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Powershot A2500 16.0 Mp Digital Camera With 5x Optical Zoom And 720p Hd Video Recording (Red)

powershot a2500 16 0 mp digital camera with 5x optical zoom and 720p hd video recording red

PowerShot A2500 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 720p HD Video Recording (Red)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 16.0 MP sensor with DIGIC 4 Image Processor
  • 5x Optical Zoom with 28mm Wide-Angle lens with Digital IS to reduce camera shake
  • Smart AUTO with 32 predefined shooting modes
  • 720p HD video recording with a dedicated movie button
  • New ECO Mode to reduce power consumption

Buy Now : PowerShot A2500 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 720p HD Video Recording (Red)

Brand : Canon
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Point & Shoot Digital Cameras
Rating : 4.3
Review Count : 1669

powershot a2500 16 0 mp digital camera with 5x optical zoom and 720p hd video recording red
powershot a2500 16 0 mp digital camera with 5x optical zoom and 720p hd video recording red
powershot a2500 16 0 mp digital camera with 5x optical zoom and 720p hd video recording red
powershot a2500 16 0 mp digital camera with 5x optical zoom and 720p hd video recording red

PowerShot A2500 16.0 MP Digital Camera with 5X Optical Zoom and 720p HD Video Recording (Red)

  • I bought this Canon A2500 for my brother who has no photography experience and I thought this model was a nice entry level. I expected to get a camera you just point and take the shoot without thinking too much what is going on inside. To my surprise, this camera has much more features than I expected. This is good and bad at the same time, it\'s good because you can take great pictures in difficult conditions you wouldn\'t be able otherwise and it\'s bad because it\'s intended for someone who has no experience and may be lost with so many options/controls.The easiest way to use this camera is to leave it on AUTO, point and shoot. If it\'s a nice, sunny day outside you are probably going to get a good quality picture. However, if the quantity of light is diminished (it\'s a rainy day, you are using the camera indoors or close to the sunset/sunrise) you may be disappointed by the quality of the picture. And that is exactly the reason why so many people here complain that the pictures are blurry. The good news is that you can easily correct this if you know what to do. Most likely the majority of people buying this camera know little about photography. Don\'t feel bad, I know many people who are using expensive DSLR cameras and have no idea about photography, they keep their camera on AUTO, point and shoot. The only difference they are getting better pictures on AUTO, than you get with this camera on AUTO. In order to explain to you what settings you need to use to get great photos I have to introduce you to a few basic photography concepts. But before that let\'s see what are the reasons a picture can get blurry.1. Camera doesn\'t have a good focus (probably the reason everyone complaining here believed was true).2. Your subject moves during exposure.3. Your hands are shaking during exposure4. You are using a too slow exposure time (the main reason)EXPOSUREThis IS the most important factor for you. Exposure means the amount of light entering your camera sensor. This amount depends on three factors, aperture (the diameter of the \"hole\" in the middle of your lens), exposure time (the amount of time the aperture remains open) and ISO (the sensitivity of the film/digital sensor). The largest aperture for this camera is F/2.8 and the smallest is (I think) F/14. The larger the aperture, the more light is reaching the sensor. The exposure times is measured in fractions of a second. An exposure time of 1/60 means that the curtains of the lens will remain open for a 60th fraction of a second. This may look to you as a very fast exposure time but it\'s actually not. With this camera you can go as fast as 1/1600 of a second. For a sunny day your camera may chose an aperture of, say, F/7.1 and an exposure time of 1/125 or it can chose F/5 and exposure time 1/200. You have no control over what pair of aperture/exposure time your camera will chose but for you it doesn\'t matter (both will give you the same amount of light), only professionals care about what pair to use since the picture will look slightly different with each pair The most important thing is that either pair will give the same amount of light reaching the sensor. The problem appears in low light conditions. The largest aperture is F/2.8. For this aperture the camera may chose a slow exposure time, somewhere between 1/5-1/25 of a second. At these slow exposure times your picture will look blurry because your hands are shaking a little bit, plus your subject may move a little bit during the exposure. To get a clear picture with this camera you need to get an exposure time shorter than 1/125, even better 1/200. At these speeds it doesn\'t matter if your hands are shaking a little bit. To get a picture of a moving car or your kid playing soccer you need to go to an even faster speed, 1/500 to 1/1,600. How can you get to these short exposure times? There is only one way, you increase the sensitivity, the ISO. The problem is if you are using AUTO you are at the mercy of your camera you cannot chose your ISO. However, if you set your camera to \"P\" you are a little bit more in control since you can set any ISO you want from 100 to 1,600. In low light if your camera is choosing F/2.8 and 1/15 at ISO 100 you can boost your ISO to 800 or 1,600 and the camera is going to give you another aperture/exposure time pair, say F/5 and 1/400. Much better. At 1/400 or shorter it doesn\'t matter if your hands are steady or not. In good light conditions, I boosted ISO to 1,600 and the camera has chosen an exposure time of 1/1,250 seconds. At this speed I could get a clear picture of a car moving around 30 mph, clear as in \"not blurry\" but I noticed some noise that decreases the picture quality (see bellow about ISO). The fastest exposure time I\'ve got with this camera was 1/2,000 seconds.So, in short, these are my recommendations for this camera.1) Set your camera to \"P\"2) Boost your ISO to 200-400 during good light conditions and 400-800 during low light conditions. It will give you short exposure times.3) Use M (8 MB) not L(16 MB) unless you plan to print a picture larger than A3.4) Leave white balance to AUTO for now but experiment with \"Cloudy\" on a cloudy day or \"Tungsten\" or \"Fluorescent\" when shooting indoors.5) Turn the flash off during the day6) However, always use the flash during the day when you are taking pictures of people. People should NOT face the sun during the day, they should turn 180 degrees and you need to use the flash to eliminate the shadows on their face.7) Enjoy your pictures.