until they find out how much I paid...) I don\'t recommend it to most people, but if you are into 3D or into revolutionary gadgets, go for it.(Final note: there is a freeware program called StereoPhoto Maker that can produce traditional red-and-blue prints so you can don one of those old-fashioned goggles and view your printed 3D pictures! Just bing \"StereoPhoto Maker\".)
  • This is a great 3D camera. The pictures and videos look beautiful. It\'s extremely compact and easy to use. The glasses free 3D viewfinder is very effective, and when I show it to people they are amazed. The 3D can be viewed on a 3D TV with an HDMI mini cable, that works perfectly. The zoom is only 2x, but then 3D looks best if you don\'t zoom, also you can\'t zoom while shooting the video, which is a big inconvenience. My biggest complaint is the battery life symbol shows full charge until seconds from dying, then it turns red, then it shuts off. And you cannot change batteries while attached to a tripod. Overall recommended.
  • I got this item from a different seller. This is a totally unique item, and features rather impressive technology. It has two digital camera that allow for the creation of 3D pictures. It has a rather amazing 3D screen. This is great for photos with a unique \"gee wiz\" novelty factor. It also functions fine as a conventional digital camera, although for 5 times the price. It is still half the price of a camera with a good zoom lens. It is about the size and shape. of an old gameboy or big smartphone.There are a few cons to it. One is how to view your 3D photos. You can view them on the screen or buy an expensive digital picture frame. For $7.00 a pop you can develop them into lenticular 3D pictures. Third party software (such as Stereo Photo Maker) lets you turn them into anaglyphs that can be viewed with \"red/green\" glasses.A big drawback is the software that comes with it is lousy. It is a memory hog that is hard to turn off and doesn\'t do anything. It also makes itself the default software for viewing photos, which is a problem because (as I said) it is lousy. The one good thing about it is it works on Macs. I definitely recommend getting 3rd party software.Also, the \"3D\" movies don\'t work, because it doesn\'t refocus as the camera moves.Apparently focus is critical for this kind of 3d photo
  • At the moment this camera is sui generis, so it\'s hard to critique, as there\'s little to compare it to in features and price. It has some odd quirks, as mentioned before, but it does work as advertised, it makes real digital 3D photos, and displays them on its back screen for viewing without glasses.It\'s really more for either 3D enthusiasts, or someone who hopes to become one. It does require experimentation to get the hang of taking good shots. It\'s not difficult so much as you need to be willing to work with it a while. Still it is digital, which means that you can just delete the shots that don\'t quite work and move on.The distance between the lenses is really too wide, it\'s easy to get your fingers in front of a lens, and it can be difficult to shoot in some situation because the lenses pick up glare from sunlight or other bright lights so easily-- they\'re not shaded at all.The coolest feature may be the movie mode. It\'s very impressive, and works much better than you would expect.
  • The NP-50 battery promoted to go with the W1 is for the W3 NOT the W1. Why Amazon is listing the NP-50 instead of the proper NP-95 beats me. The NP-50 WILL NOT fit the w1 model, will NOT work, NO WAY...Buyer beware...
  • Can anyone tell me why is this camera priced 3 times higher than the newer W3 model with exact same tech spec?Is this camera valued as a collector\'s antique because it is discontinued?Sony is introducing a full 1080p 3d camera for $250 and amazon is taking pre-orders now.
  • I got mine on ebay from SHUEIDO CAMERA in Taiwan for $550. I was a little disappointed.I thought I would see 3D pictures on my Samsung 3D LED tv, but nothing. And the camera\'sdisplay is to small for anything. And the battery life was less than an hour. Nothing you wouldwant to take away from a plug in. A good attempt if you into 3D, but for beginners, I wouldrecommend you wait for the next upgrade.

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