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Nikon Coolpix P530 Digital Camera (Black) (Renewed)

nikon coolpix p530 digital camera black renewed

Nikon Coolpix P530 Digital Camera (Black) (Renewed)

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • This Certified Refurbished product is manufacturer refurbished it shows limited or no wear
  • Includes all original accessories plus a 90-day warranty
  • Full manual exposure control lets you bring your creative vision to life
  • Full HD 1080p videos with stereo sound for dazzling movies
  • High-performance CMOS image sensor lets you shoot without a flash

Buy Now : Nikon Coolpix P530 Digital Camera (Black) (Renewed)

Brand : Amazon Renewed
Category : Electronics,Camera & Photo,Digital Cameras,Instant Cameras
Rating : 4.1
ListPrice : US $449.95
Price : US $399
Review Count : 349

nikon coolpix p530 digital camera black renewed
nikon coolpix p530 digital camera black renewed
nikon coolpix p530 digital camera black renewed
nikon coolpix p530 digital camera black renewed

Nikon Coolpix P530 Digital Camera (Black) (Renewed)

  • The nicest camera we\'ve had. Thank you so much. Wonderful condition, works great, fast shipping and well packaged. Have had the camera for a week, and we are learning about the varied camera options. Takes great pictures, and seems easy for a newbie like me.
  • No way, no how. This camera is the less-featured cousin (less tele range, no wifi) to the P600 (which I recently got for my wife.) I love most of the features, the wide range of zoom (even though focusing at the tele end is very slow). The images you get are top notch. Excellent quality. I won\'t get into the trade-offs (which exist) of the single lens mega-wide-to-super-zoom. Still, the images are great. What really bugs me (after being a professional advertising photographer for over 4 decades) is the fact that Nikon, the be-all and end-all in what\'s right about cameras and optics, designs a large piece of glass on the end of this camera with absolutely no way to attach a filter... a UV isn\'t just for filtering out UV, as we all know. It\'s for protecting the GLASS. The guts of a great camera isn\'t the camera itself--it\'s the lens.Stand out in the rain and take pics? A bit windy and dusty? An errant finger aims its greasy finger toward the lens? Well, with THIS camera, the lens IS the one that\'s going to get the dust, rain, dirt and smears. The more this happens, the more you actually have to clean the lens ITSELF. Even an errant, jerky motion replacing the lens cap can scratch a lens. The more you touch a lens, the more it will eventually develop minute scratches and then flare, hazing and the like.We also have the P600--as I mentioned--which I managed (very carefully) to thread on a thin profile 52mm UV filter. It -just- made it. (even though it too is not designed to accept a filter) This p530 is another story entirely. You cannot thread a filter into the lens \"threads\" In fact, when you look closely, they are really not threads--just parallel ridges. For what purpose? Who knows. It would have cost Nikon a few more pennies to put actual filter threads on these cameras. It also would have been smart to have the lens barrel stay a tad extended when shutting the camera off. As it stands now, the whole thing retracts into the body surrounding the lens, making it impossible to attach a third party friction-fit or screw clamp type of filter adapter.The only third party product out there is just plain silly. A two piece tube affair which screws onto the outside of the body surrounding the lens opening. Leave both parts of this tube on and it would be good for ONLY tele use... getting black cutoff in the corners when not zoomed all the way in. When zoomed all the way out all you see is a small circle of view. Take off the front 2/3\'s of its length and you are left with an adapter that can only be used when in wide angle view. In both cases, you have to remove and then replace the actual (77mm) UV filter before swapping around the setup. Leave the filter on the wide angle part of the tube and forget... and zoom in... smash... the lens pushes out right into the filter.I mean, really, Nikon? I\'ve been in think tank sessions with you guys (and Kodak among others) where you people seemed sharp and open to putting out the best technology possible. To think that many (most) snapshot point and shoot cameras come with a built-in UV protective glass mounted permanently... OVER the actual front lens element, and there you go putting these rather large front elements... well, right out there IN the elements!Because of this, I\'m considering this camera a throwaway. That lens is bound to suffer. And because it\'s not interchangeable, when the lens gets trashed the camera becomes a piece of junk. (Ahh... just the way the \"suits\" at Nikon want it... )Jerks.Oh... and if you use a hand strap like I do with DSLRs and similar cameras, you will find that any strap mount that screws into the tripod socket blocks the battery/card cover. You have to remove the strap completely to hinge the compartment open. The tripod socket is less than 1/4\" away from the hinge side of the door.
  • I didn\'t realize when I ordered this it was the model without the flip screen, and I was a tiny bit put off by that when I first pulled it out of the box, but this has been a fun camera to use. I was upgrading from the P510, which did not have the ability to transmit wirelessly (via separate accessory) to my camera or computer. I love the ability on to transmit wirelessly (via separate accessory) on this camera!This camera is a refurb, and I\'m very impressed with how flawless it has been so far. The body did not have any appearance of being previously used.I am unable to see through the viewfinder while wearing sunglasses, which never was a problem with the P510, but I\'m adapting and beginning to remember to take my sunglasses off when I am shooting with this model. It\'s an adjustment, but I can live with it, especially for the price of the camera.I believe I\'d read in a couple of reviews the quality of images on the P530 is not professional level when the lens is fully extended or when the photos are enlarged beyond say, 8x10. I would have to agree with that. But I wanted a lightweight, compact zoom camera I can carry around with me during bicycle tours without having to cart around my D300, seven lenses and all the other accessories I like to use. I\'ve had this camera a little more than one month now, and it is perfectly suited for bicycle tours. It\'s better than any point-and-shoot I\'ve ever used, and it\'s better than an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 5, the only camera phones with which I am experienced.The extra long zoom is nice, but the auto focus is very slow when fully zoomed. Powering up on this camera is slower than the P510.The wireless adapter (purchased separately and which does not work with the P510) has options I haven\'t had the opportunity to test yet, but I am anxious to try my hand at stop-motion and time lapse.If something were to happen to this camera in the near future, I would look for a similar model with a flip screen, but I\'m otherwise pleased with this purchase.
  • I replaced my previous Nikon P530 with this one because I do like the camera. But, this one was working the same way my old one did. The autofocus was hit or miss. I had to refocus several times before it worked properly. Yet, the pics were not crisp. The zoom was temperamental. Just like my old one. My old one was purchased in 2016 and worked beautifully until it got wet. Putting it in rice did the trick and it began working again. BUT was a bit \"stubborn\" with zooming and autofocusing. I believe this \"NEW\" P530 was not new, but reconditioned. I sent it back.

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