=================================================June 12, 2014 updateA few words about ISO. Ideally, you should use the lowest ISO possible in a certain lightning condition. The lower the ISO the more details your picture will record. For example, if you take a picture of a person\'s face in a good light, at ISO 100 you can see every wrinkle, every pore or any other imperfection his/her face has. At ISO 400 these details are starting to fade away and at ISO 1,600 they may almost disappear. Not only that but at ISO 1,600 you can also see the picture becoming grainier (noisier) than at lower ISO. Looking back at the pictures I\'ve got with this camera at 1,600 on a 21 inch computer screen I would say they are too noisy for my taste and you should not go so high if you want a good picture quality. I think the maximum ISO this camera works well is 800. Also keep in mind that ISO varies from camera to camera. For example my Canon 60D takes great pictures at ISO 1,600 and even at ISO 3,200. Another issue is that even if you chose ISO 800 or ISO 1,600 your camera selects whatever aperture/exposure times consider suitable. I\'ve taken a picture of a car at F/4, 1/1,250 seconds that was very good for the purpose of getting a non-blurry car moving on the street but a few moments later the camera chose F/14 and 1/400 which gave me a blurry picture of another moving car. When you press the release button half way you can actually see what pair the camera has chosen. If you don\'t like the exposure time or the aperture value try to shift your angle, zoom in a little bit or simply try again until the camera chose the right pair.=================================================July 5, 2014 updateI\'ve bought a second camera for my 10 years old kid and is as good as the first one. Please keep in mind that both cameras are black. Why is this so important? Well, sometimes different color cameras are different in terms of quality. For example I noticed that a slightly better camera than this one (had 8x zoom instead of 5x zoom), namely Canon PowerShot ELPH 130, was sold for $156 (the gray one) but only $88 for the silver model. Well, the silver model was terrible in terms of image quality and I had to return it.
  • The Cannon POWER SHOT A2500 is advertised as a POINT AND SHOOT so I was researching the camera for my own needs. I had a Panasonic HM-TA2 that was great for simple point and shoot shots but this winter it was destroyed in an accidental crushing ( don\'t ask ). The Panasonic was basically Point and shoot with not much more to change, only a few options, it\'s only down fall was the battery is not replaceable. I wanted to find an inexpensive POINT AND SHOOT and this camera caught my eye. You really need to look at what they are saying or even look at the USER MANUAL to understand this camera.POINT AND SHOOT - Yes, in AUTO MODE, this is a very good point and shoot camera. There is little you need to do but aim the camera. Even movie mode has a button just for filming movies and yes, point and shoot movies.The camera has an actual 5 power OPTICAL zoom and then it can go up to 15 power DIGITALLY. The quality is good with the optical zoom and the digital zoom can be from good to not the best but remember it all depends on light conditions, distance and if you zoom the picture up, you need to be absolutely STILL, no shaking or movements.BUT if you want a POINT AND SHOOT that you can address some of the picture processes, this one allows you to make changes as well, this is where the USER MANUAL will become very useful. This camera allows different settings from setting the telephoto lens, self timer timing to different optic image results. In all honesty, this is a lot of camera, for the price, for a point and shoot and with the option to be able to adjust your camera to your needs blows away any basic point and shoot camera.The camera itself is very small and when off, the lens will stow away into the body automatically and you can easily place it in your pocket. The weight of the camera is light so you are not uncomfortable lugging around a heavy camera, a plus if you are on vacation.I like the fact that the battery is replaceable, allowing the use of extra batteries and the memory cards can be exchanged with extreme ease.Ok, what you get, you get the camera in a box, a battery charger and a battery. You may think it is strange that the memory card is not included, but there are too many choices out there to select a good memory card and be clear on this, there is NO MEMORY built into the camera. YOU MUST PURCHASE A MEMORY CARD TO TAKE A SINGLE SHOT. There are several class of memory cards and unless you plan to use the rapid fire picture taking ( 10 shots rapid fire ), a class 4 would do. Other wise and keeping budding movie directors in mind, class 10 would be a great choice for MOVIE recording. You also do not get any cords. This one I didn\'t really understand. There are two cords you might need. One to connect the camera to the computer, and if you care to, one to connect the camera to the TV. You also do not get an outside power adaptor but there is a place on the cam to plug one in. The camera is interesting in low light shots and the cam has a small flash built in good for close shots. There is an optional HIGH POWER FLASH available to buy if you feel you need that kind of distance from a flash unit.All in all before you run out and buy all the accessories that you may not need, use the camera and get used to it and then determine what you need. You will need to download the user manual from the Cannon site and then spend time learning how to use the options. Again, if all you want is a good point and shoot, you\'ll hardly ever look at the User Manual but if you want to play with the options, the USER MANUAL is your friend.Look for the best price but also consider the accessories you need to get just to make the camera functional and buy the best deal. I found a site where the camera was dirt cheap but the accessories boost the price way too high.Whether you POINT AND SHOOT or want to adjust your camera to the shots, this camera can help you with your shots. Also look at the illustrations on UTUBE for a better idea. also, search the web for the Canon A2500 REVIEWs where individuals and review agencies have actually taken the camera out to see what it will do. Where they show pictures that this came has taken, they all look GREAT!For those coming from a camera like I had, this one would seem a bit over board for Point and Shoot but after you take a few shots in AUTO mode, it is as easy as pushing the button. It is a nice choice for a simple camera and a good choice for a starter camera for those who like to make adjustments or are new to the camera field. There are other cameras out there, My review is only about the Canon PowerShot A2500.This review was made on 03 27 2014
  • So far I LIKE THE camera it is a little slow on taking the picture but may need to change the setting will know more after vacation and seeing how it does then!

